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Century Media

Posted by: , 05:32 AEST, Sat October 21, 2006

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When they say "Ideas for life", they aren't joking either, especially with this disc that holds a whopping 100GB and last 100 years
Panasonic has brought you the first blank 100GB Blu-Ray disc. You ask how does it hold so much information? Panasonic has discovered a new type of film that has a high transmittance and crystallization rate which allows them to layer it on without Panasonic Blank 100GB Blu-Ray Disc losing data quality. The disc itself is actually made up of 4 separate 25GB layers and can be burned at a max speed of 2X.

These Blu-Ray disc are semi bio-degradable, meaning when the disc do finally get tossed in the garbage, they really won't pollute the earth to bad.

The main design and purpose for these disc's is long term (100 years max) storage. The disc's aren't in production yet however, I suspect they will be out for purchase in mid or late 2007.

One hundred years is a long time but, who is to guarantee that there will be hardware capable of playing or reading this disc in year 2106?



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