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You Can Help Improve FireFox 3

Posted by: , 12:23 AEST, Mon October 16, 2006

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FireFox is now accepting personal suggestions for FireFox 3, so now is the time to tell them what you want in FireFox 3 browser
The wish list is long indeed, and it provides an insight into the desires of the browser community, and a look at the open source development process. While closed-source projects often ask their user community for feedback on requested features, the process is not usually open to the public. For Firefox 3, anyone can both suggest new features and comment on other people's suggestions.

The feature requests are divided into categories, such as browser customization, privacy features, security, history, download manager, and other areas. There are suggestions for features found in other competing browsers, such Safari, IE 7 beta, and Opera.

IE7 seemed to be featured most prominently, with requests for "low-rights mode," as well as more cosmetic features like skins that mimic Microsoft's browser. More...

Credit: ars technica


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