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DivX 6.4 Beta 1

Posted by: , 11:25 AEST, Tue October 3, 2006

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It has all sorts of encoding improvements, from HD encoding to multi-pass encoding
DivX 6.4 is almost ready and there are several cool new features waiting for you! It will now support 1080HD encoding, faster multi-pass encoding, better compression when using the internal resize, adaptive noise reduction, and more.

DivX 6.4 beta 1 has a 1080i/p HD encoding mode, has a new fast first pass mode to speed up the multi-pass encoding process without sacrificing quality, contains new resizing filters, improves encoding of interlaced content and it also has adaptive noise reduction.

DivX 6.4 now includes a 1080HD encoding mode allowing you to create full size ( 1920 X 1080) resolution videos in high quality DivX format. More...

You can download DivX 6.4 Beta 1 here. (Download link fixed)

Credit: DivX Labs


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