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VirtualDub Updates

Posted by: , 14:05 AEST, Sat August 19, 2006

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This minor bugfix release is long overdue, but fixes several bugs and a couple of regressions in 1.6.15.
  • * Added AMD64 versions of the frameserver and AVIFile frameclient.
  • * Added .divx to file filter for video open dialog (although AVI files should be tagged .avi, dammit). [bugs fixed]
  • * Fixed decoding errors when reading JPEGs with junk at the end of the file.
  • * Improved support for working with video codecs that are configured to only output YUV formats.
  • * Added more checks to script parameters for "resize" video filter.
  • * Fixed gradient bugs in "smoother" video filter.
  • * Added "png" file extension to logo filter open dialog; it has been supported for a while, but you had to manually override the file filter.
  • * Fixed truncation in audio displacement setting that prevented it from working beyond ~35min.
  • * Capture: Fixed crash when attempting to capture with both striping and segmentation (not supported). [regressions fixed]
  • * Capture: Audio playback sometimes didn't work.
  • * Capture: Fixed noise issue in resampler.
  • * Improved accuracy of "box blur" filter.


Download it here.

Credit: Savage News


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