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Apple Trying to Persuade Best Buy in a Partnership

Posted by: , 05:14 AEST, Tue June 27, 2006

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Macs at BestBuy? Haven't they already tried that once?
Back in the mid-1990s, Best Buy shoppers looking at PCs would inevitably walk past a shelf of neglected Performas. Apple eventually pulled its machines out of the chain, but a few years later, iMacs appeared in the aisles of the big box retailer in all of their technicolor glory.

Apple's insistence that Best Buy carry all five flavors of the multihued all-in-one led to a souring of relations, and the two parties went their separate ways until another round of flirtation in 2003 that led to a nearly full range of Macs being sold at Best Buy. More...

Credit: Ars Technica


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