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Multiple Versions of Windows Vista OS

Posted by: , 09:26 AEDT, Wed February 22, 2006

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A unverified list of Microsoft's Windows Vista editions
More than a handful of news sites are reporting that Microsoft has revealed the final shipping versions of Windows Vista. Those sites are incorrect. Microsoft has not announced the final shipping editions, or "SKUs," for the much-anticipated operating system. Upon seeing the reports, I decided to confirm my skepticism with my contacts.

While it is inaccurate (and not to mention sloppy) to report that the official list has been published or released, questions still remain regarding whether or not this list bears any strong resemblance to what we expect to see once an announcement is made.

Windows Vista Desktop

In short, my answer is yes.

The following is the list derived from Microsoft's temporary documentation:
  1. Windows Starter 2007
  2. Windows Vista Home Basic (including "N")
  3. Windows Vista Home Premium
  4. Windows Vista Business (including "N")
  5. Windows Vista Ultimate
  6. Windows Vista Enterprise

Credit & More Info: ars technica


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