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DVD for Linux

Ogle DVD Player

  • A Linux DVD player that supports DVD menus : Download Links Here.

  • VideoLAN

  • A multimedia player for Linux (and various other OSes) that supports DVDs, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams over LANs : Download Links Here.

  • xine

  • A multimedia player for Linux that supports DVDs, VCDs, AVIs (eg. OpenDivX, MS-MPEG4, MJPEG) : Download Links Here.

  • Linux DVD HOWTO

  • The latest version of this HowTO guide is located here : http://www.linuxvideo.org/docs/ - mirror.
  • LiViD - information and downloads for DVD on Linux - mirror.

    Linux DivX HOWTO

  • The X-MPEG player system for Linux now has experimental DivX support built in. Thanks to Morsa Arno (the author of the MicroDVD SubUpdater program). You can found out more about X-MPEG here :


  • Also read the Slashdot thread about DivX support for Linux (thanks to Fred Thompson for sending us the link) :


  • There is also another effort to port DivX MPEG-4 over to Linux, refer to the site below for more information :


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