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This is the version history page for thilmera 7, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0b169 Rev.1
  • Release Date: May 6, 2021

  • [version 0b169 Rev.1 / 2021/05/06]
    ● Fixed two bugs where CPU multi was not displayed correctly.
    ● Fixed a bug that crashes when processing character strings under specific conditions.
    ○ When correcting the height of each bar type of 0b169, the access lamp was raised to the same level as the original specifications.
    ○ Readjustment of the bar display in the portrait style.

Version 0b169
  • Release Date: May 6, 2021

  • [version 0b169 / 2021/05/05]
    ● Fixed display problems
     ・Radeon's DXGI.
     ・Operating rate of CPU multi.
     ・Intel CPU temperature of CPU multi.
     ・Process operating time.
     ・Hyper-V character duplication and position adjustment.
     ・Some display collapses in the property window.
    ● Fixed a bug in HDD temperature drive letter recognition.
    ○ Changed the number of columns of CPU multi to automatic control by the number of characters and width.
    ○ Test support for some motherboards.
    ○ Improved the problem that the item is not displayed when Silmera is started when the NVIDIA GPU is off.
    ● Fixed a bug that the appropriate driver was not loaded without restarting when the new driver could not be used.
    ● Fixed a bug that the sound analyzer system freezes when the target device is switched without a render.
    ○ Modification of report window
     ・In 0b168, the end of the hexadecimal notation in the report is not displayed.
     ・It was difficult to operate the real-time report UI.
     ・In some reports, line breaks occur at inappropriate locations.
     ・The target font for character width calculation was not specified correctly.
    ○ Improvement of ini format interpretation routine
     ・The unusable characters = and; can be used.
     ・Fixed that the default value is overwritten with 0 when the contents are empty.
     ・Maintenance of line breaks and tab codes.
    ○ [7s] Added a specification that allows you to arbitrarily specify the format of status posts such as Twitter and Discord.
    ○ Restructure the average calculation and manage the main and status posts separately.
    ○ Height correction for each bar type, rebuilding all display items including bars.
    ○ Changed the compression algorithm to lzma.
    ○ Silmera's standard memory consumption has been reduced by about half.
    ● Addressed the problem that XP / Vista does not work due to the expiration date of the certificate.

     [* DMTt7 version 0b2 Rev.2]
      ○ Moved the development environment to VS2019 and fixed some problems and vulnerabilities.
      ○ Moved to a new signature.
      ○ Adjusted that the unit of scrolling by the wheel was too large.

     [* t7updater 6.0.0]
      ○ Changed the development environment to VS2019 and moved to a new signature.
      ○ Changed not to write and test a non-existent file in advance.
      ○ Changed not to overwrite files that do not need to be updated.
      ○ Changed the compression algorithm to lzma.
      ○ New folder expansion mode
       ・When executed in a folder without thilmera, it goes to a new folder expansion mode.
       ・Specify the deployment destination.
       ・In Vista or later, added a function to automatically create shortcuts depending on the options.
      ○ After, the msi type installer will be abolished and t7updater will be used instead.
        (Because it cannot support multiple languages)

Version 0b168
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2021
  • [version 0b168 / 2021/04/11] ○ Switching digital signatures  ・ In addition to the last build of the old digital signature, the signature of the new switcher was made.   Includes the same binary program file. (test. *. exe) ● Fixed a bug that crashes when making a decision in a part of the number input form. ● Fixed display collapse of about page of property. ○ GPU  ・ GPU-related readjustment such as operation rate calculation.  ・ Fixed a calculation problem that occurs when there are multiple devices.  ・ Readjusted the classification of GPU details and changed to display only the hit items in the node.  ・ If there is room in the GPU details, the percentage will be refined.  ・ Acquisition of temperature, fan, and voltage independent of NVIDIA and Radeon drivers on Windows10 1803 or later. ○ Hyper-V operating rate  ・ If the number of cores is large and there is no width to list, only the total is displayed.  ・ If there is room in the width, refine the percentage. ○ Sound analyzer stage 1  ・ Added an option for the old mode in which the master volume correction cannot be written in the spectrum. ● Corrected the bar position of the network list in portrait display. ○ Date display  ・ Fixed a bug that the lower part is chipped due to the extremely small size.  ・ Added on / off of toggle display such as Caps lock.  ・ Added a left-justified time setting. ○ Added an option to wait for a specified number of seconds until the network connection is prepared at startup. ○ Added an option to display the operating rate etc. with the taskbar icon. ○ Save the history of the setting file  ・ Changed to save the duplicate as a history in the ini_history folder when the settings are saved.  ・ Added a setting to specify the history retention period on a daily basis from "Setting 1" → "Others". The default is 14 days. ○ Almost all time counts have been changed from 32-bit 1 millisecond to 64-bit 100 nanoseconds. ○ Supports temperature acquisition of AMD's Zen3 Cezanne (Ryzen 5000 series APU). ○ Creating a 2021 version driver  ・ Since new ones do not work in all environments, changed to automatically load 2013 and 2008 when they cannot be used.  ・ Automation and consolidation of driver selection, abolished Win10 / AMD and SHA1 compulsory options.
Version 0b167 Rev.7
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.7 / 2021/03/23]
    ● Fixed a bug that freezes when the message window is called on the property screen.
    ● Fixed a bug that the ghost of the 32bit process remains when 32bit is started on 64bitOS.
    ● Changed not to request promotion when restarting from non-administrator privileges.

     [*t7updater 5.0.17]
     ● Fixed a bug in write standby.
     ● Changed to try renaming when the file is locked at the time of actual writing after confirmation.

Version 0b167 Rev.6
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.6 / 2021/03/22]
    ● Fixed a bug in host name resolution in an environment where IPv6 is prioritized.

Version 0b167 Rev.5
  • Release Date: Mar 22, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.5 / 2021/03/22]
    ● Fixed a bug that slots are batting depending on the environment when building DXGI mode of GPU.
    ● Fixed a bug that GPU details are displayed improperly when DXGI or GPU display is off.
    ● Fixed a bug in host name resolution after 0b167.
    ● NetIO weight reduction is abolished because the calculation becomes strange.
    ● Fixed a bug that the window size of stage1 is not applied when changing the display set.
    ○ Adjusted the property screen to 800x600 base.

Version 0b167 Rev.4
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.4 / 2021/03/21]
    ● Fixed bugs such as GPU utilization and VRAM-D display.

Version 0b167 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.3 / 2021/03/21]
    ● Fixed a bug that lag occurs when there is no sound in the sound analyzer when there is no render.

Version 0b167 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2021

  • [version 0b167 Rev.2 / 2021/03/21]
    ● Fixed a bug that crashes when acquiring HDD information depending on the environment.
    ● Fixed that the icon did not become a static icon when the main setting of the icon minigraph was off.
    ● Corrected the problem that the initial display position collapses when fixed at the bottom in a multi-display environment installed up and down.
    ● Fixed the problem that the old window display after stopping remains for a while when thilmera is closed / restarted.
    ● Fixed a bug that old ones continue to remain and fail to replace when updating the updater.
    ● Fixed a bug that the display order specification is not applied to the intended target.
    ● Fixed that the border line before the last display item was not drawn.
    ● Fixed a bug of -49 degree offset flag in Win10 / AMD mode + Ryzen system.
    ● Improved the reaction stop and drawing collapse of the property screen.
    ○ Improved host name resolution after 0b167.
     ・ Improved connection destination errors such as SNTP in some cases.
     ・ By this change, the host name can be used in the description of thilmera7allow.ini.
    ○ Display of wattage of AMD-18h (Hygon) 19h (Zen3).
    ○ If the 32-bit program is not running the service at startup, change to use 64bit before determining the startup source.

     [* T7updater 5.0.11-16]
     ● Fixed bugs related to service handling.
     ● Fixed the problem that the intended operation does not work in an irregular state where only some executable files are not updated.
     ● Fixed a bug that when updating the updater, old ones continue to remain and replacement fails.

Version 0b167 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Mar 19, 2021

    (input 500 error. maybe long text)
Version 0b166 Rev.8
  • Release Date: Jan 3, 2021
  • [version 0b166 Rev.7-8 / 2021/01/03] ● Fixed a bug that drawing is not refreshed in some of the obling style modes.
Version 0b166 Rev.6
  • Release Date: Jan 3, 2021

  • [version 0b166 Rev.6 / 2021/01/03]
    ● Fixed a monthly calculation problem on the calendar.

    [version 0b166 Rev.5 / 2021/01/03]
    ● Fixed a bug that drawing is broken.
    ・ Multi-line items in landscape style
    ・ Hyper-V item
    ・ When specifying layered and transparent wallpaper
    ・ When the background color is made transparent
    ・ Blinking icon when old + memory is off
    ・ Colorful bar flashes in some settings
    ● Fixed a bug that the calendar is not updated at 0 o'clock local time.
    ○ When the width is 48 characters or more, the CPU details are displayed on one line.
    ○ Added a setting to hide the name (model name) in the HDD temperature list display.

Version 0b166 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Dec 31, 2020

  • [version 0b166 Rev.2 / 2020/12/31]
    ● Fixed a bug in 0b166.
     ・ Fixed bugs such as not being able to minimize under some conditions after changing the mouse action.
     ・ Fixed a bug that resets every frame when the temperature color is turned on.
     ・ Returned so that 50 degree offset can be applied even with Ryzen (17h).
     ・ Fixed a bug that the setting screen does not change when the DisplaySet is changed.
    ● Fixed a bug when displaying / resizing the window.
    ● Reduced the problem that the display position of the saved window may be corrupted.
    ● Fixed a bug that some units are displayed with incorrect digits in the unit 1000 mode.
    ● Fixed a bug that the check status of the main menu may not match the setting.
    ○ Improvement of the minimum update system for items introduced in 0b166.

Version 0b166 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2020
  • [version 0b166 Rev.1 / 2020/12/30]
    ● Fixed a bug in 0b166.
     ・Fixed the problem that deadlock occurs in some operations on properties.
     ・Improved the problem that the window drawing interval becomes uneven due to the thread synchronization of data acquisition.
     ・Fixed a bug that the calculation of real-time CPU clock and magnification is not valid.
    ● Readjusted the display / non-display of windows by mouse action.
    ○ Changed the calculation process of frame waiting time.

Version 0b166
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2020
  • [version 0b166 / 2020/12/29]  ○ Changed to reconnect every 5 seconds 3 times if the weather acquisition fails.  ● Fixed a bug that the utilization text of some GPUs and drives was not updated in 0b165.  ● Changed the height of the report window so that it does not exceed the screen size.  ● Fixed a bug that "Exit" of the keymap did not work with hotkeys.  ○ JPEG format can be used for wallpaper.  ○ Make sleep hibernation. Renamed Standby to Suspend and applied force / no force settings.  ○ Double-click the DisplaySet button to edit the mouseover character string.  ○ Synchronization of update frames of various numerical values.  ○ Added 5 types of update frame frequency specifications and moved to "Frame speed". Set the recommended value when setting the preset.  ○ Improvement of overall processing speed centered on drawing. Introduced antialiasing calculation processing for some drawing.  ● Fixed some crash causes.  ○ Changed to draw each item only when updating the display contents.  ○ Character frame judgment at the time of layering is limited to non-antialiasing characters only.  ○ Introduced OpenSSL1.1.1i for Web communication on old OS.  ○ Sound analyzer   ・ By brushing up the whole and synchronizing the threads, the display becomes smoother and has a shorter delay.   ・ Fixed a bug that the wave band display collapses when the volume is raised.   ・ Unified band graph color calculation to floating point.   ・ Addition of Circle 1 and Sparkle.   ・ Changed device selection from numerical value to text list.   ・ Changed the volume specification to a section of 0.010 to 3.000 times.  ○ Audio visualization decoration for live stream - Stage 1   Circle 1, Circle 1 side, and Sparkle are made independent of the sound analyzer and created for applications such as live streams.   Basically, it is supposed to be used for "window capture + chrome key" or "screen capture + layered" such as OBS.  [*DMTt7 version 0b2 Rev.1]   ● Changed to display network drives in folder selection.
Version 0b165 Rev.3
  • Release Date: Aug 16, 2020
  • [version 0b165 Rev.3 / 2020/08/16]
    ● Fixed a problem with the network I/O transfer rate display of 0b165.
    ○ Reduced mixing of display languages for properties.

Version 0b165 Rev2
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2020
  • [version 0b165 Rev.2 / 2020/08/15]
    ● In 0b165, fixed a bug that did not start correctly when updating.

    [version 0b165 Rev.1 / 2020/08/15]
    ● Fixed a bug that the value is not updated when the I/O graph is OFF on 0b165 disk and net.
    ○ Changed to be able to specify the text update frequency of Memory by style. (Default 20 frames)
    ○ For users who are worried about the load, added a setting to specify 5 kinds of presets in the item of frame speed.
Version 0b165
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2020
  • [version 0b165 / 2020/08/14]
    ● Fixed a problem in Sound Analyzer where a memory leak might occur when the device was changed.
    ● Fixed the problem that the menu etc. may freeze when the monitor is turned off.
    ● Fixed the problem that monitor offkeep may not be maintained properly.
    ○ In Vista or later, support for OS specifications that make HDD network drives invisible when started with administrator privileges.
    ○ Deleted old display list of logical drive and local/remote option. Removable and CDROM are also displayed. After that, use individual ON/OFF.
    ● Fixed that Style Lock settings were not saved.
    ○ Apply fonts to the display set style.
    ○ Completely abolished the thermal network.
    ○ Compatible with some new motherboards.
    ○ Added display ON/OFF settings for each item on the motherboard.
    ○ Added ON/OFF of the front display to the main menu.
    ○ Organized page by item in property window and summarized in setting 1.
    ○ Each window other than the property also supports DPI.
    ○ Supports DPI changes due to movement between monitors.
    ○ Changed so that process handles that could not be opened will not be opened again in the top process system.
    ○ Changed to be able to specify the usage and I/O text update frequency in style.
     [*DMTt7 version 0b2]
      ● Fixed the problem that the display collapsed when the folder settings were deleted.
      ● Fixed that editing folder settings did not open when double-clicking on the list.
      ○ Changed to be written in English in environments other than Japanese.

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