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This is the version history page for Subtitle Processor, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 7.7.1
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2007
  • New features
    • Time mode (frames / time) is now saved in Workspace and/or upon exiting SP
    • New column in Editor subtitles list showing character count for each subtitle's line
    • Added possibility to hide Scripts toolbar
    • Tab widths in Editor functions panel can be either fixed or variable with scroll buttons (Settings - General - User interface - Editor - Functions panel - Uniform width tabs)
    • Automatic opening of subtitles with similar file name as the movie (movie_filename*.*) - can be enabled in Settings - General
    • Automatic file opening
    • Search for subtitles when opening movie Bug fixes
    • Hiding Other corrections tab was impossible
    • Missing strings in language files
    • When exiting SP, if subtitles were changed and saving failed, subtitles were lost.
Version 7.7
  • Release Date: Aug 20, 2007
  • New features
    • Unicode support for subtitles!
    • can load and save subtitles in more than 100 different encoding (uses GNU libiconv)
    • only ASS/SSA, SRT, MVD and simple time subtitles can be in unicode, other formats loaded through XSP can only be in regular 8bit encoding.
    • Unicode support in user interface / language files
    • Support of 'encoding' field in language file XML header.
    • Language files can now be in UTF-8 or any other 8bit encoding supported by Iconv
    • UTF-8 is preferred, other encodings are internally converted to UTF-8, thus slowing down the translation process a little.
    • 16bit or 32bit encodings are not supported by the xml parser (e.g. UTF-16, UCS-2, UCS-4), use UTF-8 instead, it can encode all Unicode characters.
    • All language files must now have correct XML header with encoding, otherwise they will not be loaded correctly.
    • Settings INI file is also UTF-8 and incompatibilities may occur with ini files from previous SP versions
    • Old UI Layout files are incompatible because the toolbars were somewhat changed and resized (due to some components not supporting Unicode)
    • Some components are still not showing unicode captions correctly
    • Changed all windows to be able to display Unicode captions, also open/Save dialogs can display Unicode
    • Unicode support for file names - Subtitles and media files
    • New Ruby scripting engine
    • Interface API provides
    • all methods needed to manipulate subtitles and styles from Ruby scripts
    • limited set of methods to communicate with user
    • limited set of methods to control Editor and Player
    • Currently scripts can register buttons in Script toolbar in Editor
    • Added the possibility to change font size in subtitle grids in Editor and Translator. Also added the possibility to change row height (the original size was good for 8pt font but 20pt font will have hard time trying to fit there:-))
    • Changed Editor functions tab sheets to toolbars so every tab can be undocked from the functions panel and docked anywhere else (or left floating)
    • Column customization in Editor subtitles list
    • Can hide / show columns
    • Can change order of columns by dragging
    • Position, visibility and order is stored in UI layout file or main settings (when layout is configured to be persistent)
    • New columns in Editor
    • Duration, Subtitle style, Layer, Type, Margin L, R, V, V2, Character name, Effect, Character count, Margins together (in format L, R, V, V2)
    • New Text synchronization panel - for timing text files without separated dialogs
    • Hidden by default, enable it in Player
    • Setting of subtitles overlap minimum length for highlighting / searching overlapping subtitles
    • Can delete multiple items at once in PlayList
  • Changes
    • Removed Codepage transcoding from text corrections, it is not applicable because all texts are now in unicode
    • Improved error messages when loading subtitles(no more 'Error on line -1')
    • Changed behavior of audio stream switching when opening new movie
    • The stream index is now preserved when opening new multimedia file (old behavior was to always select the stream specified in Configuration), useful when watching multiple episodes of a series, the ugly English dub is in the first track and you have to select the nice Japanese original (second track) each time new episode is opened;-)
    • The configured stream index is still used for the first opened file
    • Subtitles handling for files with chapters
    • subtitles are now used for all chapters of the file
    • VobSub handling for files with embedded subtitles
    • When external subtitles are loaded and automatic VobSub configured, VobSub appears in the stream list and replaces the internal streams. So if you want to watch the internal subtitles, DON'T load external subs.
    • PlayList is now not modal
  • Bug fixes
    • When opened a multimedia file with unknown extension, it wasn't played due to bug in playlist code
    • in Transitions tab in Editor functions, the button was not visible (it was 20000 pixels away from left boundary:) )
    • Importing text files with ~2000 lines could take one minute to load (P4 2.66 GHz) and every change of a timestamp could take the same time due to the calculation of overlapping subtitles (since all subtitles are imported as starting at 0 and thus all overlap with each other). Limited the overlapping calculation to a maximum of 10 to overcome this.
    • 'Item' and 'Pls' were swapped in time display mode menu
    • Disabled Audio stream select button (this b*tch kept constantly disabling itself for unknown reason, hopefully fixed this time)
    • Invalid handling of subtitles for files with chapters
    • Improper resizing of PlayList window
    • Infinite loop when drag-dropping an item over it's nested subitem
Version 7.6.1
  • Release Date: Jan 10, 2007
  • New features:
    • Timestamp corrections - there is a new checkbox, using it only the timestamps that are too short are corrected
  • Bug fixes:
    • Save patches - did not work correctly
    • Question mark in Language - Author name
Version 7.6
  • Release Date: Jan 8, 2007
  • New features:
    • New internal subtitle format (*.sp) based on INI file that can be used to save all information without any loss (currently no supported subtitle format can save all information, closest is SSA but even it can't save everything). It is also intended to be used as a data exchange format for a new parser. Currently loading time is acceptable (~250 ms), but saving is slow (~900 ms)
    • Save patches item in Save menu - save a copy of currently used file to appropriate patch directory
    • More intelligent automatic file opening:
      • When more files are dropped to SP, all media files are opened first and matching subtitles are searched in the list for the media files (same filename excluding extension). As a result, when 2 parts of a 2CD movie together with 2 subtitles are dropped to SP, the media files are inserted to the playlist together with appropriate subtitles
    • New option in Reformat lines to keep original line together in one subtitle when splitting (#1449304)
    • Drag & Drop fine-editing of subtitle timestamps - drag selected subtitles left or right and the timestamps will be adjusted (#1512195)
    • Additional media streams - any multimedia file can be opened as additional stream - they are played together (e.g. audio file for movies without audio) (#1487814)
    • Save all function that saves 1. subs, 2. subs, MVD, PLS, WSP at once (#1537622)
      • quick-save versions
      • subs are checked if they are changed before executing save action for them
      • can be configured in Settings - General - Save all function items, by default it will only save 1. and 2. subs.
    • New keyboard actions
      • Insert \N line break - inserts '\N' and a line break in subtitle editors (1. and 2. memo in Player, main memo in Editor), default key: Shift+Enter
      • Actions for all DVD menu kinds: Title, Root, Subpictures, Audio, Angles and Chapters
    • Overlapping subtitles handling
      • New button to mark all overlapping subtitles
      • New option in Search / replace to select Overlapping subtitles
    • Save column widths in Settings window to UI layout file
    • New items saved to workspace:
      • Selected window (Editor / Player / Settings / Translator)
      • UI layout
      • Values in Editor
        • Selected function tab
        • All values in tabs: "Merge / Split", "Move / Scale", "Resynchronization" , "Reformat lines", "Text corrections",
        • In "Transitions", all values are saved except Start (automatically filled)
        • Values in "Advanced subtitle editor" are not saved
      • Values in Player
        • OSD time mode, Repeat mode, Enqueue, Ignore loops, Show subtitles, Aspect ratio mode, Synchronization
        • Seek to position and Bookmark values
      • Open and save dialog's InitialDir for all dialogs in all four main windows and in StyleOrganizer
    • Persistent workspace - save workspace when exiting and load it upon next start
      • Configurable items that will be loaded: Movie, 1. subs, 2. subs, Selected sub, Editor values, Player values, Selected tab, Dialog folders
    • Rewritten time display in Player
      • up to 6 modes, each mode fully configurable (including the possibility to display time to the next subtitle)
    • Time display next to main tabs now fully configurable in the same way as the time display in Player
    • Jump to prev / next subtitle function now has a configurable delay
    • Resynchronization - new option - Line to first and last and also a configurable option to automatically add first and last subtitle
    • Redesigned Style editor, it is now faster and resizable, it's column sizes and window size / state are saved in UI Layout file
  • Changes:
    • When opening subtitles, they are always inserted to the current Playlist item even if the item already contains subtitles
    • Behavior of language loading - now the version is checked and if the language file version is different, the default (ENG)language will be loaded before the selected language (#1445267)
    • Resynchronization - there is a new option to fix overlapping times (that may be introduced due to rounding errors) automatically after resynchronization (#1463071)
    • Repainted some icons (e.g. + and -) to B&W to better fit to some themes
  • Bug fixes:
    • A very nasty bug in subtitle format detection (XSP formats) that ocassionally caused invalid format detection even if the regexps were correct (stream position not reset to 0)
    • Warning of not saved subtitles not displayed when drag&drop (#1537643)
    • \N in ASS / SSA was loaded and saved as \n (#1537598)
    • When selecting VobSub subtitles, "None" was displayed as a result
    • "More buttons" chevron hints can now be translated (#1445263)
    • SSA/ASS outline color (#1544217)
    • Resynchronization - it was not possible to remove the last resynchronization point
    • Style editor - Embeddable checkbox and column headers were translated only upon the initial display of the dialog, not when the language was changed from within style editor
Version 7.5.2
  • Release Date: Mar 25, 2006
  • Changes
    • Subtitles are not discarded when opening new media file
    • various behavior changes
    • when opening a new media file, the new playlist item will have the subtitles assigned - when switching to a new playlist item (also the case when a new media file is opened):
    • if the item has the same subtitles as the previous, no action is taken
    • if it has different subtitles, the user is first asked to save the current subs if they were changed
    • subtitles should not be discarded silently, in the case when they need to be discarded, user is asked to save the changes
  • Bug fixes
    • Setting current movie position to subtitle's start / end did not work
    • Audio stream button was disabled sometimes
    • Grid editors were automatically closed when the playback was active
Version 7.5.1
  • Release Date: Mar 5, 2006
  • Changes
    • Save grid column sizes to UI layout
    • Save window state to UI layout
    • Quick save function works now in the same way as did before 7.5.0 (no save dialogs are displayed)
    • PlayResX and PlayResY have now the minimum value set to 0 (was 640 and 480) so any positive value can be entered.
  • Bug fixes
    • Position indicator not changing when changing languages and movie is paused
    • Invalid class typecast in Resynchronization
    • Buttons in Other corrections not themed and with bad font
    • Invalid class typecast when pressing Escape in subtitle text editor in Editor window (Undo function)
    • Very annoying bug in CatsoftComponents - the value in ValEdits with picklists was not updated when a new value was selected in the picklist. Many occurrences throughout SP, e.g. in the Subtitle properties (PlayresX and PlayResY)
Version 5.0.1
  • Release Date: Jul 10, 2003

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