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This is the version history page for CCCP, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2015-10-25 Beta Version 2015-10-18 Version 2015-10-04 RC2 Version 2015-05-04 RC Version 2015-04-01 Beta Version 2015-02-22 Beta Version 2014-12-25 Beta Version 2014-11-17 Beta Version 2014-10-18 Beta Version 2014-09-21 Beta Version 2014-09-02 Beta Version 2014-07-13
  • Release Date: Jul 15, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • ! Known Issue ! Due to file parsing optimization done in xy-VSFilter, reading of external subtitle files that are not saved as unicode is borked by default in CCCP, and non-ASCII symbols will get broken in this case. As a workaround, if you tend to play such files, it is recommended that you enable the internal subtitle renderer in MPC-HC (View→Options→Playback→Use the built-in subtitle renderer! Known Issue !
      • This bug was never noticed by any of the CCCP crew, or the testers, until very late in the release cycle, and thus it was chosen that the release would be done with this known issue instead of either waiting more, or suddenly switching binaries around.
      • The plan is to have a new release soon'ish after this, and until then the workaround should be enough.
    • Updated components:
      • LAV Filters
      • MPC-HC 1.7.6 (master@ebc29cf)
      • xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."305" (git 7f6a318)
    • General change log:
      • MPC-HC
        • MPC-HC no longer crashes during quick seeks with PGS subpictures when the internal subtitle renderer was used. Did not affect CCCP defaults.
        • Anamorphic ASS is now handled correctly in the internal subtitle renderer. This is one of the oldest standing bugs there were regarding the ISR, and we all thank kasper93 for the effort he put into fixing this after Daemon404 successfully trolled people regarding it.
        • The Play→Filters filter listing can now be easily copied to the clipboard, there is now a button for that in the top of the listing.
        • UI language selection has been moved to the options in MPC-HC.
        • Minor fixes and improvements in general.
      • LAV
        • PGS subpicture parsing improved in LAV Splitter.
        • LAV Video now supports VP7 video (for the two of you out there with samples).
        • LAV Video can now use the Media Foundation WMV9 decoder instead of the old DMO decoder.
        • FFmpeg used in LAV now uses native win32 threads instead of a pthreads wrapper.
        • Various fixes included in the updated FFmpeg.
      • xy-VSFilter
        • Various ASS parsing improvements by Plorkyeran. These also remove the A (ANSI/non-unicode code page) Windows API usage, which also breaks non-unicode subtitle parsing. As noted, MPC-HC's internal subtitle renderer should be used instead in case you play such files.
        • Loading of UUEncoded fonts from ASS files is fixed.
        • A possible out-of-bounds array access was fixed. This has been in the code for more than a year, and no-one noticed it. It seems that no-one has subtitle files with UTF-8 data that end up in this area of glyphs (or the rest of the code actually makes the bug impossible to happen).
        • Vobsub fixes that replace the old MPC-BE hackfix. Should lead to similar results as with the old hackfix, unfortunately. In MPC-HC these changes actually add proper fadein/-out.
Version 2014-07-06 RC Version 2014-06-22 Beta Version 2014-06-03 Beta Version 2014-05-27 Beta Version 2014-05-10 Beta Version 2014-05-02 Beta Version 2014-04-20
  • Release Date: Apr 21, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • Updated components:
      • LAV Filters
      • MPC-HC (master@f2fa14b)
      • xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."288" (git 974aff3)
    • General change log:
      • Installer and settings applications
        • The uninstaller should now no longer leave an empty root directory in case of a full uninstall under specific circuimstances.
      • MPC-HC
        • MPC-HC no longer moves a couple of frames forward when paused for the first time.
        • XySubFilter's auto-loading has now been fixed in certain cases on Windows 7.
      • LAV
        • The defaults are now much less restrictive format-wise for both the splitter and the video decoder. This should not bring up issues, but we welcome any reports in case of failure.
          • In LAV Video, VC1, MPEG-1, WMV3, WMV12 and MS Video 1 are disabled in addition to LAV Video's own defaults of disabling RV12, Cinepak, QPEG and MSRLE. The ones we disable are handled so as they are handled generally better by the official MS decoders.
          • In LAV Splitter, asf (WMV), avi, mp3, mpeg (MPEG-PS), wav and wtv are disabled, as these are known to be either handled well by the MS filters, or known to be problematic with some applications if replaced by non-MS filters.
        • LAV Filters' support for loading Avisynth scripts with itself being called within them has been improved. This fixes the last remaining problem left with using LAV for Avisynth scripts.
        • LAV Splitter is now more resilient to unexpected things in embedded cue sheets (in MP3 files, for example).
        • MP4/MKV files with H.264 and no parameter sets off-band (avcC) are now supported in LAV Filters.
        • Conversion of odd-height 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 YCbCr to RGB now works correctly in LAV Video. Fixes the bottom line in certain mirkosp's encodes, for example.
        • Crashes on SSE-only systems with DTS audio have been fixed.
        • DXVA2 decoder implementation has been improved in LAV Video.
      • xy-VSFilter
        • VirtualDub library has been updated.
        • Auto-loading of external subtitle files should now work with uppercase extensions.
        • A bug fix to allow larger borders in ASS rendering has been merged.
Version 2014-04-20 RC3

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