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This is the version history page for alltoavi, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 4.53.94
  • Release Date: Jul 25, 2007
  • Fixed Installer not registering certain components
Version 4.53.93
  • Release Date: Jul 24, 2007
  • Added AAC/5.1 support on user's suggestion
  • Fixed PMP Codec option led to nothingness
  • Fixed Loading screen
Version 4.53.91
  • Release Date: Jul 22, 2007
  • Added Forced Resample (to fix some strange audio encoders)
  • Added "Skip if Converted File already exist" option
  • Added "Convert Files of certain Extension" option
  • Added Subtitle positioning onto the Restrictive mode
  • Added Plugins
  • Modified Loading order, Splash will now display properly rather than fading after the main window appears
  • Modified Component Listings to add in the plugins
  • Modified Execute button now says Convert!
  • Modified Manual to reflect the changes
  • Modified Splash image! Thanks to A.J.H!
  • Modified A Proper character set is implemented in the filename checker, based on:
  • Modified "ExtractMedia Encountered an Error" Message, it is very misleading, it does not actually indicate an error
  • Modified There are now no Final or RC versions, all versions will now be accompanied by a version number to distinquish the old from the new.
  • Modified H.264 Restrictive mode will force resample all audios
  • Fixed Cancel in FPS Selection dialog now works correctly
  • Fixed Conversion stops mid way due to "Too many audio packet in buffer", you are now given a new Forced No Skip option window (Fix of the error require more precision in the framerate, not just 2 decimals).
Version 4.51.122 R1
  • Release Date: May 26, 2007
  • Added PMP Convertion (Tested, PMP Mod 2.02+ ONLY!)
  • Added MP4 Convertion (Under tested, may fail)
  • Added mplayer binary into \bin, it is required for PMP muxing
  • Added option for PMP_MOD users to encoder to PMP files
  • Added pmp_muxer for muxing into PSP
  • Added AllToAVI now runs in Process Priority Below Normal, I have found running main exe with normal priority slows down convertion massively
  • Added Manual Align Subtitle
  • Added Ad space, I must find a way to pay for the web server now since donations isnt enough
  • Added SVN at, generic access allowed
  • Added KOIKA
  • Arigatou to Manual, hope you all like it :)
  • Added Manual section on H264 and other new features
  • Added Subtitle positioning
  • Added image on H.264 page
  • Modified Shell Extension no longer added by default
  • Modified H.264 convertion now complete
  • Modified Debug logs now record 40 line before and after each conversion to help with debugging better
  • Modified Status window now have text color set to white, the old one was black and was too hard to read over purple background
  • Modified Larger Status window for future features xD
  • Modified Lengthened Balloon Tip time
  • Modified Help files, various places
  • Fixed Program will no longer display both Normal and H264 convertion window if H264 mode is choosen
  • Fixed Program now quits if there is another copy running already
  • Fixed code to initialize the new copy of options window
  • Fixed "Ignore Anyway?" in Sanity check lead to .. -INFINITY! And BEYOOOOOOND!-.. excuse me..
  • Fixed Sanity Check now will only warn once for each folder
  • Fixed Program hangs when Component registry is missing
  • Fixed Uninstall now removes the shell extension
  • Fixed error deleting temp.
  • Fixed When finished converting the program crashes with error 55 File already open (Debug.txt)
  • Removed Ads on webpages
  • Removed Ads on program page.... I guess it really isnt right, this is a free project after all
  • Removed Plugins, I plan on releasing it with another up coming version which will have a dynamic Python scripting engine (learning it now)
  • Removed Updates page, Its more of a pain than a good thing
Version 4.0.0 Beta 6.2
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2007
Version 3.0.0 R2
  • Release Date: May 19, 2006
  • Upgrades all version 3 with a batcher program
  • Added Batcher tool
  • H.264 Check was skipped no matter what
  • Added extended file size warning for H.264 conversion
  • Added the "Support button"
Version 3.0.0 R1
  • Release Date: Apr 24, 2006
  • First Stable release, so do watch out for the odd errors and patches
  • Fixed Audio bitrate selection does nothing
  • Fixed (I think) Global Count error in HiME as described in Support tracker 1474470
  • Beta Notice removed
Version 3.0.0 Beta 4
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2006
  • Fixed error with GUI' -3 for AVI only 1 Audio
  • Added length check for DOS command to avoid oversize
  • Added option ignore h.264 because some h.264 do not cause error with mencoder
  • Changed VATTEN to a parameter that holds how many files are expected. Problem detected where if you convert a directory of avis, it will convert all of them, then loop again to convert the converted avis. It has been fixed (I Think...)
Version 3.0.0 Beta 3
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2006
  • Added AAC MKV audio option
  • Added Streamcopy option for Audio *The 2 are added in the hopes that it may help convert some obscure files..*
  • Added the following codecs in the encoding option:
    DIVX50 (DivX 5.0)
    XVID (XviD codec)
    MPEG4 (mpeg4)
    WMV2 (Windows Media V8)
    MPEG2VIDEO (mpeg2 motion)

  • Added tips on how to get successful conversions
  • Added a notice about KAA... (I really hate them!)
Version 2.1.18
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2006
  • Name of button changed from "Save" to "Open"
  • the new .bat file only has C:, not CD C:
  • sid_txt default now is -1 (no Sub)
  • All path of bat files now set to $TEMP
  • Height is rounded to nearest no decimal
  • in the new scritp.bat, only 1 C: is included
  • in the new scritp.bat, only 1 CD $PATH_TO_alltoavi is included
  • main window buttons resized and aligned
  • shame Donate to me text removed from Title XD
  • .mif files in the wrong place error fixed
  • Wrong extension now generates a warning instead of crash
  • The user may now choose the extension of external sub or audio
  • audio codec for external sources changed from copy to mp3lame
  • more resumes added
  • added set driver dir to avoid error
  • Main window Icon fix
  • Pause wrong place fix (used to pause between jobs)
  • Extension dot (".") check

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