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This is the version history page for TSReader Standard, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2.8 Build 46a
  • Release Date: Oct 26, 2007
  • Fixed a bug with the TechnoTrend DVB-S2 USB2 interface that created a c:\tsreader.ts recording every time the source module is used.
  • Fixed an issue with all most Hauppauge source modules not working with 2.8.46 and added support for more Hauppauge interfaces and generic QAM-B cards.
  • Removed the FutureTel source module. It was causing too many missing DLL errors and the DLLs required to fix this are quite large. The support package to make this PCI encoder work with TSReader are available as a free download at
  • Some corrections to the ATSC TSID tables.
  • Fixes for the HDHomeRun operating on HRC cable networks.
  • The IGMPv3 joins in the UDP Multicast source can now be specified from the command-line. For example " 1234@" would send the IGMPv3 join message to for stream port 1234.
Version 2.8 Build 46
  • Release Date: Oct 17, 2007
  • Multiple device support for Alitronika products.
  • Fixed a problem with retuning on TechnoTrend DVB-S2 cards.
  • Fixed a lockup that occured when a program is selected, plugins are loaded and no CAT is present in the mux yet there are CA descriptors in the PMT.
  • New control server command to reset counters.
  • When recording a program TSReader can now optionally include CA ECM/EMM streams, the CAT and appropriate PMT or PMT-ES level CA descriptors. The option to control this is on the record file dialog.
  • File source now has the ability to shutdown TSReader when the end-of-file is reached.
  • Fixes for the TechnoTrend Budget series PCI cards to better support CI-CAMs.
  • Fixed an occasional crash that occurred on some IP/DVB streams.
Version 2.7 Build 45f
  • Release Date: Apr 13, 2007
  • New command-line option: -B prevents TSReader from blacklisting elementary streams
  • Fixed a bug in the IP parser where more than one MPE packet in a section would be ignored.
  • Updates to some of the Hauppauge source modules to support Windows Vista.
  • On ATSC networks, Cable VCTs with major/minor channel numbers of zero are now displayed.
  • Hauppauge HVR-950 source module now works correctly on Windows Vista.
  • Null length PMT ES lists no longer cause a false ES entry to be displayed in TSReader.
  • Improved the -H command-line switch to include the ability to control which tables are decoded in the resulting HTML. See the command-line.html file in the documentation folder for details.
  • Added support for the Dektec 2145 PCI Express adapter.
Version 2.7 Build 45d
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2006
  • Manual EPG recordings now default the MPEG program number if there is only one channel in the mux.
  • Fixed a problem with manual EPG recordings running at the wrong time (difference between local and UTC time).
  • Added a button to the manual EPG recording setup dialog to fill in the tuning parameters for the current mux.
  • Updated the RF Central RFX-MDR source module to allow operation with a wider range of encoders.
  • Added decoding of the Channel Extended Text Table in ATSC networks. The resulting text is shown by selecting the TVCT in the tree-view.
  • Added support for the HDHomeRun Ethernet 8VSB/QAM tuner.
  • Minor fixes to the EPG Grid when a very large monitor is used.
Version 2.7 Build 45c
  • Release Date: Nov 22, 2006
  • Added support for the newer DVBWorld DVB-S/DSS tuner which uses a 9 volt power supply rather than a 5 volt supply on the older model.
  • Updated all the Hauppauge source modules and added support for the HVR-950 ATSC stick tuner.
  • For plugin users, if TSReader sees a PMT version change and that PMT is for the currently selected program, TSReader will send any plugins a channel change message to inform them the PMT changed.
  • Update all the Alitronika devices to use their latest API.
  • Changed the -D switch to allow selection of all network types supported: -Da for ATSC, -Dd for DVB, -Di for ISDB and -Dm for DCII.
  • Fixed a bug where the USER icon would show up on all MPEG-2 thumbnails even if the video stream wasn't carrying user data.
  • Changes for the EPG scheduler. Once a recording is scheduled, double-clicking the event again now shows a pop-up menu that allow the recording to be cancelled and now allows pre/post-roll times to be set.
  • Manual scheduled recordings can now be set - press the M key when the EPG grid is shown. Please feel free to suggest improvements in the manual recording process!
Version 2.7 Build 45b
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2006
  • Fixed a crash with DCII muxes with very long service names.
  • Added support for the Nextorm DVB-S2101 USB interface. This is the "new" DVBWorld DVB-S/DSS tuner - looks identical to the DVBWorld tuner but needs a different source module because of differences in the hardware. If you can't get the DVBWorld source module to lock, try using this one instead.
  • Added support for USALS positioners.
  • Added the -PU command line option to allow the USALS position to be set from the command-line.
  • Added a source module to read from HTTP servers. Currently there's no rate control so it should only be used with "live" HTTP servers like VLC's.
  • The UDP Multicast sources now support IGMP v3 add/drop membership messages on XP and above. To use IGMPv3, specify the multicast source in dotted notation, @-sign, and then the multicast address. For example
  • Fixed a bug in retuning from the EPG Grid on some devices.
  • TSReader can now export satellite INI files from the NIT by right clicking on the root NIT entry in the tree-view.
  • Added support for DVB-S2 TechnoTrend Budget cards and USB2 interfaces. You must use the TechnoTrend standard drivers and not their BDA drivers.
  • Added a menu item to refresh the thumbnails immediately. Very useful if you have the thumbnail rate set to zero (so you just get thumbnails when TSReader starts) and you want to update them without restarting the source. This function can also be accessed by the F5 key.
  • Improvements to the DVB-T BDA source module.
  • Added three new bandplans for DVB-T scanning. These run from 118-858 MHz stepping at 1 MHz either as 7, 8 or 7/8 MHz bandwidth. Scanning this way will take a long time but will find carriers not adering to any particular real bandplan.

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