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This is the version history page for SmartDVB, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version Version 0.5.0
  • Release Date: May 6, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • 0.5.0 Release contains various fixes to DVB-T2 PLP handling and adds T2-MI support. 
    This version contains mostly stability improvements and various bug fixes. If you previously had problems with some devices or other stability problems, it's recommended to try the current 0.5.0 RC version. Some of the main changes are: 

    - overall improved stability. 
    - fixes/improvements should be compatible with more devices now. 
    - HEVC compatibility improved, some current HEVC codecs do not seem enough yet and might cause crashes or freezes, if you have problems try the LAV HEVC decoder. 
    - improved blindscanner interface 
    - better video stability. 
    - audio A/B channel selection button to the graphical status bar. 
    - scheduler conflict detection and resolving. 
    - signal analyzer and monitoring including a constellation diagram. 
    - some timeshift changes should make timeshift more stable. 
    - Improved MDAPI compatibililty and fixes. 

    Improvements and fixes to DVB-T2 PLP handling. Added T2-MI satellite support to the normal scanner and channellists. Improved snapshot support and legacy VMR7 renderer support. New iconset which now also reflects H265 channels. Internal channellist resources moved to images/resources (treeview, scanner and blindscanner). Compact list mode added to graphical channellist. Also various othe fixes incorporated along the lines of previous 0.5.0 test versions.
Version 0.5.0 RC 2
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2017
    • The second maintenance release of the 16.12 series is out, part of KDE Applications 16.12.2.
    • This release fixes startup crashes with some graphic cards, as well as some fixes to MOVIT (GPU effect processing) and minor stability issues. The Appimage version as well as our PPA’s were updated, check our download section for instructions. An updated Windows version will be released in the next days. This is a relatively small update since all our efforts are currently focused on the timeline refactoring branch which will bring professional grade new features and more stability. Stay tuned for more news!
    • On the community side of news our official G+ channel just reached 500 members and we have seen an increase in our Microsoft Windows userbase after our alpha release.
    • Bugfixes:
    • Project archiving: fix color clips incorrectly detected and warn before overwriting project file. Commit.
    • Fix crash on razor with multiple clips selected. Commit. Fixes bug #376082
    • Workaround timeline crash caused by now fixed MLT issue (could be triggered by editing a title clip):. Commit.
    • Fix various aspect ratio issues and transparency of composite transition in some cases. Commit.
    • Add option to add custom mime types for allowed clips. Commit. See bug #364269
    • Fix title clip items need to be selected twice before allowing move. Commit.
    • Fix crash when opening titler with movit GPU. Commit.
    • Fix play action not pausing when switching between subclips. Commit.
    • Fix playing Zone breaks monitor ruler length. Commit. Fixes bug #375163
    • Fix typo breaking playlist clip expand. Commit.
    • Fix extract frame not remembering folder. Commit.
    • Fix NVIDIA crash with GPU accel (movit). Commit.
    • Revert “Fix warning about QOffscreenSurface thread”. Commit. See bug #375094
    • Fix slideshow clips displayed as invalid when re-opening project. Commit. Fixes bug #374916
    • Update copyright, update authors and mention FFmpeg in about data. Commit.
    • Fixes cppcheck error:. Commit.
    • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
    • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
    • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
    • Fixes cppcheck error:. Commit.
Version 0.5.0 RC 1 Hotfix
  • Release Date: Nov 8, 2016
    • Above hotfix includes an update for SmartDVB.EXE and with bug fixes and some changes to EVR fullscreen/windowed/main mode to remove the delays and repaint issues which occured there.
    • includes a bugfix which could cause exit crash with some devices on windows 10. You should replace the current SmartDVB.EXE and with the one provided in this hotfix. For information on where is, if you can’t find it, please see the SmartDVB help section ‘local application data files/folders’.
Version 0.5.0 RC
  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • This version contains numerous stability fixes and changes.
Version 0.4.5 Beta 1
  • Release Date: Dec 29, 2015
  • Download(s):
  • this (beta) version mainly is dedicated to the dx part of SmartDVB (blindscanner/rfscan enhancements, including streamreader based signal analyzer/constellation diagrams) and fixes.

    Please note that this is a beta release so problems can be expected, don’t download/install this if you’re not sure what you’re doing or have a previous install that you don’t want to tamper with.
Version 0.4.0
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2015
  • Download(s):
    • fixed: Scanner update would mark MIS entries with other ID incorrectly lost.
    • fixed: RF scan would not take into account other defined LNB's for the current satellite and incorrect LNB limits might be set also when blindscanning.
    • fixed: some more RF scan fixes/cosmetic issues.
    • fixed: tray icon record state would not always correctly indicate recording on/off.
    • fixed: issue where channel icons would not be shown correctly when SID's were shown in the channellist (only for service name based icons).
    • modified: some modifications to tbs and autodetection code, might detect specific tbs devices (also tbs 6983) better now (thanks to steven).
    • fixed: some more fixes to scanner MIS parsing (thanks to alexi).
    • fixed: RF Scanner resource strings added (for translations).
    • fixed: MIS scan scanner ( bug which could select the wrong mis when scanning (thanks once more to alexi).
    • fixed: sometimes a scheduled record would use the wrong EIT entry.
    • fixed: some cosmetic changes to record name defaults.
    • fixed: updated streamreader.dll to
    • fixed: some minor fixes to the SmartOSD timeshift button toggles (remote now also should toggle between play/pause).
Version 0.4.0 RC
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • added: timeout message for scheduled action start (30 seconds default value) added to schedule settings dialog.

    modified: record all audio PID’s for transport stream recordings moved to record settings dialog and should now also be used for normal manual recordings (previously it only worked for scheduled recordings).

    added: chroma subsampling (4:2:0, 4:2:2 etc) to the additional video status, needs testing.

    modified: pressing the ‘play’/’pause’ keys now toggles play/paused state, previously it would remain at the chosen state.

    fixed: timeshift pause did not work correctly (introduced bug). Some modifcations to timeshift code with regards to this.

    modified: some addons interface calls modified (DoDiseqc doesn’t require the full channel data but instead uses the transponder and satellite structures, which is more appropriate not all channel data is needed by this call, this might break existing addons, but since there aren’t many yet i figured it wouldn’t be much of a problem. If you have build an addon you’ll need to rebuild with the current addon example headers to be sure)

    modified: some setup changes. If you had undefined problems with upgrades previously please try again.

    improved: osd timeshift button states (ff/play/pause didn’t always update button state correctly).

    added: end time to add schedule task dialog (by requests).

    improved: smartosd transparency slider settings is more verbose now (seemed unclear to some)

    added: EIT event description on the main epg pane is now also shown in the edit field.

    modified: by default dvb-t offset settings are not used (too many users seem to have issues with this). Added an option to the scanner dialog to specifically enable offset addition to the currently scanned dvb-t frequency.

    improved: EPG ampersand “&” would be incorrectly translated to underscore at some places.

    added: blindscanner option to disable retries when no data is received.

    added: option to diseqc settings to not show ‘positioner moving …’ message when moving a positioner/rotor.

    fixed: scanner bugfix where MIS values would not be shown correctly with a sort selected/active.

    improved: some modifications to to enable it to tune dvb-t/c (dvb-t tested).

    fixed: bug which could occasionally cause a crash when using the diseqc console.

    added: basic RF scanner. Only works with streamreader.dll supported devices so don’t try this otherwise won’t work.
    Might be removed for final version if it causes too many issues. Added for testing/feedback.

    updated: streamreader.dll to current version.
Version 0.4.0 Beta 2
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • added: smartexec /channel option saves currently selected channel (satid,nid,tid,sid) to channel.dat in the settings folder.
    • fixed: lag issue which could occur with skystar devices (
    • fixed: crash which could occur when switching to/from direct tune mode.
    • fixed: skystar HD Express should now also work with skystar WDM device (, should be a better option for owners of such devices compared to the buggy
    • bda implementation technisat provides.
    • fixed: transcode parameters were not saved correct/used at the transcode settings dialog.
    • fixed: video status bar would not update EPG progress/textual data correctly at all times, should work better now.
    • fixed: signal stats were not being shown correct (quality/level were shown as being the same).
    • fixed: edit filter should be maintained between channel tab switches.
    • added: HTTP stream option to stream radio station with MP3. (TV stations should also send the audio only through this http url).
    • added: basic transcode profile settings to allow for easier change/selected of different streaming/recording parameter sets. Seemed like a necessity to add
    • this to the current external ffmpeg transcode setup. Profiles are saved to settings/transcode.ini
    • fixed: scan update dialog lost channels are now sorted by frequency.
    • fixed: some issues with transport stream transcoded recordings (mp4/mkv).
    • added: remote ch# selection should also move epg to the selected remote tab channel.
    • fixed: channel list tv filter would not be retained across application instances.
    • fixed: adding a blindscan range now uses correct c-band defaults
    • fixed: client mode now also takes extra buffering into account when receiving streams (if set it’s used for client side receive buffering).
    • fixed: some transcode profile interface inconsistencies.
    • added: ability to hide video status (main menu > view)
    • added: optional extra video status line showing video/audio type and simple record progress.
    • added: video process to connection settings dialog. This allows you to enter a filter like for example ‘ffdshow raw filter’ to process video.
    • added: alternate video decoder, based on name selection for now, if you have other suggestions please let me know. You can use this to for example select
    • a different decoder for HD compared to H.264 (by entering a name like ‘ HD’ or alike).
    • added: seperate h.264 ffmpeg record transcode command lines. So you’re able to differentiate between then when recording, on slower systems you H264 transcoding
    • speed is increased by using preset -superfast where possible. This might decrease recording quality in such cases though, remove it again if you don’t have
    • issues with the efficiency of these transcoding on your system. Please note that slower systems might simply have problems automagically transcoding some
    • recording types, if you’re system simply isn’t efficient enough for ffmpeg to transcode in real-time this might be unsolvable besides a quicker cpu.
    • fixed: HTTP streaming seemed to fail on some XP systems, added HTTP option to optimize http streaming which might allow such XP systems to stream correctly when enabled.
    • modified: HTTP internal caching reworked somewhat to try to make it more stable under various network conditions.
    • added: renderless video renderer.
    • modified: some changes to due to reports, some people seem to have some weird exceptions there sometimes.
    • If you experience worse/sluggish video or lockups at exit please let me know, i might need to revert these changes if it’s not for the better.
    • added: option to schedule task exit to close the dvb device (experimental might be unstable, /STOPDEV parameter added to smartexec.exe for this purpose).
    • fixed: some problems with audio process filter being added twice under some settings situations.
    • fixed: some additional bug report fixes/modifications.
    • added: basic initial HEVC support. Current known codecs which support HEVC are lentoid/LAV/latest cyberlink. Please note that some of these codecs are still quite
    • unstable and could result in application exceptions related to these codecs. HEVC is not implemented for PIP atm (seemed like overkill with just 2-4
    • available and unstable satellite HEVC streams)
    • fixed: main app status bar did not remain hidden if so requested on restart.
Version 0.4.0 Beta 1
  • Release Date: May 1, 2014
  • Download(s):
    • support for multiple LNB’s on a per satellite basis, based on frequency selection. You should be able to define more than 1 lnb with the satellite settings dialog (main menu ‘add/edit frequencies > settings’) for a specific satellite. This might be most useful for north american (c-band) users, so please let me know if this works as advertised for you since I’m not able to test this very thorough.
    • MadVR support. MadVR will show up as a selectable renderer only if installed. Please note that you require a strong system setup and 3d graphics video card to make use of MadVR, so don’t go trying this on older systems please.
    • left/right stereo Audio spectrum.
    • client/server mode with HTTP or UDP streaming, including transcoding with an external transcoder like ffmpeg.exe (latter included in the installer archive). Requires testing.
    • transport stream records transcoding, allowing you to save the recording to mp4/wmv/mp4/mkv/avi/mpg through ffmpeg transcoding (note mp4 transcoding will not work on XP systems, this is a known issue atm).
    • parental lock settings.
    • various scanner (normal scanner not blindscanner) enhancements and modifications (changes detection when updating, more frequencly list sorting etc), requires testing.
    • basic stream analyzer.
    • providerid’s should now be detected, where possible.
    • and more
    • as always lots of bug fixes and corrections/modifications.
Version 0.3.5
  • Release Date: Dec 16, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • fixed: smartosd channel list (floating/fullscreen) seemed broken.
  • fixed: ms dtv-dvd video should connect better now (some other codecs like ffdshow might have less issues with no connection error messages sometimes too).
Version 0.3.5 Beta 3
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • fixed: Allsats.txt satellite name length increased, should be possible up to 128 ch now.
  • fixed: pip tab totals current pip header did not always update correct.
  • added: station list option to fullscreen popup.
  • fixed: sometimes smart filter > video decoder PIP connection issues with some codecs (ffdshow/ms dtv). Still needs to be tested well.
  • fixed: some recursive exception error reporting situations (i hope).
  • added: splitter for main epg/description.
  • added: media settings menu option to allow media splitter configuration (default/haali or lav). Please note lav splitter seems to create crashes with wmv etc (for me).
  • added: search list station images/icons.
  • modified: graphical list total images, some other graphical list icons modifications to make hd/enc more visible.
  • modified: some modifications to transport stream file play, mostly stability.
  • fixed: udp station change with VLC might operate better now.
  • added: exterimental vlc http stream start/stop option to udp settings (you need to start vlc with "--extraintf=http" or "-I http" (latter if you don't require normal vlc gui interface). This allows correct udp station changes with vlc when using UDP unicast.Do not enable this option if not needed (or disable it when VLC usage is not needed/required), it might slow down application startup otherwise. This could be a solution for the problem with changing stations with vlc udp streams, so if you previously had issues with that (vlc didn't change station correct after initial udp station try this).
    These modifications also allow for better integration with the smartdvb web interface.
  • fixed: Scheduler issue with multiple recordings.
  • added: dvbsky/benustar diseqc support to
  • fixed: pressing alt-f4 at fullscreen/windowed mode didn't show main interface (it had to be killed with the task manager).
  • added: transport stream file play now tries to automatically find/select station, should also work better now offline.
  • added: transport stream file play dialog to select station if more then 1 station is found.
  • modified: some epg iso processing issues (polish stations).
  • added: media mode icon to smart osd.
  • added: transport stream mode icon to smart osd.
  • added: some missing addon calls i realised were missing. Setmodulation and settransponderinfo to addons. Use setmodulation to set the modulation required before settransponder. SetTransponderInfo is needed before setdiseqc sometimes (with some device types) for correct operation of switches, needs to be set before calling setdiseqc/senddiseqc. Existing addons might need to be recompiled (not many there yet so instead of adding new interface for this call existing one's been modified, they're essential missing calls anyhow so they should be included). added: some messageboxes after pressing esc when exiting media mode/transport stream mode file play, otherwise the user might press esc (remote too) and not realise the current media might be stopped.
  • added: options to media mode settings to play transport stream files/mpeg ps files forcibly with the ms demultiplexer, experimental needs tests. Some systems seem to have problems to play such files. Best option is to install a known demux/splitter like haali media splitter or LAV splitter for such files, which should then run ok with default options.
  • added: pip close/start remote/keyboard/winlirc commands.
  • modified: more hardcoded program strings moved to resources for translations. Please report still missing strings.
  • fixed: PIP bug when modifying video renderer followed with pip reload with existing pip window would result in crash (renderer switch would not be taken into account then).
  • modified: some blue epg paint/redraw issues (header data would not get updated correctly all the time). Tried to fix some apparent freezes seen from reports, cannot recreate these issues myself so unsure if it's better/corrected now.
  • fixed: schedule station from pip exception.
  • fixed: some dvb subs exceptions (from reports, untested).
  • fixed: some teletext exceptions due to recent arabic modifications.
  • added: tray icon minimize now shows different color tray icon and different tray message (indicating a recoding is busy) when recording.
  • added: CTRL key at application startup shows device selection dialog and skips initial device load (useful when having device startup problems/issues).
  • fixed: some problems with pls/mis when using and tbs6925, should work now (tested).
  • added: option to device settings to enable pls/mis, by default PLS/MIS is disabled for tbs devices. Only the tbs new interfaces support pls/mis so make sure you select those for your TBS device which supports PLS/MIS.
  • added: basic help file, needs more work (volunteers?).
  • added: netup diseqc interfaces (untested).
  • fixes: some modifications to auto detect code, hope it now detects ms interfaces correct, please test if not broken/still ok.
  • added: filter indications to station list status bar. If stations are invisible they're shown after an invisible icon (hidden eye). If specific other filters like ac3/hd/dvb/ttx are set icons are shown to indicate that. Lots of users made the mistake of settings such filters and not realising they were set, this might make that more visible to them.
  • modified: some modifications to SmartOSD modules, should/could be more stable now, needs tests.
  • fixed: some more fixes to transport stream file mode stability/workings.
  • added: option to assign SID numbers to current remote station numbers (useful when actual provider SID values correspond with remote numbers so you don't need to manually set each station CH# at the station properties).
  • added: graphical station general list icon to indicate whether station is a current favorite.
Version 0.3.5 Beta
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • fixed: some issues with collapsed graphical list total (were not being calculated correct at some situations).
  • added: PIP select tab menu.
  • added: MIS/PLS support to (TBS only for now, tested with tbs 5925). The scanner only recognizes .BS tables with MIS/PLS definitions for now (created by blindscanner).
  • added: expand/collapse station list to station popup menu.
  • added: OSD EPG popup menu with exit/font settings, font should update direct when modified now too.
  • fixed: MS DTV should operate better with PIP now (i hope, might still sometimes give codec connect issues).
  • fixed: some issues with new float station list (for pip/floating window mode).
  • fixed: pip/floating window resize to aspect ratio didn't resize correct when resizing from top/bottom of window.
  • added: pip mute options (main/pip) to pip settings (not everyone appreciated that feature).
  • fixed: some corrections/bugs to blindscanner (introduced by mis modifications).
  • fixed: station list didn't update on blindscan exit.
  • added: close all pips option.
  • fixed: OSD epg didn't show some (end of timeline etc) events correct.
  • fixed: some teletext modifications for persian lng (arabic codepage selection).
  • added: ms diseqc interfaces to (seems to operate better/ok for skystar express hd devices).
  • added: tbs ci support (tested with tbs 5980 ci)
  • fixed: drag/drop images modified to show correct drop location (below drag destination).
  • added: freesat epg support (untested).
  • fixed: some blindscan dialog modifications (dialog wouldn't show correct with different os font sometimes).
  • fixed: cmd line parameters for smartdvb.exe should operate once more (operated only with smartexec.exe before).
  • fixed: moved some missing application strings to resources (includes some directshow graph error messages)
Version 0.3.0
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2013
  • v0.3.0 Release
    • corrected: some graph timeshift issues.
    • corrected: some issues with smartosd up/down remote/kb keys which did not navigate station list. Also 'ok' should now tune current selected station at those station lists.
    • corrected: scanner sync update from satfeeds failed.
  • v0.3.0 Pre Release
    • corrected: volume float exception which occurred sometimes.
    • corrected: station update with blindscanner now's done per satellite (could cause heap problems sometimes).
    • corrected: header didn't show correct with blindscanner also some memory leaks there.
    • corrected: windows 8 compatibility issue when switched to fullscreen mode with quick ratio alteration.
    • corrected: non-transparent logo's were not shown correct.
    • corrected: mpeg record audio sync/distortion issues were reported.
    • added: tab bitmap graphics (graphics with possible skin like smartosd, same 'images' folder method).
    • corrected: more dvb title process errors at some stations, let me know if you still encounter errors with stations with this Respect.
    • revised: Exception process, now some report requests when caught exceptions occur (without app exit, before these exceptions could get unnoticed
Version 0.3.0 RC
  • Release Date: Apr 7, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • corrected: issue with open db's at appdata folder path.
  • corrected: scan issue when update stations.
  • corrected: skystar issue with appdata path once more.
  • corrected: some issue with wrong processed dvb subtitles at some stations.
  • corrected: epg issue with north america (windowed epg would not show correct all the time). also left/right with smartosd station data now also moves through simple epg/stations, to preview mini osd station epg without tune with remote (enter should then tune station if so required etc).
  • add: NA modulations (DSS QPSK)
    (Digicipher II Combo)
    (Digicipher II Split (I))
    (Digicipher II Split (Q))
    (Digicipher II Offset QPSK)
    to app, implementation (should operate with genpix bda devices untested).
  • add: persian iso support to epg (not tested)
  • corrected: BDA_MOD_32APSK modulation issue which probably didn't process this modulation correct (untested)
  • add: website hyperlink to about dialog.
  • corrected: some exceptions/problems corrections.
  • add: above mentioned NA modulations to blindscanner/ (untested).
  • corrected: fastsatfinder syncs did not show 8psk modulations correct.
  • corrected: possible issue with diseqc rotor console step east/west at seconds mode.
  • corrected: again more corrected exceptions/issues due to reports i hope.
  • done: some general app robustization.
  • corrected: mpeg radio/audio records seemed broken, should operate again.
  • done: upgraded report module to current one.
  • add: keep display on to general settings (should override power save options which might turn display off while video available).
  • corrected: dcII muxes process correction (video/radio PID's did not get detected correct like video/radio stations). No dss streams processing this might be enabled somehow at future. Note for now does not operate with dcII modulations, please use (florian) which requires the genpix bda driver to be installed.
  • add: new tsb interfaces to (Florian). Tested with tbs5925 seems auto-detect code did not operate correct for this tbs device (please let me know if new tbs interfaces r ok for ur tbs device too only tested with tbs 5925 and commited switch).
  • corrected: most new strings moved to resources to allow for translations. If you attempt a translation but still miss some localized strings please let me know.
  • add: smartosd option to disable transparency, if you have cpu/video issues (especially with smartosd epg) try this option (at future release this might be made configurable per osd element).
  • add: SmartOSD program nfo now also shown when main windowed epg clicked. Also click at screen/image while p/i visible should hide p/i.
  • add: visibility option to smartosd settings to allow for hide/show of main/windowed popup osd elements.
  • altered: send diseqc at each frequency alteration's now enabled by default.
  • altered: module at new install now select direct tune mode for prof7301, seems for some users default bda tune does not operate correct with this device, direct mode seems to operate better.
  • add: simple anti-repeat to remote options.
  • corrected: no-signal process should operate better now.
Version 0.3.0 Beta 3
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • corrected: enigma style logo's were not shown correct everywhere (remote etc).
  • corrected: some update station logic.
  • add: addon section filter addition/fixes.
  • add: positioner move osd msg.
  • corrected: timeshift ff/rw/movement altered, might be slower now but should b more compatible with more codecs (LAV? needs tb looked at).
  • add: windows lock detect (Win Key + L)
  • add: option to station list settings to left align station names (instead of default center)
  • corrected: bugfixes.
  • corrected: again some issues, hope now ss module's ok again.
  • corrected: graphical timeshift OSD didn't operate correctly above 4gb timeshift size.
  • corrected: scheduler exception.
  • add: updated blindscan to current streamreader.dll release.
  • corrected: more bugfixes
  • corrected: udp multicast alteration to use real multicast (local) addresses (eg., at VLC you should receive udp stream like udp://@ where 8888 is the chosen port, not tested).
  • add: time to live (ttl) to udp multicast dialog.
  • corrected: dish hidden stations scan seemed to be broken, should operate again.
  • add: lnb power off force method which might operate for some devices with no direct lnb power off method (technotrend etc, untested, please let me know if lnb power off operates correct/falsely with u)
  • add: menu options 'tools > send application report' also possible to use CTRL-ALT-R to create application report to send directly to smartdvb author. Useful for debug methods or automatic send of logs etc.
  • corrected: statup up/down keyboard/remote shortcuts operated odd when smartosd epg enabled, should be somewhat better now (legacy nd custom list).
  • corrected: NIT scan got broken, should operate again.
  • add: site fastsatfinder to scanner sync options.
  • altered: some alterations to which might improve compatibility, if you had issues before with prof 7301 please try again.
Version 0.3.0 Beta 2
  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • fix: some iso bug fix wrt return being shown like '?'.
  • fix: alteration wrt windows 8 window mode switch (fullscreen/main/windowed).
  • fix: some altertions to try to get polish codepages to operate ok by default.
  • fix: custom station list icons r not scaled now but drawn to actual bitmap sizes so you r able replace them with smaller/larger ones.
  • fix: custom station list fixes wrt small fonts which were not shown correct.
  • corrected: logos able to be transparent now.
  • add: epg item font select to epg options.
  • add: select of specific device per frequency list (switch for now). This allows selection of different device per frequency list (useful for sat mainly).
  • corrected: various bufixes (skystar2 device seemed to fail sometimes, probably related to some data trying to be written at local/appdata so if people experience skystar2 issues still, try to install app at 'program files' for now)
  • cor: various bugfixes.
  • add: double-click to select station with new custom list should operate now.
  • add: basic skin option wrt to osd/custom list images to smartosd options (needs to be extended at future but for now only images). Settings/skins.ini is used to configure skin name/folder (sub folder of images) 'nd author.
  • add: support for picon style enigma icons included transparency (place the icons at logos subfolder with sat id, eg logos\192\, logos\130)
  • corrected: some corrections to report processing (not everything seemed processed correctly, more logs added).
  • corrected: acamd exception should b corrected now.
  • add: section filter to addons.
  • corrected: timeshift path option did not operate correct (no update).
  • corrected: dish scan did not operate (not tested).
  • add: max logo height for custom station list to station list properties.
  • corrected: some alterations to setup wrt upgrades.
Version 0.3.0 Beta 1
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • new SmartOSD for most osd elements..
  • multi language epg support..
  • multi records for current transponder/frequence, including mdapi support...
  • new station list which would allow for for information there at future times (old treeview list still is usable nd selectable throught he view menu)..
  • error reports built in, you should be able to send the reports directly to me, screenshots/logs etc r included, but optional to send ofcourse wrt to privacy. Please send error reports if possible for future improvement of this software. Already lots more bugs seem fixed compared to previous times which only aids stability.
  • new installation which includes install without admin rights needed at win7/8
  • win8 should be more compatible now (fullscreen mode bugs etc)..
  • integrated teletext with smartosd nd also new epg (still needs wrk), dvb subtitles, ttx subtitles etc all added to options smartosd menu..
  • new graphical smartosd timeshift
  • better support for remote nd remote list maintenance, still needs tests so if you try the new smartosd at tv or remote please let me know your suggestions or what you still find missing..
  • and much much more, but i'll leave the comments for now coz i'm quite tired..
  • logos support for new station list nd new epg (put your logos at smartdvb logos folder). If people r able to provide like logo packs i'd be much obliged.
  • first ability to create AddOns with smartdvb api (please contact me for example/or api description, still needs work nd tst ofcourse)..
  • better mpeg record capabilities, should be more compatible now also AC3 mpeg record capabilities. Also H.264's recorded with mpeg ps container, which is not real standard it seems but seems to operate.
Version 0.2.5
  • Release Date: Apr 9, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • changed: small change to show signal also when not able to decode a channel.
  • fixed: starting udp streaming from the new tools menu option wasn't working correctly, also the menu checkbox was not always updated correctly.
  • changed: TS recording is now default on new installations (as mpeg does not yet work correctly for ac3).
  • changed: some changes to shutdown code as some were having problems there it seems, untested yet as for me it worked without hickups before already.
  • changed: mousewheel/middle mouse button now switches between floating and main when set in settings.
  • fixed: latitude for newly added satellite was wrongly set to DVB-S instead of the degree value due to recent changes (and me not testing adding new sats ofcourse).
  • fixed: small fix when exiting app with recording on and cancelling the exit the video would become unstable.
  • fixed: some fixes to the scheduling functionality. There was a crash when adding a schedule action from the epg's. Also now the now event scheduling will try to change the starting time so the event actually runs (before it wouldn't as the start time was in the past and the ms scheduler in such case ignores such an event.)
  • fixed: blindscanner would sometimes not pick up frequencies correctly at the end of the frequency range. min/max sr processing was not working correctly in blindscanner. Also some fix to try to also blindscan correctly at the end of a range (sometimes a last valid frequency was missed it seems).
  • fixed: some fixes to no signal processing in scanner, let me know if you still encounter problems here.
  • fixed: gotosat functionality in add frequencies dialog in my case was not always operational, hopefully fixed.
  • updated: blindscanner strings moved to resources to make translations possible (and other recently added strings, let me know if you're still missing something during translations).
  • fixed: Some fixes to the sync dialog. Some fecs were being wrongly imported in the sync dialog (91 to smart should be 910) and modulation changes are now also reflected in color changes.
  • fixed: Numeric keypad should now work again on keyboard input selection (hard to find little bug).
  • fixed: more udp fixes as in some cases buffer overruns could be wrongly generated due to misconfiguration.
  • changed: setup filter.ini updated to reflect current codec use better (LAV/MS DTV etc).
  • changed: updated crazycat streamreader.dll installed to latest one.
  • fixed: some more fixes to no-signal processing.
  • fixed: some fixes to switch handling in blindscanner (thanks to moonchild once again for testing this).
  • updated: transponder lists updated (sats only).
  • updated: small changes to old stream processing (analog to my recent changes in should make this also more stable with stream, but still use for now (in future i might revise and update as this module probably will work better for things like multiple devices, more modular built). Also the filter used by this was not correctly rebuilt before (still used some older directshow sdk, so maybe this was the reason didn't work that well for some).
  • fixed: handling of bandstacked lnb's (dbs/fss) as polarization was not always set correctly here (untested).
  • fixed: small fix which might affect application stability when tuning lots of no-signal or bad signal channels in one go.
  • fixed: small fix in channel processing which could result in some wrongly lost channels.
  • fixed: various small fixes in install process (in some cases if things didn't go the default way let's say smart needed to be restarted for the video to work correctly (eg. when failing to start the initial device and needing to select another one).
  • fixed: some changes to bandstacked dishpro handling which were not working correctly (untested yet).
  • fixed: some little timing changes to (for better stability hopefully).
  • fixed: atsc was broken due to recent clear-qam support changes (clear-qam still untested, atsc should work again).
  • fixed: more changes to band-stacked lnb handling in and
  • fixed: some changes after rebuild long recordings failed after some hours in the taskbar, oddly enough i'm sure this didn't happen before the new system rebuild with the same compiler (so there are subtle differences even if the same settings, i'll have to test this some more i'm afraid).
  • fixed: some changes to concerning clear-qam (atsc digital cable) handling as this wasn't working yet (tuning space addition/changes, untested).
  • fixed: some more bugfixes and fixes to among others again concerning band-stacked lnb's.
  • fixed: bug in which would show zero level in some situations while there actually was level detected.
  • fixed: still video filter wasn't working with audio channels.Seems to work again, not tested much.
  • added: alternative signal detection to (under device settings).
  • fixed: some window showing problems when moving from floating to main etc under certain conditions the main window would be hidden instead of shown.
  • fixed: usals changes were not enabling apply button.
  • changed: updated american transponder list files (thanks to ger).

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