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This is the version history page for Mp3tag, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 3.25
  • Release Date: Apr 4, 2024
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    [2024-03-28]  REL: VERSION 3.25 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2024-03-20]  FIX: Nero MP4 `cdec` field for encoder settings was not preserved when writing tags
                       (since v2.92). (#64148)
    [2024-02-07]  FIX: menu items at View > Sort by... were not accessible for screen readers. (#63621)
    [2024-02-03]  FIX: writing UTF-8 encoded export files produced wrong 4-byte character encoding for
                       some Unicode characters. (#63556)
    [2024-02-02]  FIX: writing UTF-8 encoded `*.m3u8` playlists produced wrong 4-byte character encoding
                       for some Unicode characters. (#63556)
    [2024-02-02]  FIX: error when reading UTF-8 encoded `*.m3u8` playlists with Unicode characters
                       encoded using 4-bytes.
                  LNG: updated Traditional Chinese translation.

Version 3.24 Version 3.23
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2023
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    [2023-11-03]  REL: VERSION 3.23 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2023-10-28]  FIX: applying actions and action groups to large amounts of files could in rare cases
                       cause the application to stop responding. (#62576)
    [2023-10-27]  NEW: added function `SayDate` to web sources framework.
    [2023-10-13]  NEW: added option to reference contents of output buffers via `%output%` in string
                       parameters of web sources framework functions. (#62238)
    [2023-10-12]  FIX: adjusting cover art that uses grayscale color model resulted in undesired
                       artifacts. (#60746, #62295)
    [2023-10-05]  CHG: modernized various dialogs and increased default font size. (#49799)
    [2023-10-02]  FIX: ID3v2 UFID was not always correctly detected as binary or text-only frame.
    [2023-09-26]  NEW: extended JSON-related functions `json_select_many` and `json_select_many_count`
                       of web sources framework with optional parameter to include result entries for
                       non-existent items. (#62095)
                  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian translation.
Version 3.22b
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2023
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    [2023-09-20]  REL: VERSION 3.22b (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2023-09-20]  FIX: extracting cover art from files used last folder instead of current. (since
                  LNG: updated Danish, Dutch, and Farsi translations.
Version 3.22a
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2023
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    [2023-09-19]  REL: VERSION 3.22a (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2023-09-18]  CHG: updated to libwebp 1.3.2 which includes a security fix for lossless decoder
                  LNG: updated Croatian translation.
Version 3.22
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2023
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    [2023-08-24]  REL: VERSION 3.22 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2023-08-24]  CHG: Microsoft Store version now uses 64-bit version by default.
    [2023-08-23]  FIX: runtime error when saving Tag Sources configurations where associated schema
                       contained headings or separators.
    [2023-08-18]  FIX: custom list values for directory field were still duplicated in some cases.
    [2023-08-17]  NEW: added support for localization of Tag Sources configurations.
    [2023-08-14]  NEW: LRC files are now also renamed, moved, and copied with corresponding MP3 and FLAC
                       files. (#59189)
    [2023-08-13]  NEW: added support for audio MD5 via %_md5audio% for WavPack. (#61801)
    [2023-08-11]  NEW: added support for editing Tag Sources configurations via the Tag Sources menu.
    [2023-08-04]  NEW: added new key `[MinAppVersionWin]=3.21h` to require a minimum version of Mp3tag
                       for a Tag Source to be used. (#50650)
    [2023-08-03]  NEW: added functions `IfVar` and `IfNotVar` to web sources framework to check
                       configuration settings from Tag Sources. (#61623)
    [2023-08-03]  NEW: added new key `[Settings]=Tag Source Configuration.settings` to provide a
                       settings schema for Tag Sources. (#61623)
    [2023-07-26]  FIX: unchecking a checkbox field sometimes wrote contents of previous Tag Panel field
                       (since v3.21e).
    [2023-07-26]  NEW: added support for checkbox fields on Tag Panel.
    [2023-07-25]  FIX: inconsistency between internal function specification for `debug` in web sources
                       framework and documentation regarding third parameter. (#61661)
    [2023-07-25]  CHG: added reporting of syntax errors in web sources scripts via error message in
                       addition to scripterror.log. (#61653)
    [2023-07-25]  FIX: last parameter of functions in web sources framework was never checked for
                       validity. (#61653)
    [2023-07-20]  FIX: editing mode in lists scrolled too far for columns that exceeded the list width.
    [2023-07-19]  NEW: added function `SayDuration` to web sources framework. (#53756, #61607) 
    [2023-07-19]  NEW: added scripting function `fmtDuration` to create a formatted duration string
                       based on numerical input.
    [2023-07-18]  NEW: added JSON-related function `json_select_many_count` to web sources framework.
    [2023-07-17]  FIX: edit field shown when adjusting metadata from Tag Sources was misaligned in some
                       cases. (#61577)
    [2023-07-17]  NEW: extended JSON-related function `json_select_many` of web sources framework with
                       optional parameters for last item separator and maximum items to select. (#50674)
    [2023-07-16]  NEW: added JSON-related function `json_foreach_counter` to web sources framework.
    [2023-07-16]  FIX: web sources framework `IfGreater` and `IfLess` did not perform numeric comparison
                       in all cases. (#61569)
    [2023-07-16]  NEW: added JSON-related function `json_foreach_reverse` to web sources framework,
                       which is to be used with `json_foreach_end`. (#61572)
    [2023-07-15]  CHG: copying and pasting individual fields via the extended tags dialog now replaces
                       existing values. (#61383)
    [2023-07-10]  FIX: end editing in file list if window is resized.
    [2023-06-23]  FIX: option to prefer values from tag was shown also when configuring Custom List
                       Values for `_DIRECTORY`.
    [2023-06-23]  FIX: option to only show user-defined genres was shown also when configuring Custom
                       List Values for other fields than `GENRE` in some cases.  (#61267)
    [2023-06-23]  FIX: custom list values for directory field were duplicated on file selection change.
                  LNG: updated Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Danish, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese,
                       Spanish, and Turkish translation.
Version 3.21
  • Release Date: May 26, 2023
  • Download(s):
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    [2023-05-26]  REL: VERSION 3.21 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
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    [2023-05-23]  FIX: resizing issues when moving from a monitor with larger resolution to one with
                       smaller resolution at Tag Sources dialog.
    [2023-05-22]  FIX: option to save total count of tracks was editable after toggling "Next disc on
                       change of" at auto-numbering wizard. (#61035)
    [2023-05-01]  FIX: runtime error when using converter Tag - Tag (since v3.20a).
    [2023-04-30]  FIX: previous installation folder was not remembered in some cases (since v3.20a).
    [2023-04-27]  NEW: added support for redoing the last undone action. ()#5217, #43130, #44452,
    [2023-04-27]  NEW: added support for repeating the last run action or action group. (#44452)
    [2023-04-23]  NEW: added confirmation message to overwrite existing file when exporting custom list
                       values. (#60780)
    [2023-04-23]  NEW: added auto-numbering wizard to Convert context menu. (#60557)
    [2023-04-21]  FIX: icons of dynamically created submenus, e.g., context menu Tools, were not
                       displayed when running in light mode (since v3.19a). (#60755)
    [2023-04-05]  CHG: added safety check to installer for already installed version with different
                  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Danish, Farsi, Simplified
                       Chinese, and Spanish translation.
Version 3.20
  • Release Date: Apr 1, 2023
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    [2023-03-31]  REL: VERSION 3.20 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2023-03-21]  NEW: added keyboard shortcuts Shift+Return to add and Shift+Del to remove custom list
                       values via Tag Panel. (#58937, #60411)
    [2023-03-15]  FIX: custom list values did not respect use natural sorting configuration setting.
    [2023-03-11]  FIX: enabled state of Tag Panel fields was lost in some cases and resulted in
                       unexpected behavior. (#60324)
    [2023-03-11]  NEW: added import of custom list values from text file at 'Options > Tag Panel >
                       Edit'. (#56810, #58944, #60168)
    [2023-03-11]  NEW: added export of custom list values to text file at 'Options > Tag Panel > Edit'.
    [2023-03-09]  CHG: consolidated user-defined genres to be also implemented via Tag Panel custom list
                       values and retired Options > Genres.
    [2023-03-08]  NEW: added Tag Panel field sizes Full, Larger, Large, Medium, Small, Smaller, and
                       Tiny. (#50080, #60179)
    [2023-03-03]  NEW: added configuration option to reset track counter at auto-numbering wizard on new
                       disc. (#59866, #59868, #60185)
    [2023-02-23]  FIX: dynamically generated menus for Actions and Tag Sources were not accessible for
                       screen readers.
    [2023-02-23]  FIX: cover-type submenu at Edit > Cover was not accessible for screen readers.
    [2023-02-03]  FIX: progress dialog when importing tags from text file did not reflect import
                       progress. (#59829)
                  LNG: updated Armenian, Brazilian Portuguese, Corsican, Czech, Danish, Finnish,
                       Hungarian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Turkish translation.
Version 3.19
  • Release Date: Jan 28, 2023
  • Download(s):
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    [2023-01-27]  REL: VERSION 3.19 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2023-01-24]  CHG: moved configuration setting to preserve file modification time when saving tags
                       from Tags to General.
    [2023-01-24]  CHG: moved configuration setting to display grid lines at file view from General to
    [2023-01-24]  CHG: retired the Tools main menu and moved entries for Options to File main menu and
                       auto-numbering wizard to Convert main menu.
    [2023-01-23]  CHG: `BPM` field for MP4 now only displays the bpm value without extra formatting.
    [2023-01-23]  FIX: mnemonic key entry for certain menu items not displaying as intended for some
                       translations. (#59601)
    [2023-01-23]  FIX: action Format value for `_FILENAME` showed another error message on retry after
                       sharing violation even when retry condition was met. (#59641)
    [2023-01-18]  FIX: navigating to next directory in history via Alt + left arrow key resulted in
                       runtime error if triggered from last entry in history.
    [2022-12-01]  NEW: added option to increase disc counter (and reset track counter) at auto-numbering
                       wizard on field-value change.
    [2022-12-01]  NEW: added option to reset disc counter at auto-numbering wizard on field-value
    [2022-11-29]  FIX: editing Tag Panel fields with `_SEPARATOR` had not all other fields disabled.
    [2022-10-27]  CHG: uninstaller has now a checkbox to explicitly enable removing of configuration
                       data instead of using a confirmation dialog. (#58889)
    [2022-10-21]  FIX: cover type couldn't be changed via extended tag dialog (since v3.16b). (#58833)
    [2022-10-10]  FIX: tracks frame wasn't resized correctly at Tag Sources confirmation dialog.
    [2022-10-10]  FIX: previous start menu folder wasn't used when updating 64-bit version. (#58717)
    [2022-10-07]  CHG: extended error message when writing too large cover art to FLAC. (#42923, #58598)
    [2022-10-07]  CHG: information field `%_id3v2_unknown_frames%` now reports the ID3v2 frame
    [2022-10-04]  FIX: runtime error at right click on cover window of non-audio image file with 64-bit
    [2022-10-03]  FIX: MusicBrainz tag source issue with artist names containing vertical bar character.
                  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese-CN, Corsican, Czech, Slovak,
                       Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish translation.
Version 3.18
  • Release Date: Sep 29, 2022
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-09-29]  REL: VERSION 3.18 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-09-24]  NEW: added keyboard shortcuts to add, edit, delete, and select custom list values at
                       'Options > Tag Panel > Edit'.
    [2022-09-24]  FIX: freedb configuration allowed for empty server name in some cases.
    [2022-09-24]  FIX: minor UI glitch at 'Options > Tag Panel > Edit' in dark mode (since v3.17b).
    [2022-09-23]  NEW: added option to configure custom list values for Tag Panel fields. (#18135,
                       #18314, #18317, #45334, #45372, #48343, #49545, #55177, #56810)
    [2022-09-03]  NEW: added information field `%_id3v2_unknown_frames%` to identify files with
                       unsupported ID3v2 frames.
    [2022-08-11]  FIX: removing format strings using Shift+Del didn't save history for converters (since
    [2022-08-04]  CHG: added default mapping from `Album Artist` to `ALBUMARTIST` for APEv2 for new
                       installations to increase compatibility.
    [2022-07-29]  FIX: previous installation folder wasn't remembered when installing 64-bit version.
    [2022-07-29]  LNG: updated Chinese-CN, Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Slovak,
                       Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese translation.
Version 3.17
  • Release Date: Jul 29, 2022
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-07-29]  REL: VERSION 3.17 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-07-28]  FIX: dark mode wasn't properly detected on Windows 10 build 19045.
    [2022-07-19]  CHG: added digital signature to Explorer shell extension.
    [2022-07-12]  FIX: translation of ID3v1 genre numbers at ID3v2 TCON frame was too enthusiastic
                       (since v3.16c). (#57878)
    [2022-07-11]  NEW: added support for selection and rearranging of multiple actions in action group
                       edit dialog. (#48422)
    [2022-07-10]  FIX: selection at action group dialog always included previously selected action group
                       when adding or duplicating action groups.
    [2022-07-09]  FIX: ID3v1 genre number at ID3v2 TCON frame was not translated for ID3v2.4. (#57855)
    [2022-07-07]  CHG: updated TAK to 2.3.3 and added 64-bit support.
    [2022-07-07]  FIX: removing files with non-natively supported file extensions was not reflected in
                       file list. (#57763)
    [2022-06-24]  CHG: use natural sorting for metadata field names at Tag Sources confirmation dialog.
    [2022-06-24]  NEW: added option to prefer genres from tags in list at Tag Panel.
    [2022-06-23]  NEW: added option to set startup folder to empty, previous, or favorite.
    [2022-06-23]  FIX: direct editing field in file list was applied to wrong file when simultaneously
                       filtering by changing filter over unfocused filter via via mouse scroll wheel.
    [2022-06-23]  CHG: added `CATALOGNUMBER` to list of default fields for new installations. (#57717)
    [2022-06-22]  FIX: runtime error when deleting filter expressions and format strings in some cases
                       (since v3.16a). (#57704)
    [2022-06-16]  NEW: added contextual cover operations to main menu at Edit > Cover.
    [2022-06-13]  FIX: filter deleted via manage lists dialog remained active. (#57602)
    [2022-06-10]  FIX: issue in File Explorer shell extension under Windows 11 were nothing happens in
                       rare cases due to an internal error visible through the Windows Event Log.
    [2022-06-08]  FIX: leftovers in 32-bit registry view were not removed when installing 64-bit version
                       (since v3.16).
    [2022-06-07]  FIX: manage lists dialog still showed items that were previously deleted via
                       Shift+Del. (#57545)
    [2022-06-06]  FIX: manage lists dialog extended selection when ticking checkmark. (#57483)
    [2022-05-30]  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese-CN, Czech, Hebrew, Italian,
                       Slovak, and Spanish translation.
Version 3.16
  • Release Date: May 31, 2022
  • Download(s):
  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-05-30]  REL: VERSION 3.16 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-05-30]  CHG: installer now uses 64-bit registry view to store installation settings for 64-bit
    [2022-05-28]  CHG: minor improvements regarding initial dialog placement.
    [2022-05-27]  FIX: applying filter expression via manage filter dialog did not filter the file list.
    [2022-05-27]  FIX: selection state of filter list was reset after applying filter expression via
                       manage filter dialog. (#57424)
    [2022-05-24]  FIX: adjusting varying covers via cover window had no effect on 64-bit (since v3.14e).
    [2022-05-24]  FIX: runtime error when setting cover type or cover description for varying covers via
                       cover window on 64-bit (since v3.14e).
    [2022-05-24]  LNG: updated Armenian, Italian, and Hungarian translation.
Version 3.15
  • Release Date: May 24, 2022
  • Download(s):
  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-05-24]  REL: VERSION 3.15 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-05-23]  FIX: taskbar icon was missing when starting via shell extension in 3rd-party file
                       managers under Windows 11 using Standard installation. (#55645)
    [2022-05-16]  CHG: added support for editing track-specific metadata in tracks list at Tag Sources
                       confirmation dialog.
    [2022-05-16]  CHG: use placeholders for current cover at action Export Cover. (#57307)
    [2022-05-10]  FIX: LAME encoder version wasn't displayed on 64-bit. (#57261)
    [2022-05-09]  FIX: dialog for managing format string or filter expressions had cropped labels in
                       some languages. (#57116)
    [2022-05-08]  NEW: added note if running 32-bit or 64-bit version to about dialog. (#57251)
    [2022-05-08]  FIX: runtime error when restoring previous selection when filtering files on 64-bit.
    [2022-05-07]  FIX: potential data corruption when reading and saving configuration lists, e.g., tag
                       mappings or filter histories on 64-bit (since v3.14e).
    [2022-05-07]  FIX: activating running instance and passing files and folders did not work on 64-bit
                       (since v3.14e).
    [2022-05-07]  FIX: runtime error when adding cover art via context menu of cover window on 64-bit
                       (since v3.14e). (#57226)
    [2022-05-06]  NEW: added support for 64-bit.
    [2022-04-23]  NEW: added option to manage list of format strings at converters 'Tag - Filename',
                       'Filename - Tag', 'Text file - Tag', and 'Tag - Tag', including named format
                       strings and descriptions for format strings. (#7987, #11024, #49350)
    [2022-04-14]  CHG: extended quick actions to remember previous inputs. (#18395)
    [2022-04-13]  FIX: display of checkmark for moved filter items wasn't updated on move. (#56935)
    [2022-04-13]  FIX: UTF-8 conversion issue when migrating the previous filter history to the new
                       format. (#10011)
    [2022-04-13]  NEW: added option to manage the list of filter expressions, including named filters
                       and descriptions for filters. (#10011, #10635, #12361, #48127, #53842, #55565,
                       #55845, #56935)
    [2022-04-13]  FIX: MusicBrainz tag source issue when parsing joinphrases. (#56991)
    [2022-04-12]  FIX: undoing after multiple tag copy and paste operations undos all operations and not
                       only the last one. (#56941)
    [2022-04-02]  CHG: next sort doesn't invert order in case files were added to the file list.
    [2022-04-02]  CHG: added workaround for non-null padding bytes for INFO subchunks in WAV and AIF.
    [2022-04-01]  CHG: optimizations regarding memory usage when refreshing a filtered file list.
    [2022-03-31]  FIX: saving cover to local file did not work anymore when importing from Tag Sources
                       (since 3.12c). (#56823, #56924)
    [2022-03-31]  FIX: changing cover properties did not work when auto-saving in some cases. (#56863)
    [2022-03-30]  CHG: display format string syntax errors in preview field of converter Tag - Tag.
    [2022-03-30]  LNG: updated Chinese-CN, Corsican, Czech, French, and Hebrew translation.
Version 3.14
  • Release Date: Mar 30, 2022
  • Download(s):
  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-03-29]  REL: VERSION 3.14 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-03-29]  FIX: opening files and folders via Explorer context menu gave permission error with
                       Microsoft Store version (since v3.12a). (#56842)
    [2022-03-28]  FIX: overwriting locally stored cover art file did not work anymore when importing
                       from Tag Sources (since 3.12c). (#56823)
    [2022-03-27]  FIX: moving files did not select the next file in the File List but scrolled back to
                       the top (since v3.12a). (#56811)
    [2022-03-25]  LNG: updated Chinese-CN, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, and Ukrainian translation.
Version 3.13
  • Release Date: Mar 25, 2022
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-03-24]  REL: VERSION 3.13 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-03-23]  NEW: added support for `BARCODE`, `CATALOGNUMBER`, `ISRC`, and
                       `MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMRELEASECOUNTRY` to MusicBrainz tag source.
    [2022-03-23]  FIX: freedb web search via wasn't working anymore.
    [2022-03-22]  CHG: changed Discogs tag sources to use `CATALOGNUMBER` instead of `CATALOGID` to
                       improve compatibility with other software.
    [2022-03-22]  FIX: pseudorandom number generator used by `$rand()` was not seeded correctly in all
                       cases. (#56760)
    [2022-03-22]  CHG: improved sorting performance for large libraries. (#56739) 
    [2022-03-15]  CHG: added support for editing track-specific and common metadata at Tag Sources
                       confirmation dialog.
    [2022-03-14]  CHG: added support for internal resizing via horizontal splitter at Tag Sources
                       confirmation dialog. (#56667, #56689)
    [2022-03-13]  CHG: added support to enable and disable import of cover art via checkbox at Tag
                       Sources confirmation dialog.
    [2022-03-12]  CHG: revised Tag Sources confirmation dialog to distinguish between track-specific and
                       common metadata.
    [2022-03-11]  FIX: length column was missing from title list at Tag Sources confirmation dialog
                       (since v3.12c).
    [2022-03-11]  CHG: revised Tag Sources confirmation dialog to allow selection of fields to import.
                       (#54105, #56398)
    [2022-03-11]  NEW: added option to don't show the message that asks for keeping existing cover art
                       again at Tag Sources confirmation dialog. (#17642, #44589)
    [2022-03-11]  CHG: removed Utils > Compilation option from Tag Sources confirmation dialog which can
                       be realized using an action Guess Values.
    [2022-03-10]  FIX: playlist-specific placeholders were reset when loading new files or directories.
    [2022-03-08]  CHG: added support for using online documentation as internal help.
    [2022-03-05]  FIX: empty file name at export dialog also disabled edit, duplicate, and remove
    [2022-03-01]  CHG: added workaround for MP4 data atoms with superfluous trailing null byte. (#56526)
    [2022-02-28]  FIX: cuesheets encoded with UTF-8 BOM were written with ANSI encoding. (#13487)
    [2022-02-12]  NEW: added `%_cover_description%` information field. (#55952) 
    [2022-02-12]  CHG: added internal mapping for `MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID` field. (#44062)
    [2022-02-12]  CHG: added support for multi-value MP4 fields written as multiple `data` atoms.
    [2022-02-11]  CHG: added confirmation question on editing via file list if the Tag Panel contains
                       unsaved changes and auto-saving is not enabled. (#55633)
    [2022-02-11]  CHG: added confirmation question on choosing converter, actions, or extended tags if
                       the Tag Panel contains unsaved changes and auto-saving is not enabled. (#56065)
    [2022-02-10]  FIX: taskbar icon was missing when starting from File Explorer shell extension under
                       Windows 11 using Standard installation. (#54913, #55081, #55645)
    [2022-02-09]  FIX: apostroph character in export file path caused syntax error. (#55431)
    [2022-02-09]  CHG: added error reporting to formatting string language. (#46638)
    [2022-02-08]  CHG: ensured that characters with accents or umlauts are using the Unicode
                       Normalization Form C when querying Tag Sources.
    [2022-02-06]  CHG: automatically removing control characters \n \r \t when renaming files and
    [2022-02-06]  CHG: extended `$validate()` to replace control characters \n \r \t.
    [2022-02-04]  CHG: added reporting of unsupported or corrupted file structure as error to 'Tag'
    [2022-02-02]  CHG: added workaround for missing padding bytes for INFO subchunks in WAV and AIF.
    [2022-01-31]  FIX: copying or moving files resulted in inconsistent display of data if overwrite or
                       keep both is used. (#56008)
    [2022-01-27]  CHG: updated list of default freedb servers to remove invalid servers.
    [2022-01-25]  FIX: configuration files with very long filenames produce runtime error when exporting
    [2022-01-22]  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese-CN, Czech, French, Hebrew,
                       Italian, Slovak, Spanish, and Ukrainian translation.
Version 3.12
  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2022
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-01-21]  REL: VERSION 3.12 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2022-01-14]  NEW: added option to configure MusicBrainz cover size at 'Options > Tag Sources'.
    [2022-01-08]  CHG: changed action dialog 'Remove fields' to be resizable. (#55784)
    [2022-01-08]  CHG: changed action dialog 'Remove fields except' to be resizable. (#55784)
    [2022-01-07]  FIX: menu item 'Help > Donate' did not work.
    [2021-12-13]  NEW: added `trim` command to Web Sources Framework. (#53276, #55491)
    [2021-12-07]  NEW: added option to open files in Explorer via 'File > Open in Explorer' or context
    [2021-12-04]  NEW: added option to open configuration folder via 'File > Open configuration folder'.
    [2021-12-04]  NEW: added note if running Portable or Microsoft Store version to about dialog.
    [2021-12-04]  CHG: improved live preview of converter 'Tag - Tag'.
    [2021-12-04]  NEW: added `_DIRECTORY` and `_FILENAME` as listed fields for converter 'Tag - Tag'.
    [2021-12-04]  FIX: renaming directories via action 'Format value' allowed to create names with
                       leading whitespace which is not allowed on Windows. (#55143)
    [2021-12-03]  FIX: covers with transparent background were drawn with an overlay effect on Tag Panel
                       and Extended Tags Dialog. (#55170)
    [2021-11-29]  CHG: improved scrolling behavior on Tag Panel. (#46256)
    [2021-11-26]  NEW: added configuration option to disable context-menu extension for Microsoft Store
    [2021-11-23]  FIX: performance issue that in some cases looked like the app was hanging after
                       loading of files (since v3.11b).
    [2021-11-19]  FIX: progress bar was showing a smaller position in some cases when handling large
                       numbers of files.
    [2021-11-18]  FIX: remembered dialog sizes resulted in dialog contents partly invisible in certain
                       situations. (#55129)
    [2021-11-15]  FIX: labels for some Tag Panel fields are not updated when switching to certain
    [2021-11-09]  FIX: Tag Panel showed metadata for one file only in rare cases, even if multiple files
                       were selected (since v3.11b). (#55063)
    [2021-11-08]  FIX: customize from Tag Panel context menu opened wrong preferences dialog (since
                       v3.10). (#55024)
    [2021-11-04]  FIX: runtime error when changing file selection while writing is in progress. (#54892)
    [2021-11-04]  FIX: export configurations cannot be edited in Microsoft Store version. (#52425,
    [2021-11-03]  NEW: added context-menu extension for Microsoft Store version. (#41289, #42546,
                       #42775, #43148, #43427, #44043, #51533)
    [2021-11-02]  FIX: random redrawing glitches in dark colors if system is in Dark Mode and
                       app-internal appearance is set to Light. (#54960)
Version 3.11
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2021
  • Download(s):
  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-10-29]  REL: VERSION 3.11 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-10-26]  NEW: added support for new Windows 11 context menu. (#54629, #54833)
    [2021-10-23]  NEW: added menu icon to Explorer context menu shell extension (requires restart to be
                       updated if already installed and in use).
    [2021-10-22]  FIX: read-only file attribute was silently removed when writing tags (since v3.05a).
    [2021-10-22]  CHG: WAV and AIFF files with extra null bytes at end of RIFF chunks are now read
                       despite these inconsistencies.
    [2021-10-22]  FIX: position of progress dialog was not always remembered. (#52524)
    [2021-10-21]  FIX: focus was lost from Tag Panel in some cases when navigating to next/previous file
                       via Ctrl+N/Ctrl+Shift+N and file was saved (since v3.07a). (#53863)
    [2021-10-20]  NEW: added support for MP4 fields `NARRATOR` and `PUBLISHER`.
    [2021-10-15]  NEW: added cover preview via double click on the cover on the Tag Panel. (#14839,
                       #18769, #44340, #45362, #50462, #53985)
    [2021-10-13]  CHG: position of most dialogs is remembered now. (#52524)
    [2021-10-12]  CHG: choosing portable installation won't remove desktop and start-menu shortcuts
                       anymore. (#54693)
    [2021-10-11]  CHG: reflect that option to include development builds on checking for updates is
                       always enabled when using a development build. (#54685)
    [2021-10-11]  FIX: writing cover art of the same type resulted in identical APEv2 field names which
                       are not allowed according to the specification. (#54604)
    [2021-10-09]  FIX: regression regarding background color in light mode (since v3.08a). (#54674)
    [2021-10-08]  NEW: added support for cover types other than Front and Back for APEv2 using `Cover
                       Art (type)` as naming scheme. (#54604)
    [2021-10-07]  FIX: ensured that no duplicates are listed in the Tag Panel genres list and changed
                       the default example for user-defined genres to `Audio Drama` on new installs.
    [2021-10-06]  FIX: cover art with same size in bytes and different content were not reported as
                       different covers at Tag Panel and Extended Tag Dialog. (#54602)
    [2021-10-06]  FIX: editing tag fields in extended tag dialog did not refresh background in dark mode
                       (since v3.08a). (#54611)
    [2021-09-26]  LNG: updated Armenian, Catalan, French, Hebrew, Serbian, Serbian (Latin), Spanish, and
                       Ukrainian translation.
Version 3.10
  • Release Date: Sep 26, 2021
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-09-25]  REL: VERSION 3.10 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-09-23]  FIX: file selection color was not visible enough in dark mode if file list wasn't
                       focused. (#54445)
    [2021-09-22]  NEW: added option to choose color mode (default, dark, or light) on Windows 10 1809
                       and above. (#18264, #54393, #54450)
    [2021-09-18]  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Italian, Slovak, Spanish,
                       and Turkish translation.
Version 3.09
  • Release Date: Sep 17, 2021
  • Download(s):
  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-09-17]  REL: VERSION 3.09 (for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-09-16]  FIX: whitespace characters before file extension dot were automatically removed (since
                       v3.08a). (#54389)
    [2021-09-13]  FIX: channel count is not correctly reported in all cases for MP4 with AC3. (#54321)
    [2021-09-10]  NEW: added support for Windows 11.
    [2021-09-10]  CHG: refreshed app icon.
    [2018-09-09]  CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
    [2021-09-03]  FIX: improved progress bar background color in dark mode. (#47059/34)
    [2021-09-03]  FIX: `$validate` scripting function performed unwanted case conversion if parameter
                       contained dots (since v3.08a). (#54237)
    [2021-08-24]  NEW: added reporting of existing ID3v1 tags in `%_tag%` for FLAC files. (#13156)
    [2021-08-24]  FIX: navigating via Shift+Tab from Filter to Tag Panel did not work in all cases.
    [2021-08-21]  FIX: some parts of the main window were not redrawn correctly on dark mode setting
                       change (since v3.08a).
    [2021-08-21]  FIX: runtime error on program start under Windows 7 (since v3.08a). (#54151)
    [2021-08-20]  NEW: added support for dark mode under Windows 10 starting with build 1809 based on
                       system setting. (#18264, #19363, #47059, #49772, #50076, #52327)
    [2021-08-17]  FIX: renaming files with creating folders could possibly result in invalid folders
                       names ending with spaces or dots. (#53987)
    [2021-08-16]  NEW: added option to disable notification message that warns about unsaved changes.
    [2021-07-24]  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Hebrew, Slovak, and Turkish translation.
Version 3.08
  • Release Date: Jul 24, 2021
  • Download(s):

  • ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-07-23]  REL: VERSION 3.08 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7)
    ------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [2021-07-22]  FIX: cuesheet entries were not listed as separate files if audio information of
                       referenced file cannot be read (since v3.03d). (#53743)
    [2021-07-20]  LNG: added Armenian translation.
    [2021-07-20]  CHG: installer is now Unicode-enabled.
    [2021-06-30]  CHG: VorbisComment block is now always written before Picture block for FLAC as a
                       workaround for an issue in Windows. (#53554)
    [2021-06-25]  FIX: added special handling for ID3v2 comment descriptions `Songs-DB_Custom6` to
    [2021-06-21]  NEW: added status bar indicator for long-running filtering operations. (#52917)
    [2021-06-18]  NEW: added confirmation question if the Tag Panel contains unsaved changes and
                       auto-saving is not enabled. (#53202)
    [2021-06-17]  CHG: Tag Panel fields are only enabled if at least one file is selected. (#14229)
    [2021-06-04]  CHG: remember previous image quality when adjusting cover art. (#53375)
    [2021-06-01]  NEW: added support for FLAC in MP4.
    [2021-05-22]  LNG: updated Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak,
                       Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian translation.

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