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This is the version history page for FFCoder, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2.2 Beta
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • x264: high10, high422, high444 profiles added
  • Fixed: Encoding fails if output format is MP4 and video codec is x264
  • Fixed: Show warning if NeroAAC encoder is missing
  • Fixed: X264: --qmin and --qmax defaults changed to 0 and 69
  • Fixed: X264: --min-keyint changed to -1 (auto)
  • Fixed: Changing frame rate does not work for x264 encoding
  • Fixed: Highlight command-line in log window for mp4box
Version 2.0 Beta
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Support has been dropped for the following encoders: LibFAAC, MEncoder, AVs2Avi
  • Encoder selection has been removed. Automatic encoder selection will be used by default.
  • x264 options updated:
    • Default value for MinQ and MaxQ changed to 0 and 69 (previously 10 and 51)
    • SubME limit updated to 11 (previously 10)
    • Default value for Minimum KeyFrame interval set to 0 (auto) (previously 25)
    • Default options will not be specified on the command-line in order to improve readabilty
  • Fixed some avisynth-related encoding issues
  • Better subtitle support - SRT/SUP/ASS/SSA/USF/IDX files can be embedded in MKV videos. SRT files can be embedded in OGV videos. The subtitle file must be placed in the same folder as the input file.
  • Delayed indexing - The 'Please wait..indexing file' window will not be displayed when adding files. Indexing will be delayed till actually needed (when encoding starts). Indexing will not be done if you are not using AVS mode.
  • Index files will be deleted when the application exits.
  • Track compression is set to 'None' for MKV files for better device compatibility.
  • Add option to disable audio when creating OGV files
  • Fixed: Disable prompt for installing Haali Media Splitter on startup
  • Fixed: VP8 settings were not saved
  • Encoders updated: x264, ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora
  • Bugfixes
  • Release Date: Aug 25, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Some DLL files were missing in the Setup package
      – js32.dll (Required by MP4Box) – DGAVCDecode.dll, libavcodec.dll (Required for encoding MTS/M2T/M2TS files using Avisynth mode)
  • When a VOB file was added (in AVS mode), the video was automatically cropped and deinterlaced. This will not be done anymore. Cropping and deinterlacing must be done explicitly by setting filters.
  • The provided x264 presets were loaded incorrectly. The Initial Buffer Size for 2-pass encoding was set to 0.9% instead of 90%. This was causing some 2-pass encodings to fail. This issue is fixed.
  • MPlayer2 does not support playback of Avisynth files. As a result the video preview was not working in the ‘Trim’ window. Mplayer2 has been replaced with an older MPlayer version which can play Avisynth files.
Version Version
  • Release Date: Aug 20, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • The ‘Add DVD’ option in the File menu has been simplified. Now only the VIDEO_TS folder needs to be selected.
  • Fixed the window layout for systems with large font sizes. Some of the controls were cut-off or hidden from view.
  • The encoder log can be opened even while the file is being encoded (Double-click or use the right-click menu).
  • x264: Corrected psy-trellis option to 0.15 for “Tune Film”
  • Fractional quantizer values can be selected for all video codecs
  • Files can be dragged on the ‘Add Combined’ window
  • MTS files will be opened with DGAVC in Avisynth mode. This will eliminate stuttering/corruption issues when MTS files are encoded in Avisynth mode.
  • Fix: Encoding WAV files to FLAC fails
  • Fix: The installer fails to download NeroAAC codec during setup
  • Multiple instances of FFCoder can now be run at the same time
  • Fix: Selecting the ‘Shutdown’ option (for shutting down the PC after encoding), doesn’t work properly in Vista/Win7 due to UAC prompts. Windows commands will be used for shutdown/reboot instead of using NirCmd. Nircmd has been removed from the package.
  • MPlayer has been replaced with MPlayer2 from
  • Updated x264 to r2057
  • Updated FFmpeg to r31572 (2011-07-20)
  • Updated MPlayer to MPlayer2 (2011-08-17)
  • Updated MEncoder to r33883 (2011-07-20)
  • Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.48
  • Updated MP4Box to v0.4.6 rev2735 (2011-03-02)
  • Updated FFmpeg2theora to v0.28
Version 1.2 Beta
  • Release Date: May 30, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • [New]
    • Option for encoding multiple input files into a single output file (Use the ‘Add Combined’ option in the File menu)
    • New window for trimming audio/video files. You seek to the nearest scene-change, and multiple segments can be selected for encoding.
    • Added MPUI (an MPlayer frontend) as the default audio/video player. Removed all other players in order to reduce the size of the download package.
    • New tool for correcting timestamps in SRT files. It will add a delay to the SRT file by modifying the timestamps.
    • Better support for DVD ripping (Use the ‘Add DVD’ option in the File menu). You can add multiple VOB files and they will be combined into a single output file.
    • Indexing will be done using DGIndex.
    • Installer: Option for installing Avisynth
    • Installer: Option for deleting settings from previous version
    • Installer: Option for downloading NeroAAC codec
    • Avisynth: The source filter for opening the input file will be inserted automatically. It cannot be selected/modified by the user.
    • A portable version is also available for download
    • x264 options were updated.
  • [Fixes]
    • The performance counter throws an exception when encoding begins.
    • Adding FLAC files to the input list throws an error.
    • The video preview was not displayed in the crop window on some XP systems.
    • FFIndex files were not deleted on application exit even if the option is selected in the Options->Preferences window. Please note that FFCoder will remove only those ffindex files which it creates. Existing ffindex files will have to be removed manually.
    • The GUI sometimes hangs while indexing the input file. This will not happen anymore.
    • Setting the aspect ratio had no effect when ffmpeg was used as encoder. This issue has been fixed in the latest ffmpeg version.
  • [Updates]
    • Updated MPlayer to r33216
    • Updated FFMS2 to FFMS2-mt-r464
    • Updated FFmpeg to git-g3c20c0e (05/24/2011)
    • Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.44
    • Updated x264 to r1995
    • Note: Recent MPlayer builds from Sherpya have problems playing AVS files. Hence an older version of mplayer is included which does not have these issues. If you are updating mplayer.exe manually, then please ensure that the new build can play AVS files.
Version 1.1 Beta
  • Release Date: Mar 2, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • WebM encoding via FFmpeg
  • Target size encoding mode. It is available for all video codecs that supports 2pass encoding.
  • Directory watch for fully automated encoding. In this mode the program will monitor a set of pre-defined folders for files matching a filename pattern. Files will be automatically picked-up and encoded with pre-defined settings. The encoding will be done in the background with low-priority so that the user can continue with other tasks.
  • x264: Options updated, Fixed issues with 2pass encoding, Menu for x264's in-built presets
  • Avisynth: New and improved avisynth options
  • Avisynth: New editor with syntax highlighting, code folding, GScript support
  • Avisynth: Options for testing and comparing avisynth scripts
  • Better support for subtitles, SRT files can be embedded into MKV files using MKVMerge
  • Progress window: Improved layout
  • Progress window: New option for minimizing FFCoder to the system tray. FFCoder will run in a low-priority mode so that the user can continue doing other tasks while the files are being converted. User will be notified when the jobs are complete.
  • Progress window: Progress % will be displayed while encoding audio from AVS input files (it was not displayed in previous version)
  • Progress window: More info will be displayed while encoding
  • Audio/Video filters: Presets, options for no-upscaling and fit-to-box
  • Audio/Video filters: Warnings will be displayed if the codec supports limited frame sizes or frame rates
  • NSIS installer with option for downloading Nero AAC codec
  • Turn off visual styles for the FFCoder gui
  • Tested on 32-bit versions of XP, Vista and Win7
Version 0.99 Beta
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • [fixed] Problems with matrix editor and font settings
  • [fixed] Slider labels in Theora’s codec config window were wrongly placed
  • [fixed] Encoding fails with x264’s b-pyramid option due to changes in x264’s CLI
  • [fixed] FFmpeg encoding fails with files containing an audio track before the video track
  • [fixed] Getting the correct stream order from MedaInfo
  • [added] Thumbnail preview for video files
  • [added] Options for processing audio and video using Avisynth before encoding
  • [added] New option in preferences window for enabling/disabling all avisynth options
  • [added] New option in preferences window for selecting the source filters to use for opening audio/video files in Avisynth
  • [added] Right-click option to preview the Avisynth script before encoding
  • [added] Wavi will be used for piping audio from AVS files to encoders like LAME, OggEnc, etc (instead of using ffmpeg). As a result, encoding the audio from AVS files will be much faster now (almost twice as fast) but progress info will not be available during encoding.
  • [added] Media Player Classic for playing AVS files
  • [changed] Support for mencoder’s and ffmpeg2theora’s video filters have been dropped. They won’t be needed any longer since Avisynth’s filters can be used with any encoder.
  • [changed] New layput for main window.
  • [changed] A large number of minor cosmetic changes
  • [updated] x264 to r1416
  • [updated] ffmpeg to r21566
  • [updated] MediaInfo to v0.7.25
Version 0.98 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2009
  • [added] Audio and Video streams can now be copied without re-encoding in Automatic mode
  • [fixed] Localization problems: Encoding would fail if the user’s system used regional settings in which comma is used as decimal separator
  • [fixed] Frame rate and frame size options not working for x264 codec
  • [fixed] Progress % in progress window was not accurate if only a part of the input file was selected for encoding
  • [updated] MediaInfo to v0.7.25
Version 0.97 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • [fixed] PCM codec selection not saved correctly in preset file
  • [fixed] “Copy to Clipboard” button on Log window not working
  • [fixed] Size of files above 1 GB wrongly displayed in input file list
  • [fixed] Audio sampling rate wrongly displayed on mouse tooltip for files in input list
  • [fixed] FFmpeg: “SBR not implemented error” with input files containing AAC audio
  • [fixed] In-built player: Check if format is supported before trying to play the file
  • [added] New Automatic mode (needs more testing)
  • [added] MKVMerge (will be used for creating MKV files in Automatic mode)
  • [added] MP4Box (will be used for creating mp4, 3gp and 3g2 files in Automatic mode)
  • [added] 5 new encoders: FLAC, MusePack, OptimFROG, Monkey’s Audio, Speex
  • [added] Help documentation
  • [added] Logo for different codecs
  • [improved] Dump audio track as MKA or WAV file
  • [improved] Dump video track as HuffYUV, AVI or MKV file
  • [improved] Use ffmpeg for decoding (piping) only if input format is unsupported, filters are being used or if partial encoding is selected
  • [improved] AVS files are now supported as input for all available encoders
  • [improved] New config window for audio and video filters
  • [improved] Only compatible codecs will be shown for each file format
  • [improved] More options in the GUI options window
  • [improved] Remember source folder between sessions
  • [improved] Increased max video bitrate to 10 Gbps for all codecs
  • [improved] Encoder log highlighting
  • [improved] Progress window for tools
  • [improved] FFmpeg: Copy initial non-key frames for better A-V sync
  • [improved] Files containing multiple A-V tracks will be analyzed more quickly when you add it to the list
  • [removed] FFmpeg: Theora video codec. Bitrate control doesn’t work, video produced is very poor quality.
  • [removed] FFmpeg: Libvorbis audio codec. Bitrate control doesn’t work.
  • [removed] Raw PCM output format. Use WAV/AIFF for encoding PCM audio
  • [removed] Right-click option for dumping audio track as raw file
  • [removed] Right-click option for loading audio track from separate file
  • [updated] FFmpeg to r20467
  • [updated] FFmpeg2theora to v0.25
  • [updated] x264 to r1318
  • [updated] MediaInfo to v0.7.24
Version 0.96 Beta
  • Release Date: Sep 29, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • [added] Main window: “Add Folder” option in File menu. You can also drag and drop folders on the main window. The directory structure will be recreated in output folder.
  • [added] Progress window: Set process priority
  • [added] Presets for creating VCD/SVCD/DVD compatible files
  • [added] Config window for mencoder’s mpeg muxer
  • [fixed] Player: Control window hangs if display window is closed
  • [changed] MEncoder’s harddup filter will always be added to filter chain (for better A-V sync)
Version 0.95 Beta
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • [added] 380 device presets (Imported from XMediaRecode)
  • [added] New “Join” tool for joining similar video files without re-encoding
  • [added] New “Cut” tool for saving a video clip without re-encoding
  • [added] Last session settings will be restored when you start FFCoder
  • [added] “OK”, “Cancel” and “Restore Defaults” buttons for x264, xvid and libavcodec config windows
  • [added] FourCC option for x264, xvid and libavcodec
  • [fixed] FFmpeg: Theora and vorbis: Bitrate was specified in kb/s instead of bits/s
  • [fixed] All Presets: Better error handling
  • [fixed] Global presets: Settings were not saved/loaded for AMR, Libavc and DV codecs
  • [improved] New progress window for single file encoding
  • [improved] Libavcodec default settings
  • [improved] Player window is now separated into 2 windows: Display window and Control window.
  • [updated] FFmpeg to r19948
  • [updated] x264 to r1271
Version 0.94 Beta
  • Release Date: Sep 24, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • [fixed] Files could not be added to list on Windows 7 64-bit (64-bit version of MediaInfo.dll will be used now)
  • [fixed] MEncoder: Crash if cropping values are set
  • [fixed] AMR: Audio options were not initialized
  • [added] avs2avi and Wavpack encoder
  • [added] For encoders that support only AVS files as input, a temporary AVS file will be generated for non-AVS files.
  • [improved] Show error message if file is not added to list.
  • Note: AVS2AVI lets you encode AVS files to AVI using any VFW video codec installed on your system. A temporary AVS file will be created for any non-AVS file that you add to the list. So the input file can be anything (AVI, FLV, etc).

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