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This is the version history page for Encode360, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2.03
  • Release Date: Oct 11, 2008
  • CHANGE: K-Lite install options changed to work with AVC/AAC formats without the need for CoreAVC. This should resolve a number of encoding problems
  • NEW: When /AUTO is specified, the application will automatically exit on successful completion (returns errorcode 0)
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.7.6
  • CHANGE: Some minor tweaks to hopefully fix up some form-related bugs
  • FIX: Install / Uninstall mechanism now works as expected
  • FIX: MSI tended to not actually upgrade the files, just the Windows Installer version details
Version 2.02
  • Release Date: Sep 13, 2008
  • CHANGE: Everything has been changed to being x86 only. It’s not possible for Enc360 to work with WME9 x64, so the app is now forced to x86 mode on XP / Vista x64. This prevents against a lot of problems people have when trying to get Enc360 working on x64 platforms.
  • CHANGE: Rework of how MKV subtitles are detected and extracted to be more robust
  • CHANGE: Lots of fixes and updates to the installer
  • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix to 2.3.0
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite Codec Pack to 4.1.7
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
Version 2.0
  • Release Date: Jun 7, 2008
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite Codec Pack to 3.9.5
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
  • CHANGE: Updated compiler options to hopefully fix some unmanaged COM problems
  • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix utilities to v2.2.0
Version 2.0 RC2
  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2007
  • NEW: Command-line option /Auto etc. for automatic encoding
  • NEW: Updated with support Vista Controls (Class Library from by Pedro M. C. Cardoso)
  • CHANGE: Upgraded to VS2008 Project
  • CHANGE: App Manifest for UAC (will hopefully prevent against regkey write failures because of running under standard user mode that was mucking up some filter settings, such as 5.1 audio through AC3Filter and subtitles under ffdshow)
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite to 3.5.7
Version 2.0 RC1
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2007
  • NEW: Multi-core Support
  • NEW: Preferred Language. Sets the default language for both subtitle AND audio tracks (for container formats using Haali such as MKV/OGM)
  • NEW: Well, sortof. OGM Subtitles Extractor rewritten and now bundled as part of installer
  • NEW: Support for ASS Subtitles through ffdshow (experimental)
  • CHANGE: If FFDShow isn't found, clicking Cancel no longer exits the app
  • CHANGE: Updated K-Lite Full Codec Pack to 3.3.0
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo.DLL to
  • FIX: x64 Support (Thanks to balog and shlicky for assistance and fixes)
  • FIX: Encoder wasn't cleaning up after itself, leading to memory leaks and dozens of systray icons
  • FIX: FFDshow subtitles weren't being enabled if ticked in Advanced Settings
  • FIX: If 'Output To' was a saved preference, you'd be prompted for a path every time Enc360 started, even though the path was saved too
  • FIX: MKV PreProcessing Scriptlet would incorrectly parse certain subtitle streams and create a new folder instead of the actual subtitle file
  • FIX: Installer would continue if Windows Media Encoder wasn't found
  • FIX: Minor bugfixes
Version 2.0 b7
  • Release Date: Jul 24, 2007
  • NEW: Installer!!!
    • Will verify that .NET 2.0 and Windows Media Encoder 9 are installed before allowing the install. Hopefully will knock a number of ‘bug’ reports on the head!
    • Includes automatic installation for K-Lite COdec Pack & recommended settings for use with Encode360
    • Includes MKV Subtitle Extractor PreProcessing Scriptlet & support files
  • NEW: Completely overhauled UI. Visualhub was sortof my inspiration!!
  • NEW: Audio / Video key details now in Advanced Settings
  • CHANGE: Removed all the folder monitoring stuff… Sorry, but it was causing way too many problems
  • CHANGE: Output resolution can now be set regardless of whether you use Autoscaling or not
  • CHANGE: WMV no longer on filetype list, but can be selected through All files. This prevents against accidentally re-encoding WMVs
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to Dev Snapshot (14/07/2007)
  • CHANGE: Updated tooltips
  • CHANGE: Code Cleanup
  • FIX: ‘64 character limit’ error on encoding jobs that would take a long time
  • FIX: A crash could occur if the file duration was miscalculated by MediaInfo
  • FIX: If the encoding job failed and the application closed, the process would not stop unless it would manually killed
  • FIX: ListView didn’t allow drag/drop of files from Windows Explorer
  • FIX: A crash could occur if a value was changed into autoscaling and no file had been previously selected
  • FIX: Encoding more than one file could result in memory leaks and bad files
  • FIX: If a problem occurred during the encoding job, the entire application would hang
Version 2.0 b6
  • Release Date: Jul 14, 2007
  • NEW: FLV & WMV Support
  • NEW: Ability to Drag/Drop re-order of items in the encoding list.
  • NEW: "Enable / Disable Subtitles through FFDshow" to Advanced Settings
  • NEW: "Preferred Subtitles Language" Option to Advanced Settings. This is so that PreProcessing Scripts (such as the updated one for MKV files) can extract and use them
  • NEW: ETA on Encoding Completion (Requested by damski)
  • NEW: Shutdown PC when finished (Requested by Hitcher)
  • CHANGE: Massive internal re-write. I had been putting this off for a while, but eventually I had to do it. I've compartmentalized all of the Encoder code into a separate class and re-written huge segments. This has eliminated a HUGE amount of the codebase, and made it a lot more flexible.
  • CHANGE: Disabled .NET x86 directive. This means x64 isn't currently supported, until someone gets around to re-compiling specifically for 64-bit. Schlicky will hopefully do this over the next few days
  • CHANGE: Huge overhaul to the Aspect Ratio handling code. Now works with Non-Square Pixel videos (Thanks to Zen)
  • CHANGE: Seriously cleaned up Debug Information
  • CHANGE: Rewrite to the PreProcessing Script code. New MKV PPS Scriptlet linked below. Extract to the Encode360 folder (will create a subfolder called MKV\)
  • CHANGE: Logging now includes less useless details, and more important details
  • CHANGE: Debug Info is no longer a Top-Most Window
  • CHANGE: An error is no longer displayed if no subtitles were found in an MKV
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to (LOTS of media-detection bugs fixed)
  • FIX: Framerate "Double" error could occur if not using English as your Locale Settings (thanks to Zen)
  • FIX: Certain audio streams returned an invalid sampling rate which caused Encode360 to bomb out
  • FIX: If Autoscale was not enabled and was a saved setting, the Output Resolution was always 0x0 unless you ticked and unticked Autoscale
  • FIX: Non-Square Pixels were always detected, even when the source video wasn't
  • FIX: Invalid duration times in a number of container formats, ie, MKV, OGM (which led to a host of other problems)
  • FIX: Force 2 Channel Audio Downmix setting now saved
  • FIX: Force Quality Based Audio Encoding setting now saved
  • FIX: Better Exception handling when running PreProcessing Scripts
  • FIX: Ratio division bug - see
  • FIX: If autoscale was disabled, Height / Width values were inverted resulting in a bad encode
  • MKV Subtitle Pre-Processing Scriptlet Changelog:
    • NEW: Subtitle Language Support
    • NEW: Support for additional subtitle formats: UTF, IDX, SUB, SRT, SMI, RT, TXT, SSA, AQT, MPL and USF
    • CHANGE: Better debug output for troubleshooting
    • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix
Version 2.0 b6a3
  • Release Date: Jul 10, 2007
  • NEW: "Enable / Disable Subtitles through FFDshow" to Advanced Settings
  • NEW: "Preferred Subtitles Language" Option to Advanced Settings. This is so that PreProcessing Scripts (such as the updated one for MKV files) can extract and use them
  • FIX: Force 2 Channel Audio Downmix setting now saved
  • FIX: Force Quality Based Audio Encoding setting now saved
  • FIX: Better Exception handling when running PreProcessing Scripts
Version 2.0 Beta 5a
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2007
  • Frame rate was sometimes calculated incorrectly which caused encoding to fail
  • Percentage Complete was way off. Hopefully I've sorted this out now.
  • Duration was always reported in seconds. Should now be reported in H/M/S.
  • Output resolution said "N/A" when not autoscaling. It now correctly says the same as the Input resolution

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