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This is the version history page for DGAVCDecNV, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 1.0.13
  • Release Date: Mar 12, 2009
  • Added undocumented rudimentary "output trimmed TS" function invokable via the F1 key. Set a range and hit F1. It's for diagnostic use and is not supported. Think of "DGSplit with a GUI".
  • Sometimes opening a file would not display the first frame until a GOP step is done. Fixed.
  • Fixed Load Project bugs.
  • Fixed problem where specifying a bad file to the CLI caused a crash.
  • File/Close did not clear all state. Fixed.
  • CLI -a now demuxes all the audio streams for an MKV file.
  • The Info dialog did not show all MKV audio tracks. Fixed.
  • License check now allows for a single license file to support multiple machine IDs.
  • Fixed an M2TS parsing bug that caused corruption for some streams.
Version 1.0.12
  • Release Date: Feb 18, 2009
  • When serving video, replace copies of leading B frames with copies of the first decodable frame.
  • Fixed blocking on seeks with deinterlace=1.
  • Fixed false sync lock for M2TS files.
  • Fixed problem where stepping by GOP backward could wrap from the start of the file to the end of the file.
  • Closing the window while a play/preview is running caused a CUVID popup error. Fixed.
  • Enable "Disable Display" option only after a file is loaded. This prevents a crash scenario.
  • Fixed nvcuvid.dll memory leak.
Version 1.0.11
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2009
  • Added support for Matroska (MKV) input streams.
Version 1.1.10
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2009
  • Added a Close item to the File menu.
  • Fixed a bug in frame rate detection.
  • Revised the Machine ID generation.
Version 1.0.9
  • Release Date: Jan 11, 2009
  • Added support for the new audio types found on BluRay disks.
  • Improved the audio delay calculation.
  • Removed the Treat I as IDR option as it is now always enabled.
  • Machine ID now not tied to system partition, so machine ID changes will be rare.
  • Updated the CUVID server to 1.0.3.

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