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This is the version history page for AutoMKV, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0.98.4
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2009
  • FIXED: Use of PP in deinterlacing (thanks to noee)
Version 0.98.3
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2009
  • ADDED: MP3 Audio Encoding with lame.exe 3.98
  • FIXED: Crash when opening multiple windows (thanks to freak)
  • FIXED: Romanian language tag (thanks to pdanpdan)
  • FIXED: "Constant Quality Mode" window wasn't centered (thanks to valnar)
  • FIXED: Drag&Drop support (thansk to noee)
  • FIXED: Use of PP=6 in preview mode
  • UPDATE: x264 0.66.1092 60f4cd8, eac3to 3.05, masktools, mvtools
Version 0.98.2
  • Release Date: Jan 19, 2009
  • FIXED: In some mkv file audio could not be extracted (thanks to chengbin)
  • FIXED: now when ffmpegsource is enbled and directshowsource for audio is enabled too, audio isnt' extracted
  • FIXED: other minor glitch
  • CHANGED: Apple Profile, PSP profile, Archos profile
  • UPDATE: eac3to 3.03,x264 rev 1083, MediaInfo, mp4box, oggenc, aften, dgavcdec,ffmpeg
Version 0.98.1
  • Release Date: Nov 5, 2008
  • fixed: use of ffmpegsource and directshowsource
  • fixed: extracting ac3 audio from mkv
Version 0.98
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2008
  • FIXED: Muxing in avi with virtualdub don't keep correct audio order (thanks to paolo1983)
  • FIXED: Chapter button don't load already present chapters's file (thanks to madforweb)
  • FIXED: Anamorphic encoding (very beta)
  • FIXED: Preview will not report exact AR (thanks to madforweb)
  • FIXED: When accepting the preview automkv will set also the AR input as selected in preview
  • CHANGED: No more need of h264to (now using ffmpeg.exe)
  • CHANGED: FFmpegSource no more handle audio
  • CHANGED: Recked all x264 profiles (suggest to try the new 2 pass balanced and cq optimized profiles)
  • CHANGED: When input is avi/mkv/mp4/flv automkv will now scan for audio tracks without extracting it. Automkv will dinamically extract and encode it when needed. This allow copy audio track or encoding specific one's
  • UPDATE: eac3to 2.73, mkvmerge 04/10/2008, x264 rev 1016 (, FFmpegSource 2.03beta,FFmpeg (Sherpya) r15666, MCTemporalDenoise.v1.0beta4
Version 0.97.1
  • Release Date: Oct 9, 2008
  • ADDED: "Specify AR Input" usefull when input isn't mpeg2. Use it for mkv/avi/ogm..
  • ADDED: "Only Forced Sub"
  • FIXED: "Allow Hybrid Order/Pattern" wasn't saved on "Load/Save Settings" (thanks to AGKnotUser)
  • FIXED: "--sar" is working for xvid/x264/divx
  • CHANGED: Force MOD16 now applies to crop and resize
  • CHANGED: Height is now MOD8 (less AR error)
  • 0.97:
    • ADDED: In advanced settings possibility to show only forced subtitle (beta)
    • FIXED: Deinterlacer routines will run simultaneusly. Faster detect
    • FIXED: Low cpu usage on x264 encoding
    • CHANGED: Recked all x264 profiles
    • UPDATE: x264 0.65.999M cc51047,MKVmerge 2.3.0, added Anime Profile, added 2 pass fast profile , eac 2.65,dgAVCDec 1.0.2
Version 0.95c
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2008
  • ADDED: Better tooltip layout
  • ADDED: Aspect error in log file
  • ADDED: Save personalized profile (suggestion by survivant001)
  • FIXED: 2 pass encoding with Nero AAC Audio and movie longer than 2 hours
  • FIXED: Reduced log (trimming all load plugin/import section)
Version 0.95b
  • Release Date: Feb 13, 2008
  • ADDED: Now AutoMKV create a muxing.bat even for M2TS muxing. For hand made facilities (suggestion by survivant001)
  • ADDED: In case of M2TS muxing AutoMKV will compute an overhead of 6% on bitrate (suggestion by survivant001)
  • ADDED: M2TS Container Logo (fell free to suggest better logo)
  • FIXED: "Do HQ First Pass" wasn't applyed when encoding to XivD (thansk to XhmikosR)
  • FIXED: On log file "Enabled CRF/CQ AutoRes" wasn't displyed on case of "Specify Quality" (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: Double use of --sar option. Pay attention to value in profiles (thanks to survivant001)
  • FIXED: Link to new 0.95 thread (thanks to nanorch)
  • FIXED: Clicking on "Preview" will now force "Use Manual Crop/Resize"
  • FIXED: Usage of AQ (previusly was always on) (thanks to zacoz)
  • FIXED: SPA to ESP in language (thanks to zacoz)
  • FIXED: Use of Constant_Quality with constrained disk settings AND Original width/height (thanks to Don_Genaro)
Version 0.95a
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2008
  • FIXED: On Muxing the changefps parameter was ignored (thanks to zacoz)
Version 0.95
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2008
  • ADDED: Movie name is now based on folder name (in case of ifo input) (suggestion by AMED)
  • ADDED: Possibility to specify only the crop values and not the width and height (suggestion by Honeyko)
  • ADDED: "Don't Mux But Save Temp Folder" checking this option will force AutoMKV to rename temp folder (based on movie name) and to not mux
  • ADDED: In case of MP4 container and AC3 Audio now AutoMKV will not quit. It will prompt a message about not able to mux and will move the temp folder
  • ADDED: Now FFmpeg Encoding take account of Manual Crop&Resize and Manual Crop and Specify Bitrate. In this way AutoMKV can be instructed to do near all FFmpeg Encoding
  • ADDED: Colored crop value. Green = OK, Red = Wrong
  • ADDED: Colored Manual Width and Height Value, Green = OK, Blu = not so well , Red = Wrong
  • ADDED: Option to add "--engage keep_bitstream_ar_info" to muxing command line
  • ADDED: Tips! If you don't want tips just delete the file tips.txt
  • ADDED: Support for M2TS container using excellent tsMuxeR. I suggest to use PS3_XboX360 profile (have nal-hrd/aud enabled)
  • FIXED: When reopening CQ TUNE the previus values where rounded up (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: On d2v input, when checking Manual Crop and Resize will show correct value on Width and Height
  • FIXED: When encoding is running is no more possible to add job in queue
  • FIXED: Now Value of Crop and Width/height are greyed till user click on "Use Manual Crop/Resize" or "Manual Crop" (suggestion by Honeyko)
  • FIXED: Now when pressing Start Queue, the button "Start Queue" will be disabled (suggestion by Honeyko)
  • FIXED: In case of triggered ffmpeg encoding (avi/xvid) now AutoMKV wil correctly mux the final file (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: Now AutoMKV wil rename automatically "movie name" contain illegal character like|!"?/.
  • FIXED: Even on Avi muxing AutoMKV will check for already existing file destination. In this case will create a muxed file starting with numbers_movie name.avi (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: On Avi muxing the original audio is no more muxed (thanks to ryc0203)
  • FIXED: Manual Crop and Resize will disable Width on load settings (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: Force Mux Height and Width are remebered on qeque
  • FIXED: Quality Encoding will now trigger on ffmpeg encoding a quality encoding too
  • FIXED: Removed some pop up windows
  • FIXED: Usage of ITU and Anamorphic encoding (a BIG thanks to Valnar AND SeeMoreDigital)
  • FIXED: Anamorphic on muxing (thanks to Zacoz)
  • FIXED: Some issues using FFmpegSource
  • FIXED: Some issues using PreProcess to LossLess
  • FIXED: Reduced the number of "triggering" list. Now clicking on audio, video profile, container, codec AND not changing the value will not trigger AutoMKV routines
  • FIXED: DSS x A/V will force AutoMKV to use DirectShowSource for encoding both audio and video
  • FIXED: DSS x Audio will force AutoMKV to use DirectShowSource for encoding only audio (before will trigger even video)
  • FIXED: Whenever "Manual Resize / Crop" is checked, AutoMKV will determine if there is already a setting for Resize Filter other than NONE. If it is NONE, then it will be changed to SimpleResize(neutral soft). (suggestion by Honeyko)
  • FIXED: When checking "Specify Quality" the encoding status window will now display the selected CQ/CRF value (thanks to Honeyko)
  • FIXED: When checking Manual Crop&Resize the value of width specifyed in profile are ignored
  • FIXED: Deinterlacer Analysis is now minimized
  • FIXED: Some Layout in GUI, most cosmetic
  • FIXED: Some layout on log
  • UPDATE: FFmpegSource 1.14, ColorMatrix 2.3, TIVTC 1.0.5, FFmpeg r11562,Mp4Box 11/01/2008, X264 rev 736 (AQ 0.48, 2pass vbv, aud/nal-hrd) PS3_41.xml profile renamed to PS3_XBOX360.xml and lowred the qpmin to 5, Xbox.xml profile,
  • UPDATE: Italian translation
  • DELETE: Some duplicate x264 profile (heritage of compatibility with Megui)
  • CHANGED: When selecting "Don't care about size" AutoMKV will not do anything, just on status bar "Don't use Automatic Width. It's a waste of time with Unlimited File Size."
  • CHANGED: On Zune profile all audio is now WMAPRO.
  • CHANGED: How AutoMKV will compute Height. Now the calculus are very precise and corrected to AR (i hope...)
  • CHANGED: AutoMKV can now handle delay audio in several ways. The default is to use DelayAudio in Soundout (as MeGeui) (AutoMKV will silently switch to Fix in Mux if audio is "copy original") (a precius suggestion by valnar). Or can Use DelayCut or can fix the delay in mux (as AutoGK)
  • CHANGED: In case of broken audio encoding AutoMKV will not try to use SoundOut but will pipe from ffmpeg to audio encoder. Due to inability of many encoders and bugs of FFmpeg.exe, AutoMKV will trigger a directly encoding made by FFmpeg
Version 0.93a
  • Release Date: Dec 31, 2007
  • ADDED: support for , , , take as reference the PS3_41_ECS3.xml, pulldown value can be any integer. Set 0 for disabling. (suggestion by survivant001)
  • FIXED: Typos (AQ strenght -> AQ strength) (thanks to Encoder888)
  • FIXED: Maximum AQ Strength is 2.0 (and so you can put 20 for 2.0)(thanks to Encoder888)
  • FIXED: Deinterlacer routine test now is running minimized and at idle priority
  • FIXED: Computing movie parameters now run at idle priority
  • FIXED: Some tweak to ffmpeg.exe usage
Version 0.93
  • Release Date: Dec 29, 2007
  • ADDED: Check to control if virtualdubmod was never launched (suggestion by BobGray)
  • ADDED: Support for "--fpel-cmp" and "--me-prepass". Set to something like satd, and to true for activating (thanks to Dark Shikari)
  • ADDED: Queue and Save Configuration now save also: Force Mux AR, Hight Quality First Pass, Do the Third Pass, Force Mux H*W (suggestion by Die's Man)
  • ADDED: -threads option when using ffmpeg.exe
  • ADDED: -psp muxing switch
  • ADDED: AC3 audio to AVI container (suggestion by mindfreak13)
  • ADDED: Support for new DgIndex audio handling
  • ADDED: 24fps to 23.976fps preset to TimeStretch in Advanced Audio Options
  • ADDED: font=sans-serif:size=24 to sub srt muxing (suggestion by trott)
  • ADDED: "Auto adjust CRF", "Use Last line AVS Script", "Last line AVS Script" to queue
  • ADDED: Dinamyc change of AQ Strenght and AQ Sesitivity in gui, under Advanced Profile Editing. The AQ Strenght (and only for strenght) value displayed is multiplied for 10. So if you set AQ Strenght to 13, the real value passed is 1.3, if you set to 7 the value passed is 0.7
  • FIXED: Audio size wasn't computed when dealing with TS input file (thanks to breadfan)
  • FIXED: FFmepgSource usage when framerate is undetermined
  • FIXED: Several issues related to FFmpegSource and PreProcess to Lossless
  • FIXED: Text Typos
  • FIXED: On both audio track selecting the same language, but on second "copy original"
  • FIXED: AQ_Constant Quality profile don't display the Constant Quantitizer tuning (thanks to Encoder888)
  • FIXED: DAR compute when present lateral (right/left) crop (thanks to coz)
  • FIXED: Trim value is remembered only for queue and Save Configuration, not for Save Setting
  • FIXED: Prerender to lossless input when dealing with audio with 6 channels
  • FIXED: Copy of FFmpegSource dlls in Windows Vista
  • FIXED: The Deinterlace rountines will be applyed even if input is AVS (if deinterlaced is leave to automatic). BUT will not be applyed in final script. Look at log for analysis results. It's also possible to use Test Deint on AVS input
  • FIXED: Optimized script for movie analysis when input is AVS EDIT: Thanks to Zelos
  • UPDATE: TIVTC 1.0.4
  • UPDATE: FFmpeg to rev 11050
  • UPDATE: Mediainfo to
  • UPDATE: X264 to Cef rev.709
  • UPDATE: Aften
  • UPDATE: DGIndex to 1.5.0 rc2
  • CHANGED: in XviD SAP profile, number of B-frame is now 1 (suggestion by SilverBoy)
  • CHANGED: All level (Annex) in X264 profiles
  • CHANGED: Set BFramePyramid to false in PS3_41.xml profile
  • REMOVED: All AQ profile, since is now possible to specify AQ for every profile
Version 0.92b
  • Release Date: Dec 2, 2007
  • FIXED: now every profile that have "_CQ_" in name (without quotes, but capitalized) will trigger the Constant Quality window
Version 0.92a
  • Release Date: Nov 28, 2007
  • FIXED: Wrong reported size of demuxed wav audio file
  • FIXED: Hardcoded subtitle wasn't working (thansk to jellyfish2002)
  • ADDED: "Allow AVS check" to Save Configuration in Advanced Setting (suggestion by delacroix)
  • ADDED: "Allow x264 Stats" to Save Configuration in Advanced Setting (suggestion by delacroix)
  • ADDED: "Hide Subtitle" to Save Configuration in Advanced Setting (suggestion by delacroix)
Version 0.92
  • Release Date: Nov 22, 2007
  • ADDED: Support for ipod muxing
  • ADDED: Support for MP4Mux 04/11/2007 build
  • FIXED: Prepare only phase was broken (thanks to zacoz)
  • FIXED: PGC selection
  • FIXED: Case of wrong dar passed to MP4box.exe
  • FIXED: no audio selection on ifo input (thanks to delacroixp)
Version 0.91g
  • Release Date: Nov 19, 2007
Version 0.91f
  • Release Date: Nov 18, 2007
Version 0.91d
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2007
  • FIXED: Prepare only pahse was broken (thanks to zacoz)
Version 0.91c
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2007
  • FIXED: Usage of psp/ipod muxing (thanks to acrespo)
  • CHANGED: Autodeinterlacer routines now use a different approach. Made by myself
  • REMOVED: Bautodeint.exe support
Version 0.91b
  • Release Date: Nov 7, 2007
  • FIXED: Preview of HD files. Note that crop value are referred to the reduced size (thanks to bisdelf)
  • CHANGED: PGC ripping is now always active. Whenever you select a pgc this pgc will be extracted.

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