Site History

4th July, 1999 - DVD Digest officially opened. This site featured many of the contents of the current DVD Digest. On this day, more than 2000 unique visitors visited DVD Digest, making it one of the biggest DVD sites at that time.

17th September, 1999 - DVD Digest splits it's downloads section into a new site called Digital Video Downloads. In the next couple of weeks, additional section of DVD Digest are split up into the 4 distinct sites that it is today.

November, 1999 - DVD Digest gets its first domain name -

11th January, 2000 - Due to problems with my host, DVD Digest is forced to make a move away from This comes just in time for the launch of Digital Digest, DVD Digest becomes part of Digital Digest.

11th January, 2000 - Digital Digest is born.

23rd June, 2000 - DivX Digest opened.

30th March, 2002 - Digital Digest now serves over 10 million (10,000,000) pageviews per month (a new record of 400,000 pageviews in one day) coming from 2.4 million (2,400,000) unique visitors per month (a new record of 100,000 unique visitors in one day).

18th January, 2003 - DVD±R Digest opened.

1st March, 2004 - DVD Digest re-designed.

March, 2006 - Digital Digest completely re-designed. Sub-sites (DVD Digest, DVD±Digest, DivX Digest) merged into one site for easier navigation and content management.

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