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Digital Digest welcomes all advertising opportunities for it's mainly banner and impression based inventory. Our internal ad sales service bypasses the traditional advertising networks, and hence, provides a more personal service and superior value for your money.

Our Experience:

The following are a selection of the companies that have advertised on Digital Digest through our own internal ad sales service:
  • 321 Studios
  • BigBuyz
  • BoilSoft
  • Division One Concepts
  • DivXNetworks
  • DVD Region Master
  • DVD-X-Player
  • Imation
  • Mecotek
  • NCT Company
  • NTSupplies
  • Orion Studios
  • The RobertSherman Company
  • Shop4tech
  • VMC Infotech
  • V One Multimedia

Advertising Medium:

Several different kinds of advertising opportunities exist on Digital Digest. These include:
  • Standard banners
  • Text links
  • Site sponsorship
  • Affiliate relationships
  • Newsletter sponsorship

Price Guide:

Prices fluctuate according to the current advertising market and also available impressions on Digital Digest.

All campaigns are fixed price campaigns, meaning the cost will never exceed the negotiated rate even if the banners have been over-delivered, for example.

Real-time Statistics:

Standard banner and certain text link based campaigns will be delivered by our ad-server, which allows our clients to access real-time statistics about their campaign.

What to do next:

Please refer to our Advertising FAQ for additional information regarding ad campaigns on Digital Digest.

If you are interested in advertising on Digital Digest, please contact us, and we will provide additional information regarding the currently available advertising opportunities.

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