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Read our roundup of the latest news for the week ending June 9, 2019

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending June 9, 2019

Posted by: Sean F, 18:06 AEST, Sun June 9, 2019

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending June 9, 2019 ... More

Apple's iTunes will be no more, at least on Apple devices

Apple "Shuts Down" iTunes, but Not Really

Posted by: Sean F, 15:06 AEST, Tue June 4, 2019

Apple rebrands iTunes, but the piece of software almost everyone hates will still be around in spirit ... More

Read our roundup of the latest news for the week ending October 1, 2017

Weekly News Roundup (October 1, 2017)

Posted by: Sean F, 20:36 AEDT, Sun October 1, 2017

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending October 1, 2017 ... More

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (September 17, 2017)

posted by: Sean F, 20:58 AEST, Sun September 17, 2017

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending September 17, 2017

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (21 September 2014)

posted by: Sean F, 17:30 AEST, Sun September 21, 2014

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending 21 September 2014

News Icon Google Losing Next-Gen Codec Wars

posted by: Sean F, 21:59 AEST, Sat September 20, 2014

Google's VP9 codec fails to make dent against the unstoppable juggernaut that is HEVC

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (15 June 2014)

posted by: Sean F, 21:11 AEST, Sun June 15, 2014

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending 15 June 2014

News Icon Apple Cracking down on Music Downloading Apps?

posted by: Sean F, 21:32 AEST, Sat June 14, 2014

Apple may be doing a bit of house cleaning by booting apps that allow copyrighted music to be downloaded, while also targeting apps that post excessively to social media (Candy Crush, anyone?)

News Icon Xbox Founder Blasts Xbox 360 Failures, As 76 Million Consoles Sold

posted by: Sean F, 17:36 AEDT, Thu February 14, 2013

The engineer that helped to launch the Xbox project says Microsoft's failure to embrace indie developers and user experience issues will make it lose the "living room" war to the likes of Apple and Android

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (18 November 2012)

posted by: Sean F, 20:05 AEDT, Sun November 18, 2012

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending 18 November 2012

News Icon iOS App Post False Piracy Confessions To User's Twitter Account

posted by: Sean F, 14:14 AEDT, Thu November 15, 2012

iOS apps auto-posts piracy self-confessions on user's Twitter feeds, but is doing it for paying users too

News Icon USCO: Jailbreaking iPhone Legal But Not iPads, DVD Ripping Still Mostly Illegal

posted by: Sean F, 14:49 AEDT, Sun October 28, 2012

US Copyright Office issues new, and revokes some, exemptions to current copyright laws, once again highlighting the arbitrary nature of copyright exemptions

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (16 September 2012)

posted by: Sean F, 18:24 AEST, Sun September 16, 2012

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending 16 September 2012

News Icon Germany: Rights-holders Want €36 'Piracy Tax' On All Smartphones

posted by: Sean F, 13:30 AEST, Mon July 23, 2012

Rights-holders in Germany make huge "piracy tax" demands from tech vendors, including a €36 on all phones sold in the country

News Icon iTunes's new 1080p Compares Well to Blu-ray Quality, At a Fraction of File Size

posted by: Sean F, 19:53 AEDT, Thu March 15, 2012

iTunes' new 1080p video compares well to Blu-ray, despite only being a fraction of the size, tests show

News Icon Steve Jobs: Android is a "stolen product", "I'm going to destroy Android"

posted by: Anne N, 19:23 AEDT, Fri October 21, 2011

Steve Jobs once vowed to go "thermonuclear" in a bid to destroy Google's Android, as he believed it was nothing but a "stolen product", a new authorised biography reveals

News Icon UltraViolet Coming Via Warner's 'Horrible Bosses' and 'Green Lantern', HBO Go News

posted by: Sean F, 23:01 AEST, Sat August 6, 2011

UltraViolet coming via Warner's 'Horrible Bosses' and 'Green Latern', and access to the UV cloud will be done through Flixster. Also, HBO Go is coming to game consoles and other Internet connected devices

News Icon Apple Launches iCloud, iTunes Match, Dubbed "Piracy Amnesty"

posted by: Anne N, 17:33 AEST, Tue June 7, 2011

Want to turn your pirated music collection into a legal iTunes library? Apple's new iTunes Match service promises to do just that

News Icon PowerDVD 11 Review Up

posted by: Sean F, 21:31 AEST, Tue May 10, 2011

The review for PowerDVD 11 has just been posted

News Icon iPhone 5 Set For Possible September Launch, While Current Phones Spy On You

posted by: Jason F, 20:29 AEST, Thu April 21, 2011

More iPhone 5 rumours as supplier says it could be shipping in September, while a new scandal surfaces that involves the iPhone and iPad secretly storing your travel locations

News Icon Apple Negotiating Re-Download Rights For iTunes Music

posted by: Sean F, 12:01 AEDT, Tue March 8, 2011

Apple is allegedly in negotiations with major music labels to add a long time missing feature to the iTunes music store - the ability to re-download your purchases

News Icon Opinion: Nokia Going With Windows Phone Makes Sense

posted by: Sean F, 19:40 AEDT, Thu February 17, 2011

In this opinion piece, we look at Nokia's recently announced alliance with Microsoft, and why it's a great idea

News Icon Are Publishers Abandoning Apple For Google Android?

posted by: Sean F, 17:09 AEDT, Fri February 11, 2011

Apple's strict restrictions for publishing on iTunes has some companies and publishers, like Sony, up in revolt

News Icon Google Phone Software Take Top Spot From Nokia

posted by: Sean F, 13:49 AEDT, Tue February 1, 2011

Google's Android is now officially the most popular operating system for smartphones, beating long time champion Nokia Symbian for the first time

News Icon Is the iPad 'Cannibalizing' Laptops, Netbooks?

posted by: Sean F, 12:03 AEDT, Thu January 20, 2011

Apple's COO hints at the fact that the iPad is stealing sales away from netbooks and laptops, even in Apple's own range

News Icon Trend Micro: Android More Prone To Malware Than iOS

posted by: Sean F, 16:09 AEDT, Thu January 13, 2011

Security firm Trend Micro says that Android phones are more vulnerable to viruses than Apple iOS devices

News Icon 50,000 Compromised iTunes Accounts For Sale In China

posted by: Sean F, 13:27 AEDT, Mon January 10, 2011

50,000 hacked iTunes accounts are put up for sale on a Chinese auction website

News Icon iPhone's 'Y2K' bug causes late wake-ups - Updated

posted by: Sean F, 12:35 AEDT, Mon January 3, 2011

A software bug in the iPhone alarm clock causes havoc around the world

News Icon Slingplayer Updated to Version 2.0 for iPhone/Touch

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:28 AEDT, Wed December 15, 2010

Slingplayer Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch has been updated to version 2.0 and can now stream high quality video and has

News Icon View 3D Content on iPhone or iPod Touch

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:45 AEDT, Tue November 9, 2010

Hasbro is selling an add-on that will let iPhone and iPod touch owners view 3D images

News Icon Hulu Plus Goes Public

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:52 AEDT, Sat November 6, 2010

Hulu Plus, a premium Web-based video streaming service, is now available to the public so you can stream to your iPhone and/or PS3

News Icon Skyfire Browser Converts Flash to HTML5

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:10 AEDT, Thu November 4, 2010

Skyfire browser "WAS" coming for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it can transcode flash to HTML5 video

News Icon VLC Days Are Numbered in iTunes App Store

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:41 AEDT, Tue November 2, 2010

The developers of Videolan have sent Apple a formal notification of copyright infringement regarding VLC in the iTunes App Store

News Icon VLC Now Available for iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 09:31 AEDT, Tue October 26, 2010

VLC is a very simple free multimedia player that will play almost any video file you throw at it and its now available for your iPhone or

News Icon iPhone's App to Work with iPad & Apple TV

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:28 AEST, Wed September 29, 2010

The remote app that was first made for the original iPhone undergoes an update that makes it compatible with the extra screen area of the iPad, Apple TV, and the

News Icon VLC Comes to the iPad

posted by: Jonathan M, 08:58 AEST, Tue September 21, 2010

VLC for the iPad has been approved and is now available for download from the App Store

News Icon Apple Releases iOS 4.1

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:25 AEST, Thu September 9, 2010

The iOS 4.1 Software Update is the first major update to iOS 4, bringing Game Center, improved photography, high dynamic range photography, and

News Icon Apple's Mobile Devices get Netflix App

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:47 AEST, Fri August 27, 2010

Starting today Netflix customers can watch the “Watch Instantly” library on their iPhones and iPod touches

News Icon AT&T's U-Verse Mobile App Now Available

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:28 AEST, Tue August 10, 2010

The U-Verse Mobile app that lets you set your DVR and download TV shows to watch is officially available for the iPhone and

News Icon Try Before You Buy Apps

posted by: Jonathan M, 21:48 AEST, Sat August 7, 2010

It appears that Apple is toying around with "Try Before You Buy" apps in the Apple App Store by offering a "paid version" & a "Lite" version

News Icon Dish Network Streams to Apple Devices

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:06 AEST, Thu August 5, 2010

Dish Network has said it will soon let subscribers watch its satellite TV programs on their mobile devices such as the iPad or iPhone for free

News Icon Software Update for the iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:43 AEST, Fri July 16, 2010

Apple has released an update to the software powering its iPhone that claims to more accurately display signal strength

News Icon Hulu Plus is Finally Here

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:38 AEST, Wed June 30, 2010

Hulu's monthly subscription service has arrived and brings with it all of the features we've heard rumors about for months like HD streaming and

News Icon Apple Updates iTunes to Version 9.2

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:42 AEST, Thu June 17, 2010

The update adds quite a few performance enhancements but most notably the support for Apple's new iPhone 4 and allows syncing books to iPhones and

News Icon Wal-Mart to Sell iPhone 4

posted by: Jonathan M, 05:44 AEST, Tue June 15, 2010

Pre-sales of Apple's latest iPhone start tomorrow, and there are will be plenty of places to pick one up including Wally World

News Icon Wal-Mart to Sell iPhone 3GS for Under $98

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:25 AEST, Tue May 25, 2010

Wal-Mart announced tonight that it would sell the iPhone 3GS for only $97 starting Tuesday which is less than half of the current retail price

News Icon iPhone HD to Record in 720p

posted by: Jonathan M, 09:15 AEST, Thu May 6, 2010

It is now being rumored from the iPhone's OS 4 SDK that it will be capable of recording 720p high definition video

News Icon Verizon Adds Another Way to Control DVR

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:25 AEST, Tue April 20, 2010

Verizon is now giving its customers even more control over their FiOS DVRs by allowing them to remotely program them through their mobile devices

News Icon Get a Job at Boxee

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:12 AEST, Fri April 16, 2010

It would appear Boxee is looking for a app developer for the iPhone and iPad to gets its media streaming software out to more

News Icon MobiTV Brings you Live TV on iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:49 AEST, Tue April 13, 2010

MobiTV is offering a free application for the iPhone that allows users to stream ABC News, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and

News Icon DoubleTwist Updates to Version 2.7 Beta

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:20 AEDT, Fri March 12, 2010

DoubleTwist is now capable of syncing with your iPhone & iPod Touch (bye bye iTunes) thanks to DVD Jon's reverse engineering skills

News Icon Stream Video Collection to iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:52 AEDT, Thu February 18, 2010

A new app called Air Video lets you stream video from your computer to your iPhone without using iTunes

News Icon iPhone Hackers Banned

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:25 AEDT, Wed February 17, 2010

Apple is trying to crack down on iPhone hacking by banning hackers iTunes accounts

News Icon AT&T Approves 3G Version of SlingPlayer for iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:39 AEDT, Fri February 5, 2010

AT&T announced today that it will allow Sling Media’s iPhone app to run on its 3G network delivering live, streaming TV, as well as

News Icon Hulu Pushing Towards the Mobile Market

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:46 AEDT, Sat January 30, 2010

Hulu chief Jason Kilarmade made it clear that the TV streaming service will "embrace any device" and won't lock itself into

News Icon Turn Your iPhone into a Universal Remote

posted by: Jonathan M, 08:44 AEDT, Tue January 5, 2010

With the help a $50 accessory, you too can turn your handy iPhone into a universal remote to control all of your home entertainment devices

News Icon Streaming Live Video Over 3G

posted by: Jonathan M, 06:42 AEDT, Tue December 29, 2009

The new Qik iPhone application, Qik Live, can finally stream live video over a 3G connection

News Icon EyeTV Gets a Makeover to Provide Streaming to iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:47 AEDT, Wed December 23, 2009

EyeTV is a streaming TV provider is a web application that allows you to watch TV over 3G using

News Icon RadioShack to Sell iPhones

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:49 AEDT, Tue November 10, 2009

RadioShack will begin selling the iPhone this month in their Dallas-Forth Worth and New York City store

News Icon HD Radio Coming to the iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:26 AEDT, Tue November 10, 2009

The iPod Touch & the iPhone will soon get HD radio thanks to the new application from iBiquity Digital

News Icon Over Two Billion Apps Downloaded from Apple

posted by: Jonathan M, 09:56 AEST, Tue September 29, 2009

Apple said today that iPhone and iPod touch users have now downloaded 2 billion apps from the App Store that features over

News Icon Will Netflix Ever Come to the iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:08 AEST, Tue September 22, 2009

Netflix goes on record saying that it will come to the mobile market, including the iPhone, but only after it conquerers bigger fish in the sea

News Icon Flixster Launches New iPhone Version

posted by: Jonathan M, 09:33 AEST, Sat August 29, 2009

Out with the old in with the new says Flixster as they launch their new version of "Movies" for the iPhone to read about or review new hit movies

News Icon Rhapsody Coming to an iPhone Near You

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:02 AEST, Tue August 25, 2009

RealNetworks has submitted its Rhapsody music service application to Apple for approval to let subscribers access over 8 million

News Icon DVD Jon Responds to Apple's Threat

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:14 AEST, Sat August 15, 2009

Apple has sumitted a subpoena to "DVD" Jon Lech Johansen over his "doubleTwist" application and how the new app opens the market to all brands of phones

News Icon Roku Players Now Stream MLB Games

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:46 AEST, Fri August 14, 2009

Roku owners are now able to stream live and pre-recorded on their Roku device via a free update

News Icon iPhone 3GS for Only $99

posted by: Jonathan M, 05:02 AEST, Fri August 7, 2009

When Apple released the 16GB & 32GB iPhone 3GS in June, it meant the older 8GB 3G was receiving a price cut down to just $99

News Icon Netflix to Offer iPhone Streaming?

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:26 AEST, Tue August 4, 2009

Netflix may soon be streaming movies and TV shows straight to your a iPhone or iPod Touch

News Icon Universal Provides 59 iPod Touch/iPhone Applications

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:20 AEST, Tue July 21, 2009

Universal Studios announced today its plans to deliver a large amount of touch-enabled iPhone and iPod features to Blu-ray discs

News Icon iPhone 3GS Already Hacked

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:14 AEST, Sat July 4, 2009

The same guy who hacked into the original iPhone has done it again with the new iPhone 3GS

News Icon DVD Jon is Back

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:34 AEST, Tue June 9, 2009

Except for he isn't breaking CSS on DVDs this time, he has made a program that allows you to manage all your media files on a variety of devices including

News Icon New iPhone 3G S & $99 iPhone

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:14 AEST, Tue June 9, 2009

Apple has just announced its newest iPhone 3G S that has twice the processing power to download all your favorite movies and

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