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The Family Plan - HEVC/MKV 4K Ultra HD Trailer
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Title: The Family Plan - HEVC/MKV 4K Ultra HD Trailer
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Encoding Method: MKV HEVC file. Encoded from ProRes Studio Master. DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1ch audio upmixed using SpecWeb.
Date Added: November 7, 2023
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Dan Morgan (Mark Wahlberg) loves his quiet suburban life as a devoted husband, father of three and successful car salesman. But that's only half the story. Decades earlier, he was an elite government assassin tasked with eliminating the world's deadliest threats. When enemies from his past track him down, Dan packs his unsuspecting wife (Michelle Monaghan), angsty teen daughter, pro-gamer teen son and adorable 10-month-old baby into their minivan and takes off on an impromptu cross-country road trip to Las Vegas. Determined to protect his family - while treating them to the vacation of a lifetime - Dan must put his long-dormant skills into action, without revealing his true identity.