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Prehistoric Planet: Season 2 - HEVC/MKV 4K Trailer
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Title: Prehistoric Planet: Season 2 - HEVC/MKV 4K Trailer
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"Prehistoric Planet" brings exciting scientific discoveries in season two that unearth dinosaur behavior and introduce never-before-seen apex predators. New studies show that giant herbivore dinosaurs, like Tarchia, were formidable fighters - their armored skin defended against predators, as well as among themselves for mating rights. While the T. Rex was known to be the mightiest predator on land, a lesser-known rival for the title of "Prehistoric Planet's Deadliest" ruled the seas. The giant Mosasaurus was a 55-foot aquatic lizard capable of accelerating through the water at incredible speeds and launching attacks that its prey would never see coming. Isisaurus is one of many dinosaurs making their screen debut in season two. Fossil records show that they may have nested in huge lava-covered areas, deliberately laying their eggs where volcanic heat warmed the ground. Predators were also found in the air; Quetzalcoatlus was a giraffe-sized flying reptile and the biggest animal ever to fly. These incredible pterosaurs could attack and fly with prey up to 100 lbs, armed with a six-foot, fast-stabbing beak. "Prehistoric Planet" season two introduces many dinosaur species new to science and named in recent years from the Cretaceous world while also hinting at other animals that lived alongside dinosaurs, including early members of most groups of animals, like mammals and reptiles, alive today.