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WinDVD 11 Review Conclusions/Ratings

WinDVD 11 improves upon version 2010 by adding Blu-ray 3D support, improving the interface and adding a couple of mostly non essential new features. While it is definitely a better software than the previous version, it still fails in many ways to hold up against the much more fully featured PowerDVD.

With no YouTube player, social media integration, photo viewer/management, support for 2D Blu-ray to 3D conversion, fewer video and audio effects, and no home theater mode, WinDVD strikes me as a budget, and streamlined, version of PowerDVD - with the essentials in there, but none of the extras.

And that might just be what people are looking for. WinDVD 11 Pro is priced $20 cheaper than PowerDVD Ultra, and with readily available discounts by Corel (at the time of writing, a $20 discount is available, bringing down the price to $59.95 - some $40 cheaper than PowerDVD Ultra's normal full price), it may represent better value for those that don't want all the missing features.

Note: While WinDVD 11 was released before PowerDVD 12, the review was written after the release of PowerDVD 12.

WinDVD 11 Pro Ratings:

- Performance
- Quality
- Usability
- Features
- Value
- Overall

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The review version of WinDVD 11 Pro was provided by Corel.

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