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Features – 6 Stars

DVD2One has some unique features although; it does lack some important ones. It can do both “Full Disc” and “Main Movie Only/Join Multiple Movies” compression for you.

DVD2One Full Disc or Movie Only

DVD2One supports Windows (Windows 2000 and XP) & has a separate program for the Mac (Mac OS-X 10.3.9 and 10.4, Universal Binary) platform.

DVD2One cannot process encrypted or copyrighted DVD’s, so you must first rip the DVD’s with a good ripper like DVD Decrypter.

DVD2One is fast as I did a “Full Disc” backup of North Country keeping the menus and extras in 15 minutes. A lot of people like the convenience of an all in one program that will do everything, DVD2One has a built in burner that will burn it to a blank DVD for you after it finishes encoding.

The quality settings (Compression Mode) selection is a bit plain and doesn't give you many options. I think they could improve that. With it set to “Best quality” and “Automatic” for the “Compression mode”, it looked great on my 27” TV and looked fairly ok on my 52” TV. It does support the output size of DL (Dual Layer) media, as well as SL (Single Layer) media.

Compression Mode

Overall – 6.75 Stars

DVD2One overall did slightly above average. It is a well rounded program primarily designed for beginners and intermediate users. It’s as close to a “1 click” program that you can get. If you are looking for a simple program with not a lot of options to explore and tamper with, DVD2One just might be the program for you

For the average user who is just wishes to backup his or her DVD collection with minimal fuss or interaction, DVD2One will work just fine.



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