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Title: VobSub Subtitle Ripping, Playback and Permanent Subtitle Guide
Ease of use: Beginners Author: jmet Viewed: 611117 times
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A guide on how to use VobSub to extract subtitles, using VSFilter/DirectVobSub to playback these subtitle files and to make permanent (burnt-in) subtitles using VirtualDub

Updated: December 17, 2005
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Title: PS3 AVIAddXSubs AVI Subtitles Guide
Ease of use: Beginners Author: DVDGuy Viewed: 212855 times
Essential Reading  
This guide shows you how to add switchable (not hard coded) subtitles to AVI files without re-encoding using AVIAddXSubs, and get them to show up on the PS3

Updated: March 18, 2010
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