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Step 6: MeGUI: Cutting, Bitrate Calculator and AutoEncode

If you wish to cut your input so that you don't encode the entire video, it is possible to do this using MeGUI's AVS Cutter tool. To launch it, go to the "Tools" drop down menu and select "AVS Cutter". You will be asked to load in your AVS file (the one generated in Step 3) - do it.

MeGUI: AVS Cutter

MeGUI: Preview Cut Position

What's going to happen here is that a list of "zones" need to be added. Each zone has a start frame and an end frame, and all frames in between will be kept (and all frames outside of the zones will be cut). You can either manually enter the desired frame number into the "Start Frame" and "End Frame" input box of the AVS Cutter tool and then press "Add" to add the zone, or use the video preview to skip to the appropriate sections and press the "Zone Start" and "Zone End" buttons to set a start/end frame, and then the "Set" button to add the zone to the list. If you specified multiple zones, you can also specify a transition between the zones (fade is the default setting). Once you are all done, press the "Add cuts to script" button and the cuts will be added to your AVS script. Press "Close" to close the "AVS Cutter" tool.

And now we get to the part of the guide where you have to make a decision (although most likely, you've already made it). As mentioned in the introduction of this guide, there are three methods of producing a H.264 file for the PS3, and two of these methods allow for AC3 5.1 audio (but only one of these two methods allow for video seeking, at least forward seeking). Here are the methods available:

  1. MP4 container with AAC audio - need AAC decoding receiver to get 5.1 audio
  2. VOB/MPG container with AC3/DTS audio - supports AC3/DTS audio for simple 5.1 audio support on the PS3, but does not support file seeking
  3. M2TS (M2T) container with AC3 audio - supprots AC3 5.1 audio, slightly trickier method, but allows (forward) seeking

Choose one of these methods and then the next 3 pages/sections will contain instructions for each of these methods. You only need to follow one of the methods in the next 3 pages. Do not follow more than one method. At the end of each method/page/section, skip straight to Step 8.



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