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Step 4: Preview

The "Preview" screen allows you to preview your created DVD just like if it was a real one, including audio, video, interactivity, animations ...

A virtual remote control is also available to test out the standard DVD navigational functions.

Nero Vision: Menu Preview

Make sure you playback the video and ensure the aspect ratio is correct (the video is not to "tall" or too "short"). The aspect ratio can be tricky for widescreen video, especially when some of these are recorded as 4:3 content (recorded anamorphically - the image appears very tall) - they may appear too tall or too short. You can press the "More" button and access the "Video Options" screen, go to the "DVD-Video" tab and change the "Aspect ratio" option to see if it helps. For widescreen content recorded as 4:3 (anamorphic), Nero Vision does not allow you to set the 16:9 flag which tells DVD players that the recorded content is anamorphic and the player will correct the aspect ratio for you. You will need to proceed to the optional Step 6 to use IfoEdit to correct this problem.

If you have animation in your menus, the "Preview Menu Animation" button allows you to preview the animation - Nero Vision will render the animated frames for you and play it back (it might take a while if you have a long animation).

When you are satisfied with your project, press "Next" to continue to the "Burn Options" screen.



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