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Step 5: Rendering the project

The "Burn Options" screen will show you the summary of your project, any problems with it and then a selection of burning/rendering options. Here, you can burn the project straight to a blank media, burn as an image file on your hard-drive or create the DVD folder (VIDEO_TS folder with IFO/BUP and VOB files) on your hard-drive. You can also change the volume name and the record settings (if you have inserted the blank disc into your DVD writer drive already).

Nero Vision: Burn Options

You can select any of these options, but my preference is to use the "Write to Hard disk Folder" option, since this way you can test your creation in a real DVD player like PowerDVD (using the "Open DVD files on hard disk drive" option). If you ran into aspect ratio problems in the preview step (ie. if your video was recorded anamorphically), then you will definitely need to use this option and then proceed to the next step to correct this problem in IfoEdit.

Pressing the "More" button shows a checkbox that allows you to set forward/backward compatibility with older DVD players.

Click on the "Write to Hard Disk Folder" button and Nero will ask you where it will create the "VIDEO_TS" folder on your hard-drive. Then click on the "Write" button to start the creation process. Sit back, relax and 1 to 2 hours later, the DVD folder will have been created.

You can now use PowerDVD or WinDVD to test the created DVD, and if you are happy with it, you can then use Nero Burning ROM or ImgBurn to burn the DVD folders. A guide is available on how to burn a DVD using Nero Burning ROM. If you don't need to correct the 16:9 flag/aspect ratio problem in IfoEdit, then we're done :).



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