Page 5 of 5: Encoding, Testing and Burning the DVD

Step 5: Encoding, Testing and Burning the DVD

All you need to do now is to click on the big "Generate DVD" button down at the bottom and FAVC will start the encoding process. It will first analyze the input videos, create encoding scripts and then run these scripts in QuEnc or HC. Once it finishes writing the scripts (and before encoding actually starts in HC/QuEnc), a dialog box will pop up telling you that you can quit FAVC or configure it for a new DVD if you wish (except when HC 2-pass encoding is used).

FAVC: Conversion Started

When encoding finishes, you should have a folder and an .iso file if you selected the "Iso Creation" option. You can test playback the DVD folder using a media player that supports DVD folders, such as Media Player Classic or PowerDVD. Test for things like if the menu works, and if the audio syncs.

MPC Preview

If you want to burn the DVD folder to a DVD, you can now follow my Burning a DVD Folder with ImgBurn guide. If you want to burn the .iso file to a DVD, you can follow the Burning a Image with ImgBurn guide instead.

We're done :)



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