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Step 5: Output

Finally, we will create the output DVD files for burning. Press the "next" button Next to continue.

Here, you can decide what to do with the compilation. You can burn straight to disc, create a image file or create a DVD folder which you can then burn with tools like ImgBurn. As with all my other DVD authoring guides, I prefer the DVD folder option, as this gives me the opportunity to test my compilation in PowerDVD or another software player before comitting to disc.

If you do decide to burn straight to disc , pop in the blank disc into your DVD drive, erase the disc if it is a non-empty re-writable disc , select a volume label and then click on the "Configure" button to configure the burning options. As a general tip, always burn at the lowest speed possible to ensure an error free burn.

PowerProducer: Burning Options

PowerProducer: Burning Configuration

If you want to make a image file, you should also change the label.

Select one of the output options (burn to disc, disc image or dvd folder), for image/folder, select an output location.

PowerProducer: Burning Configuration

All that's left to do now is to click on the "Burn" button Burn (it's called the "Burn" button, even though you might not actually be burning anything yet). Wait while PowerProducer does its work ...

PowerProducer: Progress

After PowerProducer finishes, you will either have a newly burnt DVD (if you selected to burn straight to disc option), or you will have a RDX image file or a DVD folder (complete with VIDEO_TS folder, IFO, BUP and VOB files) ready for testing and burning. You can test playback of the DVD folder in PowerDVD or another software DVD player, and if you are happy with the results, burn to DVD using PowerProducer's built-in disc utility. When the processing finishes, you should have been presented with the option to go back to the main menu (the first screen you see when PowerProducer is started) - go there and click on the "Disc utilities" option.

PowerProducer: Disc Utilities

There are several disc functions you can select, such as erasing a re-writable disc, copying an existing disc, burn disc from the image you just created, save a disc to a image file or burn a disc from the DVD folder you just created.

PowerProducer: Disc Utilities Options

The burning options are fairly simple, just pop in a blank media, select your burner, choose a burning speed (again, set to the lowest possible to ensure an error free burn), and in the case of burning a DVD folder, select a label, press the "Burn" button and off you go. When loading the DVD folder, select the folder that is on top of the "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS" folder (eg. in my example, the folder I need to select is c:\temp\output\MyVideo).

PowerProducer: Burn DVD Folder

Alternatively, you can use ImgBurn to burn the DVD folder - using our Burning a DVD Folder with ImgBurn guide if you wish.

We're done :)



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