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PowerDVD Ultra Region Hack

Please note, the following instructions only work if your Blu-ray drive is a type that does not have hardware based region coding.

Currently, PowerDVD Ultra is the premier commercially available Blu-ray software player on the market. Unlike DVDs, Blu-ray region settings for computer are apparently stored in software, not in hardware. What you get when you first install PowerDVD Ultra is for the region code to be set to A. You can then change the region 5 more times before the region counter reaches zero, and you are no longer able to change regions - this is similar to the DVD software region code system that previous versions of PowerDVD employs. And just like with the older PowerDVD versions, there are ways to manually set the region without the counter being reset, or even to reset the counter itself. And hence, you get unlimited region changes, and a region-free system.

The method below, and the ZIP file download, was first published in this article, and Digital Digest take no credit in inventing this and other methods. If this method has really helped you, I recommend you visit the My Digital Life website and click on their ads or something to help them out.

Windows XP

Download and extract the contents of this ZIP file to a folder on your system. There are 4 files in the ZIP file, one for setting each region (without decreasing the region counter), and another to set the number of available region changes to a huge number (64,000 times in provided registry file). To use the file, all you have to do is to double-click/open the files, and you will be prompted to add the information in the registry file to your Windows registry.

Registry Editor

If the addition was successful, then you will get the following prompt:
Registry Editor

And that's all there is to it. Easy as pie.

Windows Vista

Changing the Blu-ray region code without decreasing the region counter is even easier in Windows Vista. All you have to do is to go to the directory that PowerDVD Ultra is installed in (for example, "c:\ProgramData\Cyberlink\PowerDVD\") and find the "CLDShowX.ini" file. Ensure PowerDVD Ultra is not running, and then simply delete "CLDShowX.ini". Restart PowerDVD Ultra, and the region settings will be reset to "A" with 5 changes remaining. Nice and easy.



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