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TSReader Lite

TSReader is a transport stream analyzer, decoder, recorder and stream manipulator for MPEG-2 systems.
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 2.8 build 50 (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Freeware
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TSReader is a transport stream analyzer, decoder, recorder and stream manipulator for MPEG-2 systems. It supports DVB, ATSC and Digicipher® II extensions to the base MPEG-2 specification. TSReader gives the user the "big picture" overview of what's being carried inside MPEG-2 transport streams and can be very useful for finding errors or inefficiencies.

Sub Editions:

This software has the following sub editions:

TSReader Lite<==


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: TS
Output Files: TS

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP

Revision History:

Version 2.8 build 50
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2017
  • Known issues
    • Captions from H.264 streams are not saved correctly in archive mode
    • Captions carried in SCTE-20 format and written in the archive mode will sometimes be jibberish
    Changed in 2.8, build 50:
    • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with the MPEG INFO command where CRC counters would always report zero
    • Std/Pro: Fixed the Ctrl+A accelerator key (which does Record/Record Mux) that accidentally got removed in 2.8.49
    • All: SAT>IP sources only set the &fe= parameter when the front end is non-zero
    • All: Added optional comma-separated PID list for SAT>IP sources to allow operation with tuners not supporting the &pids=all command. Use of this is not recommended, but is provided for those using these type of SAT>IP tuners 
    • All: Alitronika DVB-C source module no longer erroneously reports failure to lock
    • All: DVB-T NIT can now be exported
    • All: Plugin now included for BISS Mode 1 scrambling. This is often used for satellite feeds and can accept either 12 character (same odd/even keys) or 32 characters for different odd/even scrambling keys. This is documented here
    • Pro: Added an option to select between local and UTC time when logging CC/TEI errors
    • Pro: Added output folder selection for TSBitCounter data, the ability to set how often TSBitCounter data is written and if the total or an average should be written
    • Std/Pro: Checking for a new version now will correctly show a new version available when using a pre-release version and the actual release version is available
    • All: The setup program now adds an exception to the Windows firewall for TSReader since that often seems to get in the way of some source modules
    • All: When decoding the rating level on ATSC transmissions, if the RRT (Region Rating Table) isn't present, TSReader now has region 1 (US) rating data included so the rating level is always shown
    • Std/Pro: New chart added that displays the "Last Sec" rate that's shown in the TSReader MPEG-2 Statistics display. This is useful for watching the rate on variable rate streams typically carried over IP networks
    • All: Dolby AC-4 audio streams are now supported
    • Std/Pro: The "Last Sec." counter in the MPEG-2 statistics now alternates between the data received in the last second and the maximum per second that has been received
    • Std/Pro: The setup program can now associate .ts files with TSReader. It will automatically switch to the File source module when these files are opened by Windows. For TSReader Professional users, we always suggest having the "Default" profile use the File source
    • All: ATSC virtual channel numbers are now displayed much more predominantly much like logical channel numbers in the DVB system
    • Pro: Revived the live mosaic option. VLC 1.1.9 is the maximum version of VLC that supports this function.Configuration details are here
    • Std/Pro: Added the ability to display the user data carried in MPEG-2, H.264 and H.265 video streams
    • Pro: When the Table Viewer is used to look at raw data from a table, multiple sections from the selected table are now shown
    • Pro: Changed the TSBitCounter logging format to make it much easier to use the data with spreadsheets
    • All: Minor changes to TSReader for better compatibility with Wine which allows TSReader to run without Windows on MacOS or Linux. Only modules that are compatible with Wine are shown when selecting the source module and in TSReader Pro's Forwarder menu.We've documented how to get TSReader running on MacOS and Ubuntu Linux here
    • Pro: Added an option to TSWatcher to import the Multicast UDP/RTP lists
    • All: Added support for the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Connect Quatro with four 8VSB/QAM tuners
    • Changed in 2.8, build 49:
    • All: Added source modules for the TBS 6902 DVB-S/S2 card
    • Pro: Fixed a problem with SCTE-35 messages getting corrupted on networks with a weak and noisy signal.
    • Pro: Added a network-wide monitoring program called TSWatcher. More details can be found here
    • Std/Pro: Added an option to the -R switch (-Rt) to tell TSReader to split files in the number of seconds specified rather than the number of MB
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added support for monitoring DVB System Information PID rates
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added support for importing DVB-T/T2 and 8VSB multiplex lists
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added option to write alarms to a plain text file in the TSReader/TSWatcherLogs folder
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added alarm for a particular PID falling below a specified data rate
    • Pro: TSWatcher: All alarm values can now be changed
    • Pro: Added a forwarder module for TCP
    • Std/Pro: An H.265 thumbnail decoder is now included with TSReader
    • Pro: Added display of closed captions carried in H.265 video
    • Pro: ccextract program also supports H.265 video
    • All: UDP/RTP/HRTP source modules now show the source address of the stream
    • All: Added support for SAT>IP DVB-C interfaces
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Add alarm for checking the presence of listed PIDs
    • Pro: Updated the ITW-9500 (DVB-T modulator) forwarder module to support more than one of these modulators at a time using different TSReader Profiles
    • Pro: Added the ability to ignore SCTE-35 NULL CUE messages. This is toggled by right-clicking on any CUE elementary stream in the tree view. This does not affect logging of CUE messages - just their display
    • All: Added support for Silicon Dust HDHomeRun ISDB-Tb models
    • Pro: Changed the behavior of the Control Server's FORWARD ON command so that if a forwarder module has a setup dialog, this dialog is not displayed. This means before using this command, the forwarder must be run manually to set the parameters
    • Pro: Updated the ITW-9500 code to use the latest manufacturer API
    • Pro: Adds logging support for the upcoming TSBitCounter program
    • Pro: Added LOG command to the control server. Sub-commands are TSBitCounter or SCTE35. TSBitCounter is then followed by either ON or OFF and SCTE35 is followed by either the file name to log to or OFF to disable
    • Pro: Added support for the ITW-9517 low-cost ISDB-T modulator
    • All: Added support for SMPTE 2022-4 to the RTP source modules. TSReader does not process any FEC included but it does handle the extra SMPTE 2022-4 data added to the MPEG-2 payload part of the RTP packets. If the sender is using the SMPTE 2022-4 packet counter mode, TSReader will re-generate the NULL packets discarded by the sender
    • Pro: RTP and RTP with SMPTE 2022-4 modes added to the UDP mux forwarder
    • All: Depreciated the D-VHS, Roku HD-1000 and XNS playback modules. These technologies and devices are all obsolete
    • Lite: TSReader's window is now resizable
    • Std: The thumbnail processor now runs multiple streams in parallel - this will make thumbnail decoding much faster on multiple program transport streams
    • Pro: A one time per profile warning is now shown if the parallel thumbnail thread count is lower than recommended and can automatically fix this. Like the Standard version this speeds up thumbnail generation but is even faster in Pro
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