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Lightsworks is a well known professional level video editor that has been used in the film industry for years ... and it's now free and soon to be open source!
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 14.0 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Freeware
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Description:Download Lightworks from the official website - free registration required

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Lightsworks is a well known professional level video editor that has been used in the film industry for years ... and it's now free and soon to be open source!

Used to cut films such as Pulp Fiction, The Departed, The King's Speech and Shutter Island, this lightning fast editor also supports GPU assisted decoding.

Lightworks also supports a wide range of inputs and outputs, including the common AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-2, as well as Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, RED R3D, Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 and many other formats.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AVI, MOV, MPG
Output Files: AVI, MOV, MPG

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 14.0
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2017
  • Fixes and Features in Version 14.0

    New Features
    * Added new user interface options:
    * Added new project browser layout
    * Choose between Fixed and Flexible (Historic Lightworks) layouts on the project
    * Added access to Pond5 media repository from within the application:
    * Browse the entire Pond5 database by entering search criteria
    * Play the clip direct from the import panel
    * Play the clip back in full screen mode
    * Import the clip into the project and use it as local media (Lo-Res watermarked
    * Sign into your Pond5 account, to add clips to the cart for purchase

    * Added access to Audio Network audio repository from within the application
    * Browse the entire Audio Network database by entering search criteria
    * Play the clip direct from the import panel
    * Play the clip back directly over your sequence
    * Added new Cues panel and renamed to Cue Markers
    * Added the ability to change the colors of Cue Markers
    * Added the ability to search for Cue Markers
    * Added quick pop up of Cue Marker information
    * Added new import panel functionality
    * Clips can now be played on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
    * Clips can now be marked/parked on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
    * Clips can now be inserted/replaced directly from the import panel to the edit
    * Full Screen display can now be activated on any selected tile on the import
    * You can now use Ctrl and mouse wheel to change the size of the tiles on the
    import panel
    * Improved Voice Over tool functionality and made it available with the Free license
    * Allowed Voice over recordings at all frame rates and formats
    * Added Voice over functionality to Mac OS X
    * Removed the functionality from the record tool and added to a right click menu
    (Flexible mode)
    * Improved VU audio meters on the Voice Over tool
    * Allowed Voice Over recording with the Free version
    * Added new Effects panel combining Adding, Settings, Graphs and Routing
    * Added new auto effect capability to the Effects panel
    * Added proxy workflow (create proxies directly from a clip or bin)
    * Added full screen playback preview controls (play, mark, cue marker, switch clip in
    the bin)
    * Added Avid DNxHD MOV encoding to the import, render and export panels
    (Separate Avid DNxHD license required)
    * Added ability to right click an empty area of the timeline and close the gap
    * Added ability to Play, Scrub and Mark clips in List view bins
    * Added improved RED R3D playback to utilize OpenCL
    * Added ability to rename a grouped track
    * Added ability to automatically sync chunked Panasonic P2 files on import
    * Added keybinds for adding a video track and/or audio track
    * Added 'Make > Bin of sources not used' to the edit menu
    * Added 'Remove > Redundant cuts' and 'Remove > Gaps' menu options, and
    removed ‘simplify’ menu option.
    * Added 'make subclip' keybindable commandTP-00307-01 5
    Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
    * Added 'Find > Bins' for edits
    * Added better FX node removal logic
    * Added Faster effects thumbnails (avoid regenerating the temp/preview edit for
    every time change)
    * Added ability to input hex values in color gradient dialogs
    * Added ability to create user defined sub category for Effects
    * Added new sequence timeline menu category ’Segment Commands’
    * Added system-settings menu ’Full Screen preview monitor’ for when there are
    multiple monitors attached (with choices 1,2,3,etc)
    * Added 'Make > Video Black' to bin menus
    * Added better support for dual monitor setups with the new project browser
    * Added key shortcut assignment for 'Tidy' (Flexible layout)
    * Added support for Intel ADPCM audio types
    * Added project backup functionality to the Project Card (removed from export panel)
    * Added RGB video waveform analysis
    * Added video-routing orientation toggle to the cogs menu (Fixed layout)
    * Added a ’Clear’ option as a way of removing ’Recent’ locations from the Import panel
    Places menu
    * Added a right-click 'Rename' option for bin groups
    * Added ability to Shift-click the Content Manager '+' icon to create an empty bin
    * Added 'AltG+ß' handling for German keyboards
    * Added skin-tone line on vectorscope (Thanks to khaver)
    * Added num_projects_across/down to config.dat
    * Added support for uncompressed RGBA QuickTimes with alpha channel
    * Added YouTube/Vimeo export at 48 fps
    * Resurrected on-viewer image scaling for 2D DVEs
    * Fixed Timecode labels do not appear correctly
    * Fixed 1080p50/720p50 MOV UYVY incorrect renders when set to 10-bit
    * Fixed being able to drag and drop a source clip to an edit that has grouped audio
    * Fixed appearance of text under the Lightworks Logo on the project browser screen
    * Fixed license activation failing if an expired Shark.e2c file is present
    * Fixed incorrect timecodes on Panasonic P2 chunked files
    * Fixed effect node de-orphaning (when reconnecting a non-topmost orphan)
    * Fixed video routing after doing unfold then undo
    * Fixed exports failing with a sensible error message when the stored export directory
    for a preset no longer exists

    * Fixed making a print of a marked edit always making a subclip regardless of the
    choice made on the 'Make Copy' dialog
    * Fixed making a print of an unmarked edit always making a subclip from the point at
    which you are parked
    * Fixed Groups not dragging out of the content manager if any part of the dragged
    name overlays another panel
    * Fixed error in timeline track Sync/loss number
    * Fixed audio levels being ignored during JKL trimming
    * Prevented Audio mixer panel being opened on the project browser screen using the
    keyboard shortcut key
    * Export presets now start immediately when selecting them
    * Reworded some of the menu clip/edit menu items
    * Reorganized track-related clip/edit menu items
    * Do not provide 'Remove selected items' for Filters
    * Modified AAF export to deal with clip sections that have been extended beyond the
    clip boundaries
    * Ignored hidden files during media relinking
    * Fixed incorrect pixelation on edge of Image Key effects
    * Improved appearance of the BITC panel
    * Relink missing media option now remembers the last location used
    * Correctly transfer focus when closing a record edit viewer
    * You can now use Ctrl and mouse wheel to zoom when over the routing panel
    * You can now use Ctrl+wheel to zoom when over the edit timeline
    * Removed password protection from projects
    * Updated the Dream Glow Color Correction Preset to use the new color correction
    * Mark/Park renders now create a history when marking one segment
    * Increased buffer size when reading uncompressed audio (to take account of sector
    size) and retry with larger buffer in the case of failure
    * Introduced the ability for new users to run Lightworks without having to register or
    sign in on the first attempt
    * Improved ’Align Marks’ functionality in a much simpler and easier way
    * Removed debug error messages related to LwImageDefs.cpp line 391
    * Ensured that 'Fit to fill' option is always available
    * Fixed multiple copies of the delete panel being opened
    * Fixed audio corruption on MP4 sample file
    * Fixed sequence viewers jumping to a new position when double clicking a viewer
    after double clicking to enable full screen playback (Flexible layout)
    * Fixed tiles turning black in bins with letterboxing enabled
    * Fixed crash when encountering logs with invalid audio mix settings (Fixed layout)
    * Fixed crash deleting a file with the import panel open on the file that was just
    deleted (Flexible layout)TP-00307-01 7
    Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
    * Fixed Effects panel jumping position after double clicking an effect to add it then
    clicking back to select another (Flexible layout)
    * Fixed media unarchiving
    * Fixed timeline marker not returning to the correct position after a trim
    * Fixed multiple Preferences panels being opened in Flexible layout
    * Fixed import of multiple media folders at a time
    * Updated Boris FX and Graffiti links on the licensing panels
    * Fixed multiple copies of the Playout tool being opened in Flexible layout
    * Fixed the 'Effects Creation Panel' key command (F9)
    * Fixed incorrect room name after creating a new room
    * Fixed bin-name editability
    * Fixed track-name copying
    * Fixed shark hotspot
    * Fixed ’Pop out original’ function on sequences not working correctly on Subclips
    * Fixed potential crash importing MP4 sample file
    * Fixed Audio Replay Rate not updating in List view bins when changing the output
    * Fixed potential crash during playing (with the vectorscope visible)
    * Fixed subclips incorrectly showing ’Compression’ text option on sequences as
    * Fixed hang playing back MP4 sample files
    * Fixed image sequences not being coalesced together when importing the parent
    * Fixed panel positioning on multi-monitor setups
    * Fixed incorrectly positioned search text-entry widget
    * Fixed crash encountering corrupt project thumbnail file
    * Fixed crash shift+clicking the pop-out icon
    * Fixed MXF media coalescing
    * Fixed AAC audio playback not working
    * Fixed issues with duplicate media spaces appearing on the Media tab of the project
    * Removed MPEG 422 AVI codec from the import, render and export panels
    * Limited Vimeo export to 720p with a Free license (upload now optional) due to end
    of Vimeo agreement
    * Prevented the 'close' icon being clickable on the full screen preview when it's not
    * Prevented multiple magnifier panels being created
    * Generated the correct menu when right-clicking on the key-assignments panel
    * Updated sequence viewers after relinking missing media
    * Updated FX graph time indicators when necessary
    * Improved visibility of grouped track indicators

    * Make sure that the shark (and other tools) respect explicitly-set default positions
    * Make clip selections similar in bins between List and Tiles view
    * Issued a sensible message if a recent folder no longer exists
    * Improved the sequence/clip restore function on the project browser
    * Improved playback responsiveness by keeping playfile references open
    * Restored click and drag trim to that of traditional style trims
    * Now show the correct frame when 'revealing' a viewer from a varispeed segment
    * Now trim the correct number of frames when jumping to the end of a sequence with
    unjoined cuts
    * Clicking the 'Effects' button when parked at the end of a sequence now causes the
    effects panel to appear anyway
    * Fixed Media page drawing on top of tasks page when starting an export
    * Fixed image sequence export failing when ’Create folders for clips’ option is ticked
    * Fixed crash deleting the last item in a table-view bin
    * Fixed potential crash importing H.264 MOV sample
    * Fixed crash setting Blackmagic output to an unsupported mode
    * Fixed audio distortion playing back audio at 48 fps
    * Fixed crash clicking the new sequence tool in Flexible layout with an unjoined cut
    open on an existing sequence
    * Fixed crash repeatedly pressing F4 on the Log tab with no source loaded in the
    source viewer
    * Fixed Audio Mixer layout issue when new tracks are added
    * Fixed Fit to fill affecting only the first track of grouped track pairs
    * Fixed playback issues with material that takes a long time to open/analyze - e.g.
    120 fps MP4 sample files
    * Fixed incorrect size of the Bins search panel
    * Fixed Matrox YUYV 1080i AVI renders being black
    * Fixed batch import tagging
    * Fixed macro parsing when repeat-count is zero
    * Fixed crash due to video standard not being set when changing hardware device
    * Fixed potential hang switching between output formats with Full Screen preview
    * Fixed incorrect Primary TC value when stepping off the start of a sequence
    * Trimming changes are not saved when rejoining a trim after using SHIFT and Jump
    * Clicking (and holding) a mark on the viewer now behaves the same as the mark on
    the timeline (ie. immediate picture redisplay before mouse-move)
    * Updated to latest licensing server compliance
    * Enabled RED R3D decode with Free version
    * Automatically move the current-time to the start of newly added transitions
    * Improved appearance and performance of Title Effects with keyframed sizeTP-00307-01 9
    Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
    * Fixed drag/drop of tiles onto the content-manager icon
    * Fixed full screen preview when there are multiple monitors with differing sizes
    * Fixed EDL format display confusion
    * Fixed muted audio tracks setting being ignored when trimming
    * Fixed error failing to add a dissolve to the very end of a sequence
    * Fixed import panel file analysis causing delayed exit from the project
    * Fixed batch import panel Format column setting being ignored
    * Fixed import panel redraw after changing multiple formats in one go
    * Fixed timeline time strip mouse behavior
    * Fixed shared project spaces not working correctly
    * Fixed crash exiting a shared project space with the configuration panel open
    * Fixed inaccurate timeline marker position after trimming the end of the last clip in a
    * Fixed EDL generation for clips whose reel ID was originally read from a media file
    * Fixed subsequent imports appearing as ’Sound’ only files
    * Fixed reading of uncompressed QuickTime audio
    * Fixed erroneous 'missing log' warnings in EDLs
    * Fixed inability to search for wordings reliably
    * Fixed ’Pre-ingest sync’ import option for audio only files
    * Fixed 'Full SD frames' output setting not working
    * The marked region on viewer timestrips is now more obvious
    * Prevented empty folders from being imported (via drag/drop)
    * Prevented clip cuts being unjoined on the clip timeline
    * Prevented stripping trailing punctuation characters from filenames when
    generating clip names for imports
    * Prevented hang when clicking on stacked time-markers
    * Prevented crash displaying images when inserting from a sequence into another
    * Dragging a transition now automatically closes the gap 'underneath' the effect (so
    that you can move it left/right)
    * When revealing the full screen preview, re-render the current frame if it's at
    thumbnail resolution
    * Avoided 'severe warning' messages in error.log (when assigning an audio mix to an
    empty edit)
    * Now always use the first frame of a media file for preview purposes (on the import
    * Now treat Ctrl+Alt+click the same as Alt+click when unjoining
    * Now keep menu panels open allowing for multiple option changes
    * Now continue creating proxies even if one of them fails (and log the failure)
    * Now use Ctrl+right click for timeline 'Insert black' (Ctrl+left click for 'replace black')
    * Made Cue Marker tagging/highlighting more intuitive
    * Made sure there's always an audio levels line drawn for tracks in new 

    * No longer consider the ' character to be illegal in filenames
    * The 'make subclip' key assignment now optionally makes subclips from cues if
    there's no mark
    * Flush audio sample cache playfile references when deleting media files - which
    might fail otherwise
    * Fixed drag and drop of a clip off the start of a sequence shifting the rest of the track
    * Fixed incorrect audio on MP4 sample files
    * Fixed hang generating titles (which have been shrunk to nothing)
    * Fixed 'Reveal imports in search filter' setting on the import panel
    * Fixed 'media offline' after copying/moving clips between projects
    * Fixed failure to restore focus to a viewer when re-entering a room (if that viewer was
    created from a tile dragged from a viewer 'pop out' icon)
    * Fixed viewer title after swapping contents
    * Fixed record tool persistence
    * Fixed segment resizing with grouped tracks
    * Fixed the Recent/Current filter
    * Fixed item renaming in Content Manager
    * Fixed scrubbing through interlaced material showing fields in random order on the
    Blackmagic hardware output
    * Removed outstanding floating windows before project entry
    * Removed audio speed option on WAV exports in 30 fps projects
    * Avoided making empty edits whenever a viewer's contents are popped out
    * Avoided unexpected clipboard message
    * Allowed click/drag trim when other tracks already have unjoined cuts
    * Allowed removal of all segment texts
    * Prevented full screen preview from being displayed when double-clicking a tile's
    viewer icon (if the resultant viewer would appear over the clicked tile)
    * Prevented endless 'scan_add_trans: index too big' messages on the status window
    * Prevented erroneously showing clip effects in sequences
    * Prevented crash encountering corrupt ED5s
    * Project-browser preview images are now correct for 4:3 clips
    * Now handle archives contained inside folders with .archive extensions
    * Now inhibit tear-off timecode for effects duration widget
    * No longer reveal the tasks page if a new background task has already completed
    * Use the most up-to-date sequence image for project thumbnails
    * Updated FX graphs correctly in response to editing operations
    * Updated table-view bins correctly after deleting multiple items in one go
    * Revealed image-sequences directly, rather than revealing their containing folder
    * Fixed intermittent black audio waveformsTP-00307-01 11
    Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
    * Fixed still images showing as Media Offline with drag and drop
    * Fixed bin search/replace crash
    * Fixed Effects starting on the incorrect frame
    * Fixed key 'up' handling which could lead to the full screen preview appearing
    * Fixed bin drag/drop within nested groups
    * Fixed hang on playback with certain media
    * Improved handling of m4v files
    * Reinstated the ability to drag transition effects to the marked region
    * Avoided hang generating title effects
    * Preserved tagged items correctly when switching bin views
    * Save/restore minimized effect component states
    * Fixed Timecode being displayed as ??? when only an FX track is enabled
    * Fixed Key Assignments panel not updating when loading keyboard Preferences
    * Fixed editing of search criteria (date/tracks/media)
    * Fixed menu update when toggling an option but not moving the mouse
    * Fixed full screen preview for SD media
    * Fixed group highlighting in the content manager
    * Fixed speed-change for grouped tracks when 'auto track sync' is disabled
    * Fixed automatic re-categorization of custom effect templates
    * Fixed incorrect playback MP4 samples when set to an interlaced output format
    * Fixed clip sound level adjustment not working on first frame
    * Fixed errors in Status Window and error.log when importing Pond5 media
    * Fixed issues with renaming/reordering bins in groups
    * Fixed bin deletion in the content manager
    * Fixed undo handling for effects
    * Fixed 48 fps timecode on sequence viewers in 48 fps projects
    * Fixed text display for dragged audio levels
    * Fixed sorting of column headers in the Content Manager List view
    * Fixed creation-date discovery when metadata is missing (but backup is available)
    * Fixed missing audio metadata
    * Fixed crash dragging a tile to a viewer whilst the viewer is playing
    * Prevented stretching 4:3 SD media on the full screen preview
    * Prevented shifting current-time when adjusting effects settings
    * Improved handling of folders containing large image sequences
    * Removed dates from project tooltips
    * Removed orphaned dialogues
    * Right clicking an unselected project on the project browser now highlights that

    * Better width calculation for file-browser 'date' column
    * Fixed 'switch' when the source viewer is linked to a bin tile
    * Fixed room names
    * Fixed analysis of some MP3 sample files
    * Fixed handling of the last keyframe on a clip in a sequence
    * Fixed export panel compression button
    * Fixed kemroll generation
    * Fixed viewer track button update
    * Fixed timeline redraw when unjoining cuts at minimum size
    * Fixed drag/drop of unimported clips to bins
    * Fixed bin table-view scrolling
    * Fixed GPU memory error with DVE on 4K media
    * Fixed effects splitting (when there are multiple effects on the same segment)
    * Fixed incorrect display of SD image sequences
    * Preserved defaults for new edits when switching layout mode
    * The 'clipboard source' command now reveals the clipboard if it's not already visible
    * Updated viewer image correctly when jumping between keyframes whilst in (static)
    play mode
    * Fixed potential crash clicking on MXF sample file (HDCAM-SR not supported)
    * Fixed incorrect keyframing after making a cut on a sequence with complex effects
    * Fixed crash entering project regarding the Clipboard being the Record sequence
    * Fixed timeline redraw error when Trim curl is enabled
    * Fixed crash pressing F7 when the effects panel is not visible
    * Fixed labels-panel track selection
    * Fixed keyframe-graph updating issues when jumping between keyframes that span
    an effect on a different track
    * Fixed potential crash right clicking a playing sequence viewer
    * Fixed Copy local not working for image sequences
    * Fixed AIFF file staying locked at the OS level after clip is deleted from a project
    * Fixed export of stereoscopic image-sequences
    * Restored the last used effects category correctly
    * Now show the correct effects settings panel when moving to a new time where the
    effects are on a different track to the previous time
    * Prevented failures of queued exports (when the first export causes a low memory
    condition to occur)
    * Improved behaviour of EQ effects with grouped tracks
    * Fixed crash double clicking an effect in the routing panel if opened using F7
    * Fixed potential crash changing output format with Full Screen enabled
    * Fixed transition between slow-shuttle and hitting play-speed on interlaced outputTP-00307-01 13
    Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
    * Fixed 'To here' transitions added at the start of a sequence causing audio sync loss
    * Fixed media appearing offline after creating a new media space and then importing
    directly to it
    * Fixed crash showing stills for malformed sync
    * Fixed export error failure ’Cannot find the file specified’
    * Fixed crash clicking on a table-view field after changing the column layout
    * Ensured that 'hoover' retains mark positions
    * Inhibited stills on project exit (possibly fix/address occasional hang)
    * Automatically adjust the duration of transitions for which there is insufficient media,
    if possible
    * Do not attempt to read timecode from PTS - gives incorrect results,
    * Improved message when adding transitions to clips with insufficient media
    * Fixed room names when switching rooms with shortcut key
    * Fixed Cue Markers with custom colors are lost when a sequence copy is made
    Windows Fixes and Features
    * Added support for the latest AJA drivers (Adds KONA 4G Support)
    * Removed DV 1394 capture support
    * Ensured the correct Boris plug-in effect name is displayed for the currently installed
    * Fixed incorrect 3D LUT playback when set to 10-bit precision on the project card
    * Fixed crash tearing off a source viewer timecode label highlighting one of the
    numbers then closing the label
    * Now use the correct number of audio outputs set by the sound card which prevents
    the audio being attenuated by -6dB
    * Avoided generating 'couldn't set owner' messages in error.log file
    * Enabled D3D surface and texture cache management, preventing all GPU memory
    being consumed
    * Fixed Boris FX/Graffiti plug-ins not appearing in the Plug-ins category on the Effects
    * Fixed dropped frames on playback on AJA hardware output14 TP-00307-01

    Linux Fixes and Features
    * Fixed Italic titles being cropped incorrectly
    * Fixed SSL segmentation fault on Ubuntu 15.10
    * Fixed Image Key effect not working correctly with latest NVIDIA Drivers
    * Fixed crash on startup on Fedora 25 (Please see Limitations and Known Issues)
    * Fixed high memory usage with multiple opened files
    * Fixed multi-monitor full screen preview
    * Fixed hang after applying image-key
    * Made sure that floating windows can appear over video windows
    * Prevented hang moving DVEs using the viewer controls
    * Fixed viewer controls not appearing for DVEs
    * Arranged for stack traces to appear in error.log for occurrences of
    * Avoided displaying multiple OS file-browser windows
    * Prevented crash exporting to P2 AVC-Intra
    * Fixed potential crash enabling full screen display (F12)
    * Fixed installation of user LUTs
    * Removed debugging code that would cause a potential crash switching rooms

    Mac OS Fixes and Features
    * Added support for the latest AJA drivers (Adds KONA 4G Support)
    * Fixed Italic titles being cropped incorrectly
    * Fixed crash when encountering a zero-length JPEG file
    * Fixed potential random crash due to OpenGL
    * Fixed render preview window getting stuck to the mouse cursor when moving it
    * Fixed signing by unidentified developer
    * Added automatic resolution selection for ProRes
    * Fixed Boris FX/Graffiti plug-ins not appearing in the Plug-ins category on the Effects
    panel (clean installs)
    * Fixed potential crash altering a Boris effect and saving it back to the timeline
    * Fixed dropped frames on playback on AJA hardware output
    * Prevented crash exporting to P2 AVC-Intra
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