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Lightsworks is a well known professional level video editor that has been used in the film industry for years ... and it's now free and soon to be open source!
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 12.6.0 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Freeware
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Download: Official Download Website   Official Download Website

Description:Download Lightworks from the official website - free registration required

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Lightsworks is a well known professional level video editor that has been used in the film industry for years ... and it's now free and soon to be open source!

Used to cut films such as Pulp Fiction, The Departed, The King's Speech and Shutter Island, this lightning fast editor also supports GPU assisted decoding.

Lightworks also supports a wide range of inputs and outputs, including the common AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-2, as well as Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, RED R3D, Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 and many other formats.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AVI, MOV, MPG
Output Files: AVI, MOV, MPG

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 12.6.0
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2016
  • New Features
    • Added Export to Vimeo at up to 1080p in the Free version.
    • Added ability to right click a Group within the Content Manager and Copy/Move it to
    another project.
    • Added backwards compatibility for future versions of Lightworks.
    • Added missing text from the Wordings file (Localization).
    • Improved handling of incompatible projects with future versions of Lightworks.
    • Improved handling of edit notifications to make them safer.
    • Added new keyboard .prefs file compatible with Contour Shuttle Pro drivers.
    • Added additional license panel on sign up that refers to existing tutorial material. 
    4 TP-00255-01
    Fixes and Features in Version 12.6
    • Fixed "Find bins" function not working if the bin is contained within a Group.
    • Fixed timeline marker jumping to the start of the sequence when un-compacting a
    multicam bin.
    • Fixed missing [F1] Import key assignment entry in the key assignment panel.
    • Fixed only one clip being registered in direct to Bin Imports for Copy Local and
    • Fixed crash removing the last entry in the Key Assignments panel.
    • Fixed XML exports not containing the transition type information.
    • Fixed incorrect import of FCP7 XML containing subclips.
    • Fixed potential crash importing multiple files at once.
    • Fixed crash importing multiple frame rate files into an Auto frame rate project using
    Copy local or Transcode.
    • Fixed export presets being saved when closing the Preset panel and not actually
    clicking Save.
    • Fixed sorting order on the Bin list that appears when copying the contents of one bin
    to another.
    • Fixed export presets being created with the same name as an existing preset.
    • Fixed incorrect audio playback on RED R3D files.
    • Fixed Prints not playing video content after being inserted into an edit.
    • Fixed FX settings panel not seeing the correct tracks on room entry.
    • Fixed potential crash dragging a tile to an empty viewer.
    • Fixed potential crash tracing an edit that contains subclips (Export of: AAF, OMF, EDL,
    • Fixed Playhead jumping off screen when rejoining after a trim with an FX track
    • Fixed incorrect frame rate being identified on .MOV sample files.
    • Fixed bin names not being overwritten correctly when copying groups from one
    project to another.
    • Fixed ability to copy a group containing an empty bin to another project.
    • Fixed incorrect display of Image Key effect when set to interlaced output.
    • Fixed incorrect clip being opened when dragging and dropping from a bin set to List
    • Fixed potential crash changing the varispeed setting on an edit that is not in Record
    • Fixed incorrect "Audio rate" when importing multiple files into an "Auto" frame rate
    • Fixed keyboard buffering overflow with nudging shortcuts.
    • Fixed unfolded FX tracks on edits preventing multicam AutoSync working.
    • Show progressive SD formats using allow_progressive_sd_export 1 config.dat
    • Renamed YouTube export options on the Export panel. 
    TP-00255-01 5
    Lightworks v12.6 Release Notes
    • Fixed Console Play command keyboard shortcut returning the wrong play speed.
    • Fixed viewer transport control buttons not working correctly.
    • Fixed track shift on XML sequence imports from FCP7 containing FX.
    • Fixed audio sync issues with 25 / 30 fps exports from a 24 fps project.
    • Fixed potential crash changing tile sizes on compacted Multicam Bins.
    • Fixed potential crash repeatedly right clicking the project browser.
    Windows Fixes and Features
    • Added support for Blackmagic Fusion 8.
    • Fixed Matrox driver copy error on systems with UAC enabled (error message when
    copy fails).
    • Fixed issues with typing certain characters into input boxes.
    • Fixed incorrect playback on 3D LUTs when set to 10-bit precision on the project card.
    • Fixed appearance of Korean text within the application.
    Linux Fixes and Features
    • Added full compatibility support for Ubuntu 15.10.
    • Fixed potential crash browsing to a location containing a corrupt JPEG file.
    • Fixed segmentation Fault with OpenSSL 1.0.2 (caused a crash on sign in to the
    • Fixed PNG image sequence exports being incorrect from an edit containing an image
    Mac OS Fixes and Features
    • Added full compatibility support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
    • Added improved error logging to catch potential crash.
    • Fixed startup failure due to AJA hardware being present.
    • Fixed Tiles/Viewers getting stuck to the mouse cursor when pressing Stop during
    • Fixed corrupt JPEG files causing crashes opening the import panel.
    • Fixed panels appearing behind the video image within a viewer.
    • Fixed panels appearing behind the video image after frame stepping using the
    • Fixed Matrix wipe effect not working. 
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