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Light Alloy

Light Alloy is a free, compact media player designed for efficiency and supports all popular formats, including DVD and Blu-ray (no menus)
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 4.9.3 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Freeware
Last Updated:
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Download: LA_Setup_v4.9.3.exe   LA_Setup_v4.9.3.exe

Description:Download Light Alloy - installer version
Version:4.9.3 (added Feb 18, 2017 - view changelog)
Size:22.62 MB

Download: LA_Portable_v4.9.3.rar   LA_Portable_v4.9.3.rar

Description:Download Light Alloy - portable version
Version:4.9.3 (added Feb 18, 2017 - view changelog)
Size:13.01 MB

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Timeline Preview
Timeline Preview
Video Options
Video Options


Light Alloy is a free, compact media player designed for efficiency. It supports all the popular video formats, including MKV, OGM, MP4, and also include support for the disc formats DVD and Blu-ray (no menus).

While there's an emphasis on loading speed and a light footprint, Light Alloy also has an extensive feature set including subtitles support, playlists with bookmarking support, multiple audio track support, remote control support (via WinLIRC), screenshot capture, and basic picture adjustments (like brightness and contrast), and more...

Light Alloy is freeware and is available in multiple languages. A (no installer) portable version is also available.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AVI, Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, MP4, OGG/OGM

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 4.9.3
  • Release Date: Feb 18, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • Frontend:
    • + Experimental optimization of fullscreen/windowed modes switching. Should be much faster now.
    • + Omega skin: colorize volume control background when you go over 100%.
    • = Some more settings can now be migrated when preferences are upgraded to newest version.
    • = Updated OpenSSL libraries.
    • - Preferences->Interface: fixed broken windowed mode for two options in "Control Panel" dropdown. [regression]
    • - Fixed skins that located in folder were not shown anymore in "?" button popup.
    • - Fixed some issues with remembering state of panels. 

    Video Engine:
    • No changes
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