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Mulan Scores Big On Premium VOD

Posted by: , 19:52 AEST, Sat September 19, 2020

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Mulan does well on Disney+ Premium Access
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Disney's 'Mulan' may have had as many as 9 million households pay for the privilege of watching the film on its streaming platform, Disney+.

Data released by research firm 7Park Data show that up to 9 million households have paid the USD $29.99 required to gain access to 'Mulan' on Disney+, making it one of the most popular premium video-on-demand (PVOD) titles ever.

The film was originally scheduled for a theatrical run, but the COVID-19 pandemic put paid to those plans. Instead, Disney turned to its streaming platform Disney+ and introduced a new add-on service called Premiere Access to allow movie fans to watch the movie in the safety of their own homes. Different to other PVOD services which only gives the viewer a short window to watch the film, the $29.99 Premiere Access fee allows the user to watch the movie for as long as they keep their Disney+ accounts. The movie itself will become available for free to normal Disney+ subscribers in December.

This possibly means that the film has earned a staggering $270 million from PVOD along in the U.S. market through September 12, and correlates with data from app download tracking firm Sensor Tower, which showed a 68% rise in downloads of the Disney+ app in the weekend immediately after the release of 'Mulan'.

'Mulan' will still be available theatrically in selected countries, including the important Chinese market for which the film has been heavily marketed towards. Early figures seems to indicate a poor to average performance for the film in the Middle Kingdom, where moviegoers have been more likely to choose local releases over the likes of 'Mulan' and Warner Bros's 'Tenet'.


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