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Netflix Testing New 'Ultra' Plan Tier

Posted by: , 17:32 AEST, Fri July 6, 2018

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Netflix introducing new subscription tier, which may be just the same as the current top tier with a higher price
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Selected users in Europe are being given the option to select a new subscription tier for Netflix as part of a test to see if there is a market for HDR content.

The new tier, dubbed "Ultra", would allow 4 simultaneous streams of 4K content with HDR and would be at a higher price point of some €3 (~ USD $3.50) higher than the current "Premium" plan.

A fact that won't escape existing Netflix subscribers, especially those already on the most expensive "Premium" plan, is that they already have 4 screen access to HDR content (either in Dolby Vision or UltraHD Premium). Under Netflix's proposed new pricing structure, those on the existing "Premium" plan would retain 4K streaming capabilities, but may lose their access to HDR content and will have to upgrade to the "Ultra" plan if they want to continuing watching Netflix at its highest quality.

There is also the possibility that the "Premium" plan would drop the number of simultaneous streams from 4 to 2 (with the "Standard" plan dropping to a single screen subscription from the current two), based on testing currently underway in Italy.

In other words, it could be Netflix's way to raises prices without actually announcing a price rise, but would only affect a minority of users who currently enjoy HDR for the even smaller minority of content that actually supports HDR.

But as with all Netflix testing, there's no guarantee that Netflix will adopt the proposed changes, even if the testing proves successful.

[via EngadgetCNET]


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