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Netflix Hacker Leaks ABC Show, Promises More Leaks

Posted by: , 16:00 AEST, Fri June 9, 2017

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Hackers release episodes ABC's unreleased show, promises major "offensive" against Hollywood
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The hacker or hacking group behind the Netflix 'Orange is the New Black' leaks has leaked more content online, and promises to unleash a new "offensive" on Hollywood.

The hacker or hacking group, only known as The Dark Overlord (TDO), last month leaked episodes from the then unreleased season 5 of the Netflix Original show 'Orange is the New Black' (OITNB), after the streaming giant refused to give in to the monetary demands of the TDO. At that time, TDO promised to unleash more stolen content, listing shows from 'FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC' as being in their possession.

True to their word, TDO has just released more stolen content, this time it's ABC's upcoming new show 'FUNDERDOME' hosted by Steve Harvey.

The leak itself has not generated the kind of download frenzy as OITNB episodes, most likely due to the show's relative low profile. But TDO is believed to have more valuable content, and perhaps the release of 'FUNDERDOME' is just a teaser of what's to come, if ABC's parent, Disney, refuses to deal with the group.

According to sources close to The Hollywood Reporter, it is believed that other studios have taken a softline approach to the group's demands, and "quietly paid up" to prevent the leak of valuable content.

More worryingly, TDO is not letting up on its efforts to extort Hollywood for more money, and has promised to release more content if their demands are not met.

"Hollywood is under attack, and we're at the forefront of this most recent offensive," TDO wrote in a statement received by The Hollywood Reporter.

[via The Hollywood ReporterThe Independent]


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