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Samsung, Philips Removes 3D Support for 2016 TVs, LG Cutting Back Too

Posted by: , 15:35 AEDT, Sun March 6, 2016

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The future of 3D is in doubt as major manufacturers shift focus away from 3D
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Image/Photo Credit: LG @ Flickr, CC

The future of 3D, at least in the home, looks bleak as Samsung and Philips have both announced they will stop supporting 3D in their latest TVs.

It follows reports from South Korea that LG may also be cutting back on the number of TV models that support 3D.

While LG may still be unsure about what it plans to do with 3D support in the future, Samsung and Philips have no such qualms about what they plan to do with 3D. Or rather, what's not in their plans.

Both companies have announced that their 2016 line-ups will no longer support 3D viewing, and instead, the companies are shifting their focus on emerging technologies such as Ultra HD. 

"3D is dead," declared Philips' director of product strategy and planning, Danny Tack. "There are no 3D sources and nobody really wants 3D. It also complicates your TV a lot. The consumer need is simply not there."

Samsung's official statement also cites a lack of consumer demand for 3D.

"The latest 2016 TV models from Samsung will not feature 3D functionality. We have made this decision based on the limited consumer demand for 3D, and the small amount of content being produced in this format. We are instead investing in producing our best ever TV picture, SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display, as well as innovating elsewhere in our business to deliver an immersive 3D experience," read the statement.

While other manufaturers, like Panasonic, are still sticking with 3D, it seems the general consensus is that the future of home entertainment lies away from 3D. For example, the newly released Ultra HD Blu-ray specs do not include any support for 3D playback.


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