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PS4, Xbox One Both Getting Blu-ray 3D Support Soon

Posted by: , 17:13 AEST, Sat July 26, 2014

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Both next-gen consoles getting Blu-ray 3D support in the next few weeks
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Image/Photo Credit: LG @ Flickr, CC

In separate announcements, both the Xbox One and PS4 will be getting Blu-ray 3D support soon.

Blu-ray 3D support has been present on the PS3 for many years, but when the PS4 was launched last November, it was one of several media features that did not make the transition from the PS3. The lack of Blu-ray 3D support was particularly noteworthy given the format's strong links with Sony.

While Microsoft's Xbox One was the first console from the Redmond firm to feature Blu-ray playback, it too lacked Blu-ray 3D support at launch.

But only a few days after Microsoft announced that Blu-ray 3D support is indeed coming to the Xbox One, Sony has made a similar confirmation, and it will arrive sooner as well. Blu-ray 3D support on the PS4 will be coming next week via the version 1.75 firmware update, ahead of the scheduled August update for the Xbox One.


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