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PS4 Blu-ray Problems Irking Early Adopters

Posted by: , 04:29 AEDT, Fri January 10, 2014
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PS4 users reporting Blu-ray playback problems for popular titles
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Despite being designed by the people that designed Blu-ray, Sony's PS4 continues to struggle doing what $50 machines can do flawlessly: play Blu-ray movies.

Users are reporting a wide range of problems associated with the PS4's Blu-ray playback feature, with popular titles either not playing or freezing constantly. So much so that some users have switched back to their trusty PS3s to play Blu-ray movies.

Affected movies, according to Twitter posts, include current top seller Fast & Furious 6, Despicable Me 2 and even Sony's own The Amazing Spider-Man. Some of these discs would fail to load when inserted, giving the user a black screen. Others freeze during playback.

Users are calling on Sony to first acknowledge these problems, and then to issue software fixes as soon as possible.

Technical reviews have already found the PS4's Blu-ray and DVD capabilities to be inferior to that of the PS3, and these glitches, along with the PS4's surprise exclusions when it comes to media playback, have damaged the console's reputation as a home entertainment hub.

Regardless of these teething issues, PS4 sales continue to be impressive, selling 4.2 million units worldwide since its late November launch.


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