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Xbox One Doesn't Support BD-Rs, Has 50Hz Framerate Issues

Posted by: , 17:40 AEDT, Sun December 1, 2013

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Xbox One blocks recordable Blu-rays from being read, possibly as a copy protection measure against ripped Blu-rays and copied games
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Microsoft's Xbox One will not play any recordable Blu-ray discs, and Microsoft's help document even says that DVD-Rs are not officially supported.

While DVD-Rs do work on the Xbox One, BD-Rs and rewritable BD-REs, from any brand, will not be supported. The lack of support is not a hardware issue, but a deliberate decision made by Microsoft on the software level.

No rationale is given for the lack of recordable Blu-ray support, although commentators have speculated that copyright protection may be behind the decision. With Xbox One games now coming on Blu-ray discs, pirated games that have to be burned onto BD-Rs will no longer pose a threat to Microsoft if their console no longer reads them.

While illegally copied games may be stopped by this measure, people's home video recordings, archived to BD-Rs for long term storage, will also be unplayable, and this has left many Xbox One owners unhappy.

This development is just the latest in a disconcerting trend against media compatibility for the recently released next-gen consoles, with the PS4 lacking CD, MP3 and DLNA support, while neither supports Blu-ray 3D playback at launch.

Another common problem that has since come to the surface in PAL 50Hz regions, including the UK and Australia, is the Xbox One's inability to handle 50Hz inputs properly via the built-in TV integration feature. 50Hz signals are being converted to 60Hz using frame duplication, which means an extra frame every sixth frame - this causes judder to be present.

A workaround currently exists to force the Xbox One to display in 50Hz mode, but this also forces games, most of which are designed to be outputted at 60Hz, to stutter.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the timeframe for a potential fix.


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