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Nintendo Targets Wii U Price Cut to Drive Sales

Posted by: , 22:03 AEST, Fri August 30, 2013
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Nintendo discontinues 8GB version of Wii U, drops the 32GB version's price by $50
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Image/Photo Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has dropped the price of the 32GB version of the Wii U by $50, as the company signaled its intention to keep their flagship console competitive with its soon to be released Xbox One and PS4 rivals.

The 32GB Wii U, previously priced at $349.99, will now be available at just under $300 from September 20th. The standard bundle includes the game Nintendo Land, but a limited edition bundle that includes The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, the Hyrule Historia book and a Zelda-themed Gamepad will also be available at the same price.

The basic Wii U model which features 8GB of storage will be phased out, Nintendo also announced.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime expressed his company's confidence at the sales boosting effect of the price cut.

"It was critical for us to have a strong software lineup to support Wii U," says Fils-Aime. "With that in place this holiday season, we believe providing consumers that extra incentive in terms of a $50 price cut is really going to help drive momentum."

Wii U sales have been lackluster so far. A recent report revealed that only 160,000 Wii U consoles were sold worldwide in the April-June quarter (as a comparison, the Xbox 360 managed to sell 140,000 units in the US only, in just one month).

The now $299.99 Wii U will be up against the $399 PS4 and the $499 Xbox One this holiday sales period, which is the biggest sales period traditionally for game consoles.


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