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Avatar Blu-ray 3D *Finally* Makes Its Way Hitting Shelves This October

Posted by: , 10:23 AEST, Thu August 16, 2012
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Avatar and 3D fans will finally be able to buy the retail version of the hit film on Blu-ray 3D, but is it too little, too late to keep the 3D hype alive?
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The wait is over. The retail Blu-ray 3D version of Avatar is finally combing to a store near you, with Fox announcing an October 16 release date for the 3D Collector's edition (October 15 globally).

Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collector's EditionThis isn't the first time Avatar has been "released" on Blu-ray 3D though, but for the last couple of years, it's only been available as a bonus gift for those that purchased Panasonic 3D products. The exclusivity deal was signed by Panasonic and Fox way back in 2010, but Panasonic later chose to extend the deal until February 2012. Eager fans of both Avatar and 3D, that did not buy Panasonic were "forced" to pay up for overpriced rare copies on sites like eBay, paying as much as $300 at first (and just under $150 during the last few months).

But patient fans can now grab the retail 3D version for only $39.99, much less if you find a store that doesn't charge you the full retail price ($27.99 @ Amazon at the time of writing).

Scant details are available at the moment, but early word suggest that only the theatrical version would be made available (or at the very least, the theatrical version would be present - but if you've been a good little boy or girl, you might get the extended version too - maybe that's why it took so long for the set to be released after the exclusivity deal ended). The only other piece of information available is the cover art.

Will this be the shot in the arm 3D and Blu-ray 3D needs to fully become mainstream, or will it be too little, too late for the format?


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