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YouTube Adds 2D to 3D Conversion For Videos

Posted by: , 16:48 AEST, Sat September 24, 2011
Tags: 3D, Movies

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You can now convert all your 2D YouTube videos to 3D, thanks to a new feature added this week by the video sharing website

YouTube announced this week that they've enabled a new feature that allows newly uploaded videos and existing videos to be converted to 3D.

3D video support on YouTube is not new, but with consumer interest in 3D waning, and with the sale of 3D still and video cameras disappointing electronic firms, this new conversion feature is YouTube's way to get more 3D content on YouTube.

The quality of the conversion will be similar to the 3D conversion feature found on many existing 3D televisions, mostly adding depth to images, without adding any pop up elements. To view the 3D video, users will still need a pair of compatible glasses, and/or monitor.

In the same blog announcement, YouTube now also allows verified users with good standing to upload long form videos, that is videos longer than 15 minutes.


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