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New Firefox Add-on Bypasses Google Anti-Piracy Filters

Posted by: , 18:00 AEST, Tue June 14, 2011

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A new Firefox add-on reverses Google's anti-piracy censorship in their auto-suggest and auto-complete features

The same people behind the MAFIAA Fire Redirector add-on, which bypasses the domain seizures made by US law enforcement agencies, has just released a new add-on that bypasses the anti-piracy self-censorship Google introduced

Back in January, Google removed "piracy related keywords" from their auto-suggest and auto-complete features, which is deployed in their "Instant" search service, in a bid to placate content holders (which subsequently failed).

Following the success of MAFIAA Fire Redirector, the group behind the add-on, MAFIAA Fire, has just released a new add-on that hopes to reverse Google's censorship attempt. The add-on is called "Gee! No evil!", a play on Google's famous slogan of "Do No Evil", and it adds back the removed keywords such as "torrent" and "rapidshare".

Speaking to TorrentFreak, a MAFIAA Fire spokesman outlined the group's aims with this new add-on. "Censoring common words like “torrent” to help an outdated business model is not the right approach… and where does it stop? Who decides what goes on this slippery slope?"

Mozilla, the company that maintains Firefox and its add-ons, has already resisted government attempts to have the "MAFIAA Fire Redirector" add-on banned, and Google will most likely face similar resistance if they try to get "Gee! No evil!" removed.

Do you think that Google's casual removal of remotely piracy related terms like "torrent" from their auto-complete/suggest feature is unwarranted censorship? Post your opinion in this news article's comments section or in this forum thread:


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