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Pachter: Kinect Outselling Move By 5:1

Posted by: , 17:28 AEDT, Tue March 15, 2011

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Analyst Michael Pachter believes Kinect is outselling the Move by a 5:1 margin

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft's Kinect motion gaming system is beating rival Sony's PlayStation Move by a five-to-one margin.

Citing NPD sales statistics says that "Under one-fifth of PS3 sales included bundles with Sony's Move controller, suggesting another modest month."

"Over 2/3 of Xbox 360 sales included bundles with Microsoft's Kinect peripheral, as Xbox 360 Kinect console bundles again outsold PS3 Move console bundles by over 5:1. We note that the top selling Kinect software titles easily outsold their Move counterparts," Pachter also added.

Both Kinect and Move are also sold outside of bundles individually, and it appears Pachter's "5:1" statement does not include these sales, but recent stats show that accessories sales have been doing much better than console hardware or software sales, largely driven by Kinect and Move.

Kinect's success was recently acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as the "fastest-selling consumer electronics device" ever.

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