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Hollywood Too Slow In Adapting, Costing Them Billions

Posted by: , 13:32 AEDT, Sun March 13, 2011

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The Observer observes that Hollywood's losing battle against online piracy may be their own fault in not adapting quickly enough

An op-ed piece written in the Guardian/Observer says that Hollywood's reluctance to embrace new technologies is exactly why they are losing the war against online piracy.

Not referring to DRM solutions, which Hollywood and its music industry cousins have tried with little success in stopping piracy, The Observer article says that new Internet distribution methods have not been tried and that if the movie industry doesn't take a chance, all could be lost soon.

The article then goes to say that the film industry "remain somewhere in the gap between denial and confusion when it comes to facing up to the new digital realities". And that this gap is being filled by pirated content, especially when it comes to a younger generation who don't feel it's "cool" to buy content, when it's available for free.

The solution might then be to mimic the way piracy occurs on the Internet, to at least ensure buying a movie is as easy or easier than pirating it, through the use of "cloud storage" or "digital lockers" or any solution that takes advantage of the digital revolution.

(And no excessive DRM please!)

Do you think Hollywood would be wiser to combat piracy via innovation, as opposed to legislation and litigation? Post your opinion in this article's comments section, or in this forum thread:


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