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Piracy Is Socially Accepted, New Study Finds

Posted by: , 15:00 AEDT, Tue March 1, 2011

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A new Danish study shows that people don't mind illegally downloading copyright materials, as they find it socially acceptable to do so

A new study published by the Danish Rockwool Foundation Research Unit has found that copyright infringement it socially acceptable for most people.

The results show that when asked whether unauthorized downloading for personal use was acceptable, and 70% found that it was socially acceptable. The 70% includes 15-20% of respondents who found online piracy "totally acceptable".

The RIAA/MPAA will be devastated by these results, but it just shows how futile launching a direct fight against piracy may be, when people obviously do not find the illegality of online piracy a problem, and when people's attitudes have largely remain unchanged when compared to the results of a similar study conducted in 1997, suggesting the copyright lobby's anti-piracy promotions and tougher laws have had no effect on downloading habits.

However, most respondents were able to make the distinction between piracy for personal use and piracy for profit, with 75% saying that piracy for profit is totally unacceptable.

Do you think the MPAA/RIAA should fight head on and try and change people's perceptions regarding illegal downloads, or do you think it's a fight they cannot win? Post your opinion in our comments section, or in this forum thread:


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