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Nintendo 3DS Hacked A Whole Day After Release In Japan

Posted by: , 18:45 AEDT, Mon February 28, 2011

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Videos have been posted to YouTube showing R4 flash carts successfully playing DS games on Nintendo's new 3DS console, only a day after the 3DS went on sale in Japan

Well, that didn't last long. It only took a day, actually less, for Nintendo's new flagship portable console to be hacked. Videos have already appeared on YouTube (view videos here) showing R4 playing "backup" DS games with impunity on the new 3D console.

Only the DS part of the console has been "hacked" though, with copied 3DS games so far still unplayable, although this is still early days.

Nintendo has promised a new and improved anti-piracy system for the 3DS, and their efforts are working so far (well, a whole day or two after release, anyway), but whether it will remain secure for long remains to be seen.

Do you tihnk Nintendo's new 3DS security system will withstand the assault by hackers? Post your opinion in our comments section, or in this forum thread: 


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